Old Engagement!

One thing which has happened in recent past is that: 

Socializing and meeting people one on one has become quite difficult, 

Especially for senior citizens and people in their old age, 

One welcoming step from their end is that,

Many have learnt the art of interacting on social media platforms


Are even creating wonderful content.  

Considering that many don’t have hobbies of sorts like reading etc., 


Considering that there is not much for them to look forward to e.g. waiting for their children to visit them, 

This incredible phenomena and innovation termed social media, 

Is saving many from getting depressed and in turn saving lives, 

In turn reinforcing the point that:

Nothing is good or bad in itself, 

Just a matter of how it’s utilized. 

So is the case with social media platforms, 

Which might just be saving people from getting into depression in these challenging times

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Deciphering SEO!

Since the time I have started writing a blog, I have become familiar with the 3 letter word SEO. Though, my blog is not commercial as in it is not helping me earn money, yet I thought of doing some research on this 3 letter word in order to understand what this term might mean and what implications it can have for those who are into the business of making money via blogs.

Below is a humble effort to being able to help those who seem to find themselves on the other side of the table when it comes to making money from their blogs or websites and hopefully this small effort might prove to be a blessing in disguise for the same lot.

Here I present my analysis of what SEO is and what steps can be taken in order to improve your site rank. By the way, I would also like to thank one of my clients who helped me understand and decipher the mystery.

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with one of our clients and he told me that his site rank (http://www.alexa.com/) has taken a beating for the past couple of months and is headed in a downward direction.

The reason that he could think of was switching from one platform to another and he was totally perplexed on how to go about improving his site rank.

Without further delving into the conversation that we had with our client, this problem is quite common when it comes to websites trying to figure out a way where their rank could go up in order to drive more traffic on their websites which they wish would result in increased conversions on their site, whether it be lead generation or actually subscribing to lets say their blog or say selling some product via their website.

Some of the common strategies that one can think of when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or to put it in a lay man’s language, to be able to increase one’s website’s visibility on search engines like Google are:

1. Original and well written content on your website is the need of the hour. You should make your site dynamic and should try to update your content on a regular basis, keeping in mind the relevance for your customers.

2. Increase your visibility by participating in all relevant forums and let search engines find you through back links.

3. One should choose a SEO-friendly URL

4. One should also try to keep the design of one’s website SEO and user friendly.

5. No matter how much you think that meta tags have lost their relevance, they surely play a big role when it comes to SEO and search engines.

Hope this helps. You can also watch a video that I am attaching along with this post. For further queries you can sign up on http://connecto.io