Medicine Sapiens!

Somehow the moment we get some pain or feel awry,

The first thing that comes to mind is,

Whether there is any medicine which can relieve us of our discomfort,


In the quest of the same,

We venture out to a pharmacy nearby,

Taking any and every OTC drug that we can procure,


We do end up consuming a dose or two,

Leaving the other medicines to their fate,

Till they start nearing their expiry date,

When we start to wonder what to do with the same,

More often than not,

We end up throwing it in bins,

Which in turn has harmful effects on the environment,

What if there was a way out where in these medicines could be utilized,

What if csr departments of companies like 1mg, Pharmeasy, Apollo could procure and distribute the same among the needy,

Would end up helping someone in need,


Would reduce the effect it might be having on our environment.

Food for thought!

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Easy Wheezy!

When you look beyond yourself, what do you see?

Few might notice the kind of environment they might be in,

Few might be lost in a trip down their memory lane,

Few might be wondering what the future has in store for them,


Few might just look at successful people around them,

Hoping to be like them one day,


Cribbing why they themselves couldn’t make it whereas those who did,

How easy it was for them and that they got lucky!

But as you might have experienced yourself,

Nothing comes easy in life,

Be it the likes of Virat Kohli or M S Dhoni,


The likes of Shahrukh Khan or Amitabh Bacchan,

Be it the Neeraj Chopra next door,


Chetan Bhagat’s in your college,

Be it the well known among startup circles, Bhavish Aggarwal,


Be it the not so known yet, Shashank Gupta.

Who ever it might be,

Let me state the obvious,

Without hard work and discipline, achievements and success remains a dream,

Without hours and hours of practice and dedication, goal remains a thing to ponder over,


There is no shortcut to success,

There is no alternate to hard work,

There is no success without tons of failures,

No matter which path you want to tread upon,

Be prepared for

Hours and hours of hard work,

Lot of so called sacrifices,

For if it was so easy wheezy,

Majority won’t wonder how they got it so easy!

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Are we all Prepared?

Today I am going to tell you about the three dogs who have become very much a part of my life here in Bareilly. (I am sure Deo would love me talking about dogs 😉).

It seems as if they have descended upon this planet from three different galaxies altogether, representing three different colours. As you might have guessed by now, it was not very difficult giving them names: Snowy, Brownie and Bageera.
The locals here tell me that they belong to the same family with Bageera being the mother of the other two, though it is hard to imagine how this is possible unless we assume that polygamy is very much an acceptable norm amongst dogs.
They always seem to move together in a group. I can’t help but getting reminded of a movie from the elaborate list of movies that Karan Johar can be so proud of, We are a family.
They, in all senses of the word; dine together, move together and sleep together. The ecologists might explain it as a basic survival behaviour, but to a sociologist, it might seem to be much more than that. 
Whatever might be the interpretation of the dynamics that these three demonstrate, one thing is for sure and that is they always tend to bring a smile on my face whenever I am there amongst the green and am enjoying a morning walk.
They not only bring loads of joy but also remind me of some of the attributes of life which, once upon a time, were meant to bring out its very essence
The innocence that they seem to emit through their eyes is a very rare site to be found in today’s competitive World. The tit-for-tat behaviour and the back biting are just a couple of examples to elaborate what I just said.
The kind of satisfaction and content they tend to show is unmatchable considering the fact that today, we are all caught up in a rat race trying to undo the other for the want of materialistic pride and glory.
The kind of bonhomie and doghood they tend to reflect is a lesson to be learnt by each one of us, considering the recent exodus of the people of North-East from Bangalore and the ever rising conflicts between Hindus and Muslims.
The kind of ownership and loyalty they tend to have towards their territory, in this case, my house, is a lesson not only for our armed forces, but also for each and every citizen of our country who tend to migrate to another country in the search of, what else, but materialistic happiness, which tend to fade away once you are away from your family.
Sometimes, I wonder that there are so many things that we can learn from our very own nature and the billions of species that seem to share the space with us, humans.
In spite of that, we humans, are bent upon destroying the very foundations of our lives by adopting a consumerist pattern of living which is surely going to have a major impact on not only us but the entire gamut of living species present of this planet.
But the good thing is, that not all is lost. Things can still be made better through our very own efforts. Small things like switching of the lights and all the electrical appliances when not in use, or closing the tap when one is not using water, or going to the office in a pool etc. can contribute in a big way towards maintaining a lifestyle which in all senses of the word can be called sustainable.
The only question that needs to be asked is whether we all have that will and motivation to move over and above our constrained and materialistic approach towards life and adopt a more responsible attitude towards the same.
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Living Naturally

As I am writing here, the rain Gods are showering the much needed relief upon us, and my dear bageera is sitting next to me besides my chair, enjoying the showers.

