Characters of the P Company: Sutradhaar

Sutradhaar, much on the lines of Aadhaar,

Holds the pen on anything and everything that seem to transpire in this space,

A traditional guy to the core,

Likes to wear a kurta to office,

His aspiration in life to be able to bring about the much required transformation in any organisational setup,

A guy who likes to explore new things,

Has made a conscious choice to end up in this space,

his favourite pass time being,

sharing his words of wisdom and experience with the not so experienced ones,

Has found some great company and friend in the form of Chakra (soon to be introduced),


Is on sort of a mission to bring about that much required change,

Not only from a professional perspective,

But also in the lives of the people in focus.

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Wondering what this could mean?

It refers to “big life” in Kannada.

Whether a person has had the chance to live life king/queen size.

Though here the king/queen is not gauged by what one has accumulated in life,

But by the very nature of the experiences one has had in their lifetime,

How exhaustive and expansive they have been,


How wonderfully lived each moment has been,

And if you are still wondering how this can be done,


It’s time to take a step back,

Revisit the very consciousness that is a part of each and everyone of us,


Become cognizant of the way we conduct our lives,

Things we tend to prioritize and give importance to,

And give our life an opportunity to experience it all,

The only question being,

Are you ready to take a seat on this wonderful roller coaster of life?

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पहली पहली बार

कहते हैं पहला एहसास, पहली नज़र, सब कुछ पहला पहला बहुत ही अच्छा लगता है. शायरों ने तो इसपे पूरी किताबें लिख डाली हैं.

सच मान, मैंने भी पहली बार इसका स्पर्श करने की चाहत लिए एक सुट्टे की दुकान पे पहुंच ही गया. सन २०००, शहर लखनऊ, दिन के १२ बजे, कोचिंग क्लास से बहार आने का किस्सा.

पहली बार कुछ भी हमेशा किसी प्रिये के साथ ही होता है. हम उसे अमेरिकन चूहे से सम्भोदित करते थे, इसलिए नहीं कि वो हमेशा अमेरिका जाने की बात करता था, पर इसलिए क्योंकि उसने अपने को पूर्ण तरह से अमेरिकन बना लिया था, चाहे वो उसका बोलने का तरीका हो या फिर उसका रहन सहन.

वैसे सोचा जाये तो ठीक भी था, क्योंकि पहले से तैयारी करके जाने पे हमेशा आपको किक स्टार्ट तो मिलता ही है.

इसी किक स्टार्ट की खोज ने शायद हम दोनों को उस सुट्टे की दुकान पे जाने पर मजबूर कर दिया था.

pehli pehli baar

थोड़ा मन में डर था, क्योंकि माँ ने हमेशा इससे दूर रहने की हिदायत दी थी, लेकिन कुछ नया करने का अजीब सा उत्साह भी था.

अब इसे जवानी का जोश कहें या फिर नादानी, आज हम दोनों ही ढृढ़ निश्चय करके आये थे कि आज कुछ तूफानी करके ही मानेंगे.

“भइया, एक क्लासिक माइल्ड”, बोल हमें ऐसा लगा मानो जैकपोट मिल गया हो. इतनी ख़ुशी शायद हमें मैथ में पूरे नंबर मिलने पे भी नहीं मिलती थी.

तीन बार कोशिश करने पे माचिस से हम उस सुट्टे को जला पाए. आखिर पहली बार था, इतना एफर्ट तो मारना बनता था.

“अबे सुना है, पूरा अंदर लेना होता है. और आँख बंद करके मारो तो मज़ा दुगना हो जाता है”, अमेरिकन चूहा पूरी रिसर्च करके आया था.

उसको गुरु मान मैंने पूर्ण तरह से वही किया जैसा उसने कहा, मानो वो धुंआ मुझे एक नयी दुनिया में ले गया, वो भी खासते खासते.

थोड़ा अच्छा लगा, थोड़ा बुरा, लेकिन चूहे के सामने कैसे मैं मुकर सकता था, “ग़दर है यार ये तो”.

चूहे ने भी हाँ में हाँ भर दी, मानो १०० साल से सुट्टा मार रहा हो, “कहाँ था ना मैंने”.

कश-कश कर पूरा ख़तम करने पर मेरे चेहरे पे चिंता के भाव देख वो बोला, “भाई, माउथ फ्रेशनर लाया हूँ, काहे परेशान हो रहे हो.” यह सुन, फिर हर्षोल्लास का समां बन गया.

