Willing Chance!

Have you ever wondered what’s it’s come down to? 

Expecting from others to behave in a certain manner, contingent to our own limited liking, 

Be it: 







Any Passerby, 

And what purpose does it serve apart from making us more:





Primarily unstable, 

Possibly making us a member of a tribe which is lost but never to be found. 

Eventually ending up all lonely,


None would want to be in our company, 

None would aspire to keep arguing till eternity, 


More importantly, all would expect the unexpected

Choice is ours to be a party to the much-much group or be a worthy member of the much expected tribe: 

One who puts himself/herself in other’s shoes before judging or criticizing,


One who provides that all important ear to listen and not comment when it matters the most,


At such challenging times , why not bring a little change in the way we:






Only question being: 

Are we ready to give this transformation a willing chance? 

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Wondering what this funny looking ridiculous title might be? 

Not a proposal for sure, 

Not related to any pun intended or unintended what so ever, 

Just a simple representation of what many of us choose not to live by, intentionally or unintentionally. 

Let me ask you a very simple question to bring to context what this is all about. 

When was the last time we complimented someone? 

And since its becoming a bit difficult to remember, let me also give you few options: 

Spouse/gf/bf for how beautiful/handsome they might be looking on the day, 

Employees for having achieved that all important little feat which causes one’s company to grow that delta bit, 


Let’s say house helps for serving us in such a wonderful manner. 

Ya, understandable that we all have our own things to deal with, 

Totally comprehensible we are not always in a good mood so to say, 

Yet, don’t you think we have become too critically oriented to be ignoring the enormous good that surrounds us on a daily basis? 

Be it that simple meal which we are served on a daily basis, 


The very breath that we take for granted every moment of our lives, especially in these times that we are living in, 

It’s high time we realise that: 

Being grateful is not a virtue but a fact of life which must be recognized and appreciated.


Before it gets too late, on this wonderful day where we celebrate Yoga,

How about being a part of a journey where one begins to start seeing good in U (the other) and doing good to U—> I-Good-U!

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Kuch to Log Kahenge

In a democracy every one is encouraged to have an opinion on things ranging from politics to what not. But does it give us the right to speak out our opinions about others which might create unnecessary pressure on them or might lead to them having a negative opinion of themselves?

Take for instance a child who had appeared for a competitive examination and was unable to qualify in the same. Our society leaves no opportunity whatsoever to have a go at the child and his/her parents either by drawing comparisons with someone who could qualify or blatantly speaking out their negative thoughts and opinions in front of the grieved.

Why is it that we become so negative and tend to lose our humanity when it comes to making fun of others or drawing pleasure from others’ sufferings? Why is it that our jealousy tends to conquer our minds so as to ignore the virtues that is characterisitcly found only in humans because of the way we have evolved over a period of time? Is it because of the competitive environment that has gripped all of us and has made us participate in this rat race?

During my college days, I always found the relative system of grading causing a divide, jealousy and enmity amongst batchmates. It was all about pulling the other person down in order to move up the ladder (a thing which is very much visible in the corporate world).

The team spirit which is extremely essential for not only development at the micro level but also when it comes to building a national outlook and a secular frame of mindset seems to have taken a beating.

What follows thereafter is back stabbing in competitve environments and a negativity that seems to pervade over all of us.

The questions that need to be asked and answered are: “Where the hell are we heading as a society? Are we as parents behaving in a manner so that the child learns the right things by observing us? What are we doing to ensure that this negative tide is made to come to a halt?”

Source for Image: http://vsthepomegranate.blogspot.in/2009_09_01_archive.html