Xtream Couples!

Surely, there must be an X factor in order for a couple to become a couple. Surely, there must be some similarity at least in order for things to click. Surely, there must be some differences which makes it more interesting and increases the possibility of coming together. Surely, there must be some divine intervention which enables the couples to take off.

What if, there is none of the above? What if, if one is North Pole, and the other a South Pole? What if, one likes sweet, the other hates the same? Do opposites really attract? And if it were so, do opposites really attract for long? 😉

Before getting into the dynamics of what happens next, the curious thing to ask is, how does one discover the differences and similarities. Is it after being in a relationship for at least a year or so? Or does it take ages to discover? Or is it at all possible to discover? For in the first meeting, everyone would want to put their best foot forward for obvious reasons.

Assuming, the differences and similarities are figured out in what ever time one needs to do so, what follows is a platter of differently emoted situations, which we all call life. As a kid, life is very focused and limited to going to school, coming back and playing for a while, doing your homework at times and hitting the bed by 9 or so.

But as you grow up, though life remains focused (begins with going to the office, coming back and spending time with your family, which in most cases is your wife as the parents tend to visit you on and off), the flavor of the same changes.

Along with the above, you need to take care of your groceries, your perceived familial needs and wants and on top of all, manage the relationship that you have yourself chosen to get into, though you might term it as the need of the society.

What follows is a mix and match of varied emoticons attributed to each and every aspect of the dynamics that ensues in your home. Going back to the original crux of this article, extremism leads to extreme emoticons (:) 😦 ), thanks to the nature of the poles that one tends to happily sit on.


I believe, if the emoticons were too similar, life would lose its very essence and quality of providing that all important surprise and might lead to boredom, at the same time, if life surprises you very often, some of you might even wish for a redundant lifestyle and vouch for boredom instead.

What ever your wish for, fact remains, with great extremism, comes great possibilities. It’s up to you how you manage those possibilities and turn them into something exciting, something that re-ignites the kid inside you whom you have forgotten because of the monotony,  something that motivates you to get up every morning and feel blessed.

Which side would you chose to be is your prerogative. Though, if I were to chose between monotony and extremism, probably, it will always be the latter ;).

Source for the Image: http://www.shutterstock.com/s/emoticon/search.html

Finally Married! :D

It is not often that you get a chance to live it again, and when it happens to be India, there is a high probability that you will end up getting to experience the same just once. Well, I am talking about none other than the big fat Indian wedding.

And in this case, the wedding happened to be mine. Somehow, the feeling is yet to sink in that I, of all people, am finally married. I always knew that it would happen some day but never ever had I imagined that it would occur so soon.

Friends tell me that my life is about to take a U-turn, for the best, of course, but no one dares to share their turns and slides that they have experienced since the time they themselves got married 😉 and for those who are yet to get married, are all too excited that they will be going through the same emotions and feelings very soon.

The day before the ceremony took place, all the curious minds, which included the likes of Saty and Baba, who have been such an integral part of my writings, seemed to have shared the same question, “how are you feeling?

There can be various ways of looking at the curiosity. One could be, “Boss! you are doomed.” Second could be a more sarcastic humor, “Wow! New Start! New Wife! New Life!” And another could be, “What to say? It is happening right here, right now. The eventuality has struck”

For those, who don’t seem to concur with all the above three, and by the way, I am a part of the same, could well say that it is one of the most amazing of moments that one can experience during one’s life time. It is the beginning of a new journey accompanied by someone whom you have loved all this while, whom you have admired all through your courtship, whom you have wanted to spend more time with, whose image is so deeply engrossed inside your heart that the moment you close your eyes and begin to imagine about something beautiful that has happened to you, her face is the first thing in the world that seems to strike a chord with your thinking.

No matter, how much you pretend to be a cool dude and act as if you were the last person in the world to have wanted to go down the marriage lane, your heart knows that you were indeed craving to get into this legal live-in relationship. 

No matter, how much you tell your friends that all your freedom will soon be lost, and you would in some ways become a wife’s man, you always wanted to grab that status with both your hands, just because of the love, admiration and respect that you have for your wife.

No matter, how much you crib about your own personal space being taken away by a second person in your life, you always wished and prayed that you may find a partner, your soul mate, who could fill up that personal space with her persona and beauty and love which you have always craved and wished for.

