Preparation can be of various kinds,

preparing for



Interviews etc. etc.

But one preparation that most of us choose to ignore,


Are ignorant of,

Is the preparation for death,

As pessimistic as it might sound,

When the time comes,

most of us go in a state of shock,

knowing all through that the day would arrive,

when we will choose to take a leap of faith in a new arena altogether,

If we were just to remind ourselves


be cognizant of the only truth there is,

Guess life would become much more enjoyable and appreciable,

than what it is today!

The only question being,

Are we preparing ourselves for the eventuality?

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The Chemistry Boy!

Did you hear the recent news of this Chemistry boy who committed suicide?


Don’t tell me,

For there are hundreds and thousands waiting in the cue,

Oh, you didn’t know that?

Surprising enough,

For they exist in every nook and corner of our classrooms,


Who are made to sit in every possible class they don’t enjoy,

Who are ridiculed for every answer they are not able to provide to their teachers,

Who is made to feel humiliated just because a kid sitting next to them has read that encyclopedia and let’s say has better memory,


Why would we even be concerned about this?

Isn’t every kid suppose to top that academic exam?

No matter

Whether they like studying or not!

Whether they have other interests in life!

Whether they would be much better off doing something else rather than mugging up a friend’s notes!

Are we as a society open enough to understand this?

That kids are not rats after all,


Hence there is no rat race here,

Can we let them be just kids?

Who are meant to spread joy through their vibrant persona,

Who are meant to fill our lives with laughter and enthusiasm,

Who are meant to be supported at every point in their lives,

As a generation,

If we let that chemistry hating boy to commit suicide every now and then,

We are indeed a waste of life,

The only question being,

Do we want to be one?

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The Test!

Though India has been able to clinch an important test win over England, the topic of my current post has nothing to do with cricket what so ever. I am talking about the test that life seems to put on us every now and then in order to see how resilient we are and how much we have matured over time to be able to take care of the nitty-gritty of the very phenomenon which we all call life.

I recently saw this movie jab tak hain jaan and the test that life seems to take is well elaborated and perfectly brought out by this dialogue from the protagonist and it goes something like this: zindagi to har pal hamari jaan leti hai, bomb to keval ek baar lega.

Though this has a negative tone to it and seems to project the pain and sorrow of the protagonist, this can very well be interpreted in a positive manner, if we just change the angle of the lens through which we are trying to interpret the same. A better way to put it would be: zindagi to har pal hamara imtihaan leti hai. 

The test starts the very moment one is born, as one tries to step out of the haven that a mother provides to him/her for nine months and then he/she has to meet the harsh realities that the surrounding environment provides.

Growing up is not very easy for majority of the population. Every stage of life is met with innumerous challenges. Some, we are able to overcome and some tend to drain us of our energies to the extent of us falling victim to the situation.

Every stage of life is met with successes and failures. A philosopher has compared life to a book composed of chapters where there are some good pages and some bad. The art lies in keep turning the pages of the book and keep exploring the next page, for if you don’t then you won’t ever know as to what lies ahead.

And true to its sense, no one is a born winner. One has to go through immense suffering and challenges before one emerges a winner or whom the world generally calls a winner, because it all depends on the interpretation of victory. Without really going into the philosophy of victory, let me just stick to the practical/societal definition of a winner.

And what makes one victorious is an enduring desire to reach that one important goal of life that he/she would have made for oneself and to keep trying for it. One might fall several times during all these years of trying and one might have to suffer a lot to the point of challenging the very concept of destiny that God has inscribed for him/her.

But what really matters is to realize that one might and will be faced with hardships; one needs to keep trying, for winners are those who decided not to quit.

All those out there who feel that God is not being kind to them, stay positive and keep trying for the victory is just next door and trust me you cannot afford to give up on it.

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