I don’t know how many of you would have experienced this,

There is this perennial chull (uneasiness)

which seems to have existed ever since,

A desire to do something,


A craving to go beyond our current state of being,

How many times I wonder,

I have been able to sit at ease?

Not thinking about issues in life,

Not contemplating what’s to be done,

Not worrying about so called problems,


Just be in the moment,

For if we were able to cultivate the art of being in the moment,

I wonder

The very experience of life would indeed be drastically different!

The only thing being,

Whether we are willing to practice

and develop the art and discipline to

being in the moment, for that is what it is!

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The Regime!

Getting up early in the morning for some is an extremely difficult proposition but for others, it is an opportunity to explore yet another day and to experience new things in life. Those who have had a habit of going for a morning walk are so hooked on to it, that if they miss it for a day or two, the guilt and the feeling of having lost something is very hard to get rid off.

And in normal circumstances, the first thing that one does is to see himself/herself in a mirror. They say that mirror always speaks the truth. But when the truth is about you then, sometimes it becomes difficult to accept the same.

If the truth is about how much fat you have accumulated over time in your body, then its even harder for you to digest the fact that you have gone obese. Medically, or going by the standards a person is considered obese when his or her weight is 20% more than the normal that they are supposed to have keeping in mind the BMI index.

What an irony it is that the food items which tend to give you pleasure at one time are the very reasons for making sure that you repent for the pleasures you have had by munching upon the same, in the near future.fat

You end up cursing the food and more so your own taste buds for making you indulge in the very fantasy. Yesterday, I was having this conversation with none other than Saty, whom I was telling how in the past couple of days I have managed to gain if not 7 but certainly 3-4 kgs:

Yaar, when you are at home, you end up eating all the good stuff that your mom makes for you, thereby ending up gaining weight.”—-Me

Ya, I know, that’s why what I do is I try to control myself and see I am so fit 😀 “—Saty

Man, how difficult it is to control. How can you ignore the ladoos and the halwa that is kept right in front of your eyes?”—-Me

Yaar, it is all about discipline, which I think is that virtue of life which decides whether we will emerge successful or not. It is that very ingredient which decides whether it will be a make or break situation for us. Whether it be examinations or whether it be taking control of your life or weight, this is the thing that matters.”—-Saty

Wow, Saty. You have been thinking a lot these days ;). But you have hit the bulls eye here. You are right. Everything in life comes down to whether you are disciplined or not. It is the secret for success and nothing but discipline itself can help you achieve what you want from life.”—-Me

Look at all the greats including Sachin Tendulkar. It might have not been easy for him to get up every morning at 5 a.m. and put in the hard work day-in-day out. After all, he also must have felt really frustrated and down and out at times. Yet he carried on. What complements discipline is the perseverence that one has.”—-Saty

Coupled with the perseverence one needs to have a positive mindset in order to have that self-belief which makes sure that one carries on with his or her efforts without worrying for the results or consequences and hoping that one day you will surely get to experience the sweetness that comes along with success.”—-Me

You should take a resolution that you will try to control your eating habits. Don’t start dieting for it is the worst of the ways to reduce one’s weight. What you can do instead is to reduce the junk food that you happen to eat in a day. Don’t eat too many sweets. Eat those things which are healthy and are not deep-fried. I guess a balanced diet is the key along with a fitness regime where in you get to do both cardio and muscular training. The best is to go for yoga in the morning, say, after a walk.”—Saty

Saty, you are talking like a fitness expert ;). I have read many a columns on the same. I know where this is coming from :). Whatever the source, the points that you are mentioning will go a long way in helping one to remain fit, which will in turn help one to be happy and maintain that confidence which is so important when it comes to carrying yourself around and when it comes to interacting with someone, for you know that the other person will like you in case you are fit and well maintained.”—Me

True, and that is what keeps you going and helps in making you more confident and ambitious.”—-Saty

Saty, don’t you think, we have been able to carve out an entire theory of success here? 😉 “—-Me

Yes, fitness leads to confidence/self-belief which leads to increased ambition/motivation which in turn leads to success.”—-Saty

So, we know now where we have to start from. 🙂 “—Me

That was it for the conversation. Truly, fitness is the most important part of our lives which we cannot afford to ignore. Good health leads to positive thoughts and a positive outlook towards life, which is extremely significant when it comes to staying happy and satisifed and in turn contributes to the well being of a

Guys and girls out there, what are you waiting for? It is time to go on a fitness regime and what better way to start than on a weekend itself ;).

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Still Deciphering!

Somehow the past couple of days flew by in a flash and here I am welcoming you all once again to what I would like to call a thought provoking but all time favourite topic that has and will continue to have an immense impact on not only me but the entire society of ours, whether we like it or not.

Philosophers have tried it, psychologists have also given their best to understand the behaviour and the emotions, but no one seems to have deciphered the practical application or predictability of the very form of emotion that we all tend to fall in love with.

Yes! I am talking about an emotion none other than love itself. Whenever I use this term or come across this 4 letter word, the first thing that seems to occupy my mind space is my very own brother who was named Lav a couple of decades back by my very dear grandparents, expecting that I will follow soon after ;).

But coming back to the romantic meaning of the term, I tend to get perplexed thinking about the whole process of falling (I wonder why not rising 🙂) in love.

It all starts on the day when you meet someone from the opposite sex and get physically attracted to her/him. It could be anything ranging from liking some of the personality traits or attributes that the person might be emitting in the form of a halo created right at the back of his/her head to liking the mannerisms that the person seem to demonstrate in a social gathering.

The question that arises here is: Why is it then that it is called pure/true love? This can happen to anyone in any social gathering what so ever.

To some extent, yes! It can. Then what is it that differentiates the feeling of love from the casual attraction that might have occured in a one-off gathering?

In all probabilities it is the committment that one makes after falling in love with another person that seems to create that divide between falling for someone and spending one’s entire life with the same person.

Some of my friends who have already got married seem to be very unhappy about the fact that their chances of staring and wooing another girl have gone down the drain after getting married. They seem to suggest that boredom has begun to capture their lives and they seem to be caught in a cobweb with no reprieve to be found anywhere.

Indeed, it can be a miserable situation for people who tend to develop this kind of a thinking. After all, who doesn’t want to be a free bird? Who would like to shoulder all the responsibility if it were not not for the social norms?

Somehow, I feel the entire concept of getting married is losing its charm. Thanks to the thinking that our youth seems to be developing, the institution will soon meet its end, if effective and corrective measures are not taken.

Imagine, how our lives would have been, if we were deserted by our parents? Would I even be writing on this platform as a liberated individual or for that matter would I even be knowing how to write?

It is all because I was provided an opportunity to evolve as an individual that I am able to do all this. And all the credit for this goes to the ever intact family system that our country takes much pride in projecting the world over.

Some of you might be thinking that it is a hell lot of a task to accomplish the feat that our parents managed to pull off so beautifully. Trust me, it takes only a word to be able to emulate or even improve upon what our parents did.

Some might call it compromise but I would like to put it as DISCIPLINE.

We all need to be disciplined in life if we want to make it big. Then why ignore this aspect in, what according to me, is the most significant of things to have ever crossed your life!

It is very natural for a guy to get attracted towards another girl or vice-versa, even after being involved in a relationship. But such instincts need to be curtailed and curbed affectively, in order to ensure that our societal structure remains intact and is saved from disintegration.

So. can I take the liberty of defining love in an extremely crude manner as: ” the discipline imposed on the alternative competitive instincts”. THINK ABOUT IT!

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