सफर तो शुरू हो चुका था, बस सफर करना अभी बाकी था.

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Figure out the GOOGLE in you!

One day, a philosopher was sitting beneath a tree, thinking about the usual, what is life, what is my purpose etc. etc. 

All of a sudden, he felt a cool breeze embracing his hair and face with love and warmth. Don’t know why, that experience made him believe very strongly in, life is about the little experiences that touch our being every moment. 

So many guys have tried, some have taken the path of a sanyasi , few have tread the middle path proposed by Gautam Buddha, few have committed suicide, few have become hippies but no one has been able to figure out the existence of the almighty.

The question is not whether God exists or not, but whether one should actually be wasting his/her time in figuring out the same.


For what we are, a physical mass which tends to interact with whatever is around us, if it were not because of the experience per say, what is it to live.

In sweet and simple terms, if you are not experiencing, if you are not making yourself open to the little pleasures of life, you are not living. For life was meant to be experienced.

So, instead of trying to find who built Google, why not figure out the Google in you and get on an exploration spree.

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The Search Continues!

Today, I was watching this hockey final of Hockey India League (HIL) being played between the Delhi Warriors and Ranchi Rhinos. And suddenly came in my mother who wanted to see this stardust movie awards being telecasted on the Set Max.

What other option did I have but to let my mom take charge of the remote and in turn the television channels and suddenly I was found wanting to continue watching my hockey match.

Somehow, the curiosity in me didn’t let me sit at ease. I had to see who won the match and who took the honours. So, I requested my mother to allow me to have a look.

After having had a look at the final results, I came back to my room. As I entered the room, I wondered about why I was so curious about knowing it there and then. I could have waited for another hour, say, or for the next day, when the results would have appeared in the

Why was it that I wanted to get rid of my curiosity on an immediate basis? Is it inherent in our curious nature to seek immediate gratification? It might be true for it tends to haunt our minds till we are able to satisfy it by discovering the answers for questions that we had been looking for.

What is more amazing is that the curiosity immediately tends to die down once the unknown beocomes known. The good thing or the bad thing though is that you are hit again by another curiosity and end up searching for new answers in life, which propels us to move ahead and explore new things in life.

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The Mysterious Curiosity!

It has happened to me and I am sure that it might have happened to atleast a few amongst you. It is not often that such a thing happens but whenever it does, it is quite bemusing to the core.

A couple of days back, I met a guy who can surely be called self-obsessed by all means. Whatever he does, he thinks, is right. Whatever opinion he has, he thinks, the world should be having the same. Whatever his actions, he thinks, the world should be emulating the same in order to ensure the best for them.

No matter how much you try to contradict the person about the irrationality involved in his thought process, he will come with arguments trying to prove that only he is right and rest which is not in coherence with his thought process is entirely wrong.11118567

It was like I was talking to a wall with no response coming from the other side. In fact it was worse than a wall, for if we try to throw a ball at it, it will surely throw it back at you, courtesy the elastic nature of the same.

But here, it was a totally closed system, much like a black hole where, no matter what you throw, will never come back. It only continues to emit what it is supposed to be emitting.

After having made an unsuccessful attempt of trying to convince the same person, I decided not to pursue the cause any more. And for that matter, if he thinks like what he does, he has got full rights to have his own say and opinion on things, courtesy the nature of the government that we have in our country and which we proudly refer to as the Democracy.

As long as it is not having a harmful impact on others and as long as it is not affecting the law and order situation or the stability in our country, it is upto the man to have and do whatever he wishes to and no one can deprive him or force him to behave in a manner which the majority might like or want him to emulate.

That is the beauty of democracy, for if he was in China, either he would have disappeared for good or he might have been locked up behind the bars for uttering the non-sense that he is so very proud of.

For me as an individual, it was an opportunity to meet someone who can be called really unique in what he thinks and does. It was truly a different kind of experience, one which I haven’t experienced so far in my entire life till date.

It reminded me that no matter how much we might want to consider this world and its people a simple place to live and get along with respectively, it always seems to surprise us with a new facet which we might have not been able to uncover earlier in life.original.0

What seems to amaze me the most is the mysterious nature of this world where we all live in. There is so much to discover and so much to see. I wonder where this curiosity in me will take me.

Some say: curiosity is the mother of all inventions. On the other hand, some say: curiosity kills. I wonder what this curiosity will do to this world. But being the positive person I am, I would want to believe in the former rather than the latter. 😉

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