How often had I dreamt of sitting in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature from all sides and how often had I thought about penning down my thoughts which seem to flow, courtesy the very nature of the surroundings that I happen to be in.

Such an environment is very much in tune with the ideal ambience that a writer so craves for. Not only a writer, but also a lay man wanting to restore some peace of mind and wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives would love to be in my shoes at this very moment.

Such a luxury is found very rarely in this present day scenario and is a much sought for thing. Somehow, I have always felt that in this race to accomplish material successes in life, we have forgotten the very essence and the meaning of life.

In this race of becoming business tycoons, or gaining expertise in medicine or reaching the top notch of our bureaucracy, we have somewhere left the man in us behind, which seem to emerge again from the dungeons only in our fifties or sixties when we sit down to ponder over how we had lived our entire life and whether we could have done something differently.

There are so many things to do and see in this World. I guess we end up witnessing around 0.1% or not even that, of the entire cosmos. Some would want to stop me from going on with my concepts at this very moment and would want to question me about my propensity to talk about such things and whether it is really relevant to even give such thoughts a chance to break their silence.

Indeed, one can have different perspective on the same, but it is often that we don’t realize the advice that our natural instincts tend to offer, giving them not even the slightest of regard which they so deserve and which is so essential for the well being of an individual.

As a consequence the various life style diseases seem to be on a rise and more and more people are getting affected by the innumerable kind of diseases that didn’t use to affect us in the past.

I am sure there must be some reason which could answer or try to explain the very causes of the same. For me the answer lies in us drifting away from the very basis of life, the nature around us which has been and will continue to be our bread and butter for the entire life.

We have somehow got used to spending our time in unnatural activites and therefore end up suffering from certain ailments that didn’t use to figure, say a couple of decades back.

Some might blame the time for not being on their side. But I wouldn’t dare to do that. What I would want to do instead is to give myself and my basis of existence a chance to prevent the havoc from prevailing any further upon what we all call Our World.

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Raining Cats and Dogs

Its not often that you get up after hearing the reverberating sound of the cloudburst. And today was one such morning. To my delight, the rain Gods had taken over the charge and were all out to bring some relief to the ever increasing temperature that had hit the city in the past couple of weeks.

To give me company in my garden were all sorts of animals and insects which one can imagine in an ambience provided by a domestic garden. And my favourite amongst them all, kutkut, the little squirrel that I have talked about in my previous posts, was present along with the other animals.

By the way, kutkut has increasingly become fond of me and is not anymore scared to come near me. I guess, thats how animals tend to develop relationships with people, taking their own time and by treading a cautious path.

On one hand, where all the above was bringing smiles to my face, on the other hand, I was extremely upset to see the state of drainage system in my city, which is by the way the capital of the largest populated state in India, and can be taken as a representative of most cities in India including the metropolitans, when it comes to getting affected by the rainy season.

It was disappointing to see the man holes over flowing and the streets getting clogged with water, finding no way whatsoever to escape the bitumnious and concrete pavements. As a result, one could witness long traffic jams in the centre of the city during the office hours. People could be seen arguing and abusing due to incidents like water being splashed on their clothes.

There are some amongst us who have already given into the lack of responsiveness on part of our administration. And then there are some who keep criticizing the administration, primarily the Municipal Corporation for not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

What surprises me the most is that every year, the same situation is repeated, yet no one seems to be able to provide a solution to this periodic problem. Is it due to lack of interest on part of our administration or is it just because they aren’t capable of providing a solution to the problem?

Whatever might be the case, I am sure that there are enough funds which, if appropriately used, can definitely provide the much needed relief to the people during the Monsoon season.

But is our administration listening?

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Technology Revolution/Mobile Phones: A havoc in disguise?

The one thing that surely makes us feel that we are living in a techno-driven World is the ubiquity of the mobile phones. It has become such a common thing these days that even a cycle-rickshaw puller possesses it with pride.

One thought that perturbs me though is the disadvantages of having a mobile. Just imagine, you are with your girlfriend and you don’t want to be traced and here you go, your Mom calls you at least 100 times and there goes your romantic mood in the drain.

A recent study also put a lot of question marks on the harmful impacts of using a mobile phone for longer durations. The study went on to caution people about the frequent use as it might be a reason for the increased cancer incidence in today’s World. This makes me wonder whether we are destroying ourselves and our planet by making our lives more materialistic.

There are so many other reasons that you can think of about why one should reduce his/her dependence on technology. Some of us who are die-hard fans of the newer technologies hitting the market every day would want to argue that these things are making our lives comfortable at the end of the day, so why we must give up on these things?

True, and the saying fits in really well with the above observation: “Without pain there is no gain“. I just hope that the pain should not exceed the gain, for if it does then we and our future generations are in for a hard time on Planet Earth.

Do you think technology revolution would result in havoc in the coming years?

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