The P Company Snippets: MBA 101

Changing jobs is a big decision for many if not all,

Expectations are high,

Motivation and enthusiasm is another level,

Only thing that an organisation needs to probably do is,

To provide a conducive environment for this enthusiasm to prosper,

The story was a bit different here,

Leave alone a set of goodies for joining,

Sutradhaar didn’t even get to have a fixed place to sit,

Having been a cofounder himself in a couple of startups prior to this stint,

Sutradhaar didn’t seem to mind the absence of basics and the associated dynamics,

What followed after was a sort of an eyeopener for Sutradhaar.

Interactions were being done,

Friends were being made,

What was probably amiss was the presence of principles which are laid out in MBA 101.

Sutradhaar, along with Chakra wondered whether their presence would help organise things better,

At the same time,

Witnessing the circus unfold right in front of their eyes.

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Doing MBA: What should be the criteria of chosing a college?

MBA is the hep world in today’s business scenario. If you have this degree you can go places. It can enable you to jump into the lower/middle management, it can help you getting lucrative pay hikes, which otherwise you wont be getting if you are working, say as an analyst.

Now, for Indian students its not always easy to qualify CAT and get into one of the IIMs. For those who have been unable to get into the IIMs, they shouldn’t be disheartened, because of the slurry of opportunities that have opened up in this global scenario that we are all living in.

The first thing you need to do if you want to apply to any university abroad is to give GMAT, as most of the colleges require this score. Secondly, and most importantly, the thing that one needs to keep in mind is that you should get full “value for your money” (unless you are deeply interested in doing a particular kind of a specialisation available in only specific institutes) when it comes to chosing colleges for sending applications.

When I say “value for money”,  I mean that one should focus at the kind of jobs and placements that one is getting, after graduating, proportionate to the amount that one has to invest in order to get the degree.

Having figured out the best possible value for money, or even before that, one can ask as to why one should be doing an MBA from a different region? The answer to this lies in the immense advantages that one gets having done so.

The list is endless but the things that you should know are: firstly, it gives you a broader perspective when it comes to both individual and business sense and secondly and most importantly, in this increasing age of Globalization, there will be an increasing requirement for a workforce which is better able to understand the ways of working of both the Worlds (i.e. east and west).

For those who are not experienced, can go for Masters in Management programs offered by certain institutes in Europe (e.g. ESCP Europe and HEC in Paris) which provide immense value for your money. (More information regarding the same can be got from mailing )

Hope, this will be of some help to people who are applying or will be applying for an MBA in future. Any other information on a personalized basis can be got from .For those who have done an MBA from US/Europe etc., please feel free to enter your opinions/views which be helpful for the future aspirants.

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Do we need more IITs?


This is the place, IIT, where life started in the true sense of the World. It is here that we all transformed from the “bacchas” passing out of schools to mature individuals that we are today.

The brand made our life so easy. In society, wherever we went we were treated in high regard. After all we were amongst the 2000 students who qualified JEE.
Recently, while having a discussion with one of my colleagues, I was made aware of the decision of our central government to open up more IITs. The question that we pondered over was whether such a decision would have a severe impact on the “Brand“? 
As now, instead of being amongst the top 2,000 engineering students in the country, the IITians will be amongst the top 10,000 students or so. On one hand, where more students will get an opportunity to study in A Grade institutes like IIT (i.e. if all IITs maintain the same
standards), on the other it does dilute the reputation on a global scale.
The question is: Do we really need to open up more IITs to provide better educational facilities? or Can we leave alone the IITs as the best engineering college in India and create a class of engineering colleges next in line to IITs to enable more students to enter the discipline?