The Hidden Talent!

Sometimes I wonder why certain creative talents remain hidden forever. Is it because they prefer not to be exposed to the scrutiny of the external World or is it because they are unable to find that appreciation which might propel them forward in enabling their God given gifts to prosper?

Whatever it might be, certainly the loser in this case is not the person who tend to hide his talent, but the public at large, who are deprived of the immense happiness that the talent has a potential to spread and offer to the ever so increasingly burdened modern man, who is in constant search of peace of mind.

If you are wondering, why suddenly I am talking about hidden talents, it is because, it was only a couple of days back that I realized how much talent this friend of mine has, when it comes to penning feelings and emotions down in the form of poetry. It is not that I didn’t know about his talent earlier, but had never come across any of what he calls his stuff

And it came in the form of a letter. It is not often that you tend to receive a hand written letter in today’s world, and when you do, you want to frame it and keep it as a remembrance for times to come specially when it happens to come from a person, who was once upon a time, very close to you, a very dear friend with whom you had once shared some wonderful moments and a friend who was always there when you needed him the most. 

Below are a couple of lines from the letter:

Hi buddy! Of late I have been remembering you a lot and reminiscing about the wonderful times that we spent together, before you left and here is what I call a small tribute that I would want to dedicate to our friendship:

मौसम तो खुशमिज़ाज़ है, फिर दिल ये तनहा आज क्यूँ है,
कहता अलविदा तो तू हर रात है, आँखें आज नम क्यूँ है,
देते थे ख़ुशी जो पल तेरे साथ के, यादें उनकी दे रही गम आज क्यूँ है,
असर तेरी दोस्ती का ही है मेरे यार, बिछड़ने का हो रहा जो एहसास यूँ है.

And then he goes on to describe some of the wonderful incidents from college and the masti we happened to indulge in together.poet diary

If you are reading this buddy, then I would urge you to come out from your own little world and give us all an opportunity to relish some of the most wonderful of thoughts and emotions that you have penned down in your wonderfully maintained poetic diary that only you and a couple of people close to you, have access to.

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