No matter, how much you would want to meet up your friends on a day-to-day basis, you always knew who stood first in your priority list and who would be the first person to deserve your attention when it came to sharing the spare little time that you had.

Trust me guys, it is a wonderful feeling to fall in love and to be loved, especially when the culmination of the same gets explicitly manifested in the form of a ceremony, which we all refer to as the shaadi ka laddoo, in India. 

This one is surely and truly dedicated to my wife with all my heart:

ऐ यार तेरी आशिक़ी ने हमें इतना बदल दिया, 

कि जो कभी बंदिशों का घेरा लगता था, 

वो आज एक हसीन इत्तेफ़ाक़ लगने लगा,

कहने को तो लोग इसे मोहब्बत ही कहते हैं,

पर हमें ये एक खुदा का तोहफा लगने लगा.

Source for Image: http://steadyflowblog.com/on-marriage/

Language Love!

Learning a language in your teens and beyond can indeed be a tricky affair. But if you happen to be in a company of someone very special who is all eager to teach you that very particular language then you surely would want to have the time of your life, and more often than not, you indeed end up having the same.

It is a very common practice in universities in Europe where two persons wanting to learn each other’s language come together and try to teach each other the nuances of the specialities that they happen to be in proud possession off.language

It all starts with the basics with each one trying to converse in the other’s native language. For instance, say, a guy from India wanting to learn French would team up with say a guy/girl from France who wants to learn either English or Hindi. (by the way, more often than not, a guy from India ends up with a girl from France or atleast would want to, especially if he is under the influence of the likes of SRK from DDLJ).

Normally, a guy from India, having seen the plethora of Indian movies on European lifestyle, believe and expect the European girls to be modern and fast when it comes to making or breaking relationships. Well, to some extent, it might sound true, but this cannot be generalized for each and every European girl.

More than wanting to learn the language, an Indian guy ends up indulging or wanting to indulge in certain other facets of life. True to his nature, an Indian guy leaves no stone unturned to woo the other party to the contract, which indeed could be called the real source of genesis of a prospective relationship.

Contrary to an Indian guy’s expectation, the French girl might just want to indulge in the grammar and the related stuff, unless the guy is either super intelligent in terms of being a truly charming personality or has those killer looks which could make girls go weak in their knees.

Even if the Indian guy comes to know of the same, he lingers on with his efforts on wooing the girl, making sure that the girl gets to learn each and every possible word known to the guy. Instead of learning French himself, he tries to master Hindi or English (depending on the initial contract) in order to impress the girl. By the time this whole contract comes to an end, the girl ends up mastering the guy’s language and the guy ends up being happy that the girl has been able to master his language and has surely become a strong candidate for his bride, whom he can now introduce to his family.

He thinks, “How pleasantly surprised my family would be on seeing their foreign bahu speak such good Hindi!” Little does he realize that it could all end up being just a fantasy, but does he care? Surely not, for who doesn’t want to be living in a World full of fantasies.

It is not that the girl hasn’t developed a liking for the guy but as you would often hear girls saying, “I like you but not in the same way as you might be thinking that I do.” Still an Indian guy never loses hope and is happy that at least she treats him as her friend.

Time flies by and the day of convocation arrives. The guy decides to at least bid goodbye to the girl. He walks up to the girl, “It’s been two years now since we started to know each other. It is no hidden truth as to how much I like you. You know it as well but seemed to have always denied knowing the explicit. Today is the last day in college and I guess it’s time to go our own ways. I would like to wish you all the very best in whatever you do.”cute_couple__animation__by_mmidori31-d51r24p

And that was it. As he walked out from the convocation hall, he thinks, “ki farak painda yaar, tu nahi to koi aur sahi ;).” That is how an Indian guy ends up deciding to move on with his wooing spree realizing that it is time to learn another European language. 😉

(This story that I have cited above is inspired from one of my very dear friend’s life, who is still searching for that numero uno language 🙂. Wishing him all the very best in this endeavour).

Source for Image: http://elizabethkuhnke.wordpress.com/2011/06/09/watch-your-language/, http://mmidori31.deviantart.com/art/Cute-Couple-Animation-305272969