Willing Chance!

Have you ever wondered what’s it’s come down to? 

Expecting from others to behave in a certain manner, contingent to our own limited liking, 

Be it: 







Any Passerby, 

And what purpose does it serve apart from making us more:





Primarily unstable, 

Possibly making us a member of a tribe which is lost but never to be found. 

Eventually ending up all lonely,


None would want to be in our company, 

None would aspire to keep arguing till eternity, 


More importantly, all would expect the unexpected

Choice is ours to be a party to the much-much group or be a worthy member of the much expected tribe: 

One who puts himself/herself in other’s shoes before judging or criticizing,


One who provides that all important ear to listen and not comment when it matters the most,


At such challenging times , why not bring a little change in the way we:






Only question being: 

Are we ready to give this transformation a willing chance? 

Source for the Image: https://www.business2community.com/strategy/change-to-have-a-chance-02283260, https://www.earth.com/news/right-ear-listening-ability/


Wingless Bird!

beta, what do you do?”, a not so relevant a person asks every kid he/she seems to meet.

beta, why don’t you do this?”, a not so who’s who, has a word of advice in the world to be given to a kid who’s happy experiencing things around.

Somehow, our society seems to be headed in a direction where the be all end all game is to prepare kids for making them earn a living for themselves.

If it were limited to that, I would be happy, but it goes beyond just earning a living, to the extent of creating a fortune.


The who’s who believe that they are creating extended wings for the kids, ultimately it leads to wingless birds jumping out of every nook and corner of the buildings they seem to be inhabiting, the case in point being the one who recently jumped out of a hotel in Mumbai and many such cases, leading to increase in the no. of suicides amongst the youngsters all over.

If this is in itself, was not a big enough warning, then I wonder what is?

Which brings me to the point,

why don’t we realize as adults and parents, that the very essence of bringing a new life in this world, is to provide an enabling environment for them to grow their wings, and not to replace their’s with artificial ones, to the extent that the kids start to feel wingless.”

Don’t you think so?

Source for the Image: http://kiwileigh.com/portfoliocpt/wingless-bird/

The Other Gender

Today, in the morning, I was told by one of my friends about my recent inclination to write about issues concerning women and to have forgotten about the men folk as a whole. This article in every sense of the word is solely dedicated to the stronger sex :).

It is true that the men in our society don’t really have to go through the same kind of hardships that women in our country do. Having said that, they are not left immune, they indeed have their own share of problems.

And one recent problem that I was introduced to by the same friend is regarding the expectations that a guy needs to fulfill when it comes to family, wife or society to the extent that sometimes he feels quite suffocated with the whole scheme of things which seems to him like an unresolvable situation.

His parents expect him to earn more and more, or at least better than their neighbour’s or the distant relative’s son. After all, how can they afford to be left behind in the rat race. No matter how hard he tries, what comes his way is the mere recognition of the fact that he needs to do more in life.

Wifes, in some cases, can add up to his woes. With the ever increasing materialistic nature of our lives, she tends to demand more and more and her list of wishes tend to lie on an ever increasing curve.

If this was not enough, everywhere he goes, the first question that he needs to encounter, whether he likes it or not is: “beta, kya kar rahe ho aaj kal?” As if the whole world was only interested in the work and more importantly the benefits that he is deriving from that work.

At that point of time, the guy’s situation is comparable to a donkey who is unable to get his due share even after giving up all his life in the service of people whom he loves and cares for.

Somehow the guy cannot help but ask a question that seems to be quite relevant to the whole scenario:

Why is it that I am guaged by my achievements in life and that too the materialistic ones, which is bound to fade away like a phoenix one fine day?”

Source for Image: http://livingcivil.com/expecting-is-understanding-thoughts-of-the-subconscious/expectations/