The Creators’ Creation!

One fine day, God must have thought, “enough is enough “

How long can I go on like this?

Creating, nurturing etc etc

I need to have my agents down there on planet Earth willing to,

Take up the role that I am so adept at,

He must have thought about all the qualities that those agents should have,

emotional for without emotions there wouldn’t be any care,

strong, for without strength there wouldn’t be equilibrium,

forgiving, for men would act stupid at times,

nurturing, for that could only keep homo sapiens alive,

And the list would have gone on and on,

Till He must have realised that it would possibly be the most important creation that He would have ever done in His lifetime, if I may take the liberty of referring it as such,

So, to all hard working and wonderful beings whom we all refer to as women,

Here is wishing you a very happy women’s day!

May you grow in strength,

May you achieve your dreams,


May you keep making this planet the most beautiful dream human kind can ever wish about residing in.

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Taking a cue from a very dear friend who has this wonderful habit of saying shukran (Arabic word meaning thank you) every now and then,

And why not,

Especially in these precarious times,

Where one never knows how long one is going to live,

Not just because of Corona but the very manner in which our generation has been consuming pretty much everything on this planet,

Its never enough no matter how many times one says shukran to the people one comes across in one’s life time,

thank you

Be it the parents to start with, who brought us here, nurtured us to become who we are today,

Be it our spouses/siblings/cousins/friends who made this life worth living,

Be it the teachers who acted as friends, philosophers and guides in this journey of acquiring knowledge,


Be it the mentors and seniors who pretty much laid the path for us to grow professionally,

We often take it for granted what people have done for us,

We often are drawn into the illusion of having achieved everything unilaterally,


We often ignore all the contributions/sacrifices our near and dear ones make for us,

Just to see us happy achieving our dreams and fulfilling our aspirations,


With no more excuses of being busy or not having enough time,

Why not just say it loud,

Give some form and shape to the gratitude that we all feel,

And take that first step to bringing one’s near-dear ones even closer,

Up for it, are you?


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कुछ ऐसे पल !


लम्हों का याद आना, उनमें खो जाना,
एक आदत सा बन चुका है,

कश्ती का पास आना, हवा का छू के निकल जाना,
एक एहसास सा बन चुका है,

तैरना तो कभी हमने सीखा ही ना था,
हर पल में डूब जाना एक फितूर सा बन चुका है,

इस ज़िन्दगी के सफर की क्या ही बताऊँ,
वक़्त का ऐसे गुज़र जाना, चाहत सा बन चुका है,

कहते हैं, ख्वाइशों का कोई अंत नहीं होता,
इन ख्वाशों के पार भी एक दुनिया है,

फ़िक्र तो होती है उस दुनिया के बारे में सोच के,
वो एक पल सारी फ़िक्र छोड़ के आगे बढ़ चुका है.

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Choti Si Soch!

You might have heard from all the so called business gurus  and the mentors, thriving and practically living by giving one advice, which seems to remain constant across, is to think big. 

Each one from such tribe, capable of putting on the gravest possible face on earth, would tell you, to chase your dreams, to believe in your imagination, to thrive on your ambition and the list goes on and on, can mention a dozen more such phrases but will save the effort and time, for it doesn’t matter, it refers to the same thing after all.

What if I were to tell you, that thinking big is nothing but a collection of thinking small things every day of your life.

It is taking one small step each day to come up with something that builds on a daily basis, which tends to give you more satisfaction and sense of accomplishment than being thinking constantly about that one big goal, that you seem to have formulated in your mind, and every now and then comparing your current state of affairs to that imagined wanna be state of affairs, dreaming about when it would be when you will reach the helm of your dream, makes you either sad or delighted, depending on the difference between the two.

Why I would say so is, at the end of the day, isn’t it about reaching the helm?

Well, to a certain extent it is, whatever that imagined helm, which by the way is perceived differently by most of us, though it’s one and the same, yet the essence of the very fact that you are living is not to reach some established goal but to enjoy every moment of the process.


For, if you were just meant to be happy only if and when you reach your goal, don’t you think it would just be a waste of your time, effort and energy, and what if, you realize that reaching your goal was nothing more than being in possession of your favorite toy when you were young, in the process of which you missed some very important aspects of the very life which you thought were living.

And when such a thing happens, you don’t have any other option but to feel sorry for the way you conducted your life all through.

Be conscious of the fact, that this choti si soch each day of your lives,

be it spending some time with your mom or dad,

be it using some part of your available time to take your dog for a walk,

be it spending some time with your kids talking about what they did the very day,

be it reading at least 10-15 pages of the book that you might have wanted to read for a long time,

be it taking out time for your own self in the form of some exercise, Yoga or meditation,

be it dedicating yourself to a social cause,

is bound to make that difference in your life, which you might have been looking for, all through and not finding which you feel stressed out to the core.

So, if you wanna make sense out of this piece of this very life that you have been lucky to be bestowed with, would want to give you the mool mantra of:

“think chota and live bada!”

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The Dreamer!

One thing that the majority used to lack, say a couple of decades, was the ability to venture out and take risks. Not many dreamt about becoming Tatas and Birlas. The one, who did venture out, ended up being the same.

But today, we are seeing more and more people wanting to have their own businesses. They want to take control of their lives. The thought behind wanting to have their own business is to remain independent and work for themselves rather than working for someone else.

Not only is there a scope of earning much more money, but also the indendence and the leverage to work on one’s own terms is beyond any materialistic thing that you might get by working in a big shot company.

It is not only that they think of only themselves. but they also try to create opportunities for those who wouldn’t have the resources or the risk taking ability to venture out into this arena of entrepreneurship.

So, basically, there are two kinds of people. One, who want to take risk and set up their own venture and the one who would want to become a part of the venture and work for the same.

Outsiders, who don’t belong to the former category, think that the people in the former category have got lucky enough to be enjoying the lifestyle that they are. But I must tell you that it is only after hours, months and years of hard work that an entrepreneur is able to achieve what looks to the outsiders like a rosy picture.

And that too, not many in the field are able to achieve the same kind of success as say Flipkart or even Healthkart. Irrespective of the fact, that an entrepreneur emerges out as successful or not, one needs to have immense amount of patience and a motivation to put in hard work day-in-day-out.

Only 1 in around 1000 companies is able to do what it initially had as aim in its mind. Then what about the rest and what about the employees, who had been working in those companies?dreamer

Yes, they end up losing jobs and are in turn made to look for employment opportunities. But one thing that they do gain is the experience and the learning which one can never get while working in a conventional job, because of the nature of being exposed to every aspect of a business.

They say, once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. If you talk to these entrepreneurs, they will tell you that its like tasting blood for a tiger. Once it does it, it is not able to survive without it.

Talking to entrepreneurs can indeed be a very pleasurable experience. The kind of joy that you can see on their faces is much more than you would see, say even on the face of an IAS officer. They are people who go after their dreams and try to make them come true.

These people have been able to carve out a different world for themselves, which they cherish to the core. They are the master, they are the servants. They say that they are truly living their lives and doing what they want to do.

I, sometimes wonder, if this is not living life on one’s own terms than what is! Hats off to the dreamers!

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