The Dreamer!

One thing that the majority used to lack, say a couple of decades, was the ability to venture out and take risks. Not many dreamt about becoming Tatas and Birlas. The one, who did venture out, ended up being the same.

But today, we are seeing more and more people wanting to have their own businesses. They want to take control of their lives. The thought behind wanting to have their own business is to remain independent and work for themselves rather than working for someone else.

Not only is there a scope of earning much more money, but also the indendence and the leverage to work on one’s own terms is beyond any materialistic thing that you might get by working in a big shot company.

It is not only that they think of only themselves. but they also try to create opportunities for those who wouldn’t have the resources or the risk taking ability to venture out into this arena of entrepreneurship.

So, basically, there are two kinds of people. One, who want to take risk and set up their own venture and the one who would want to become a part of the venture and work for the same.

Outsiders, who don’t belong to the former category, think that the people in the former category have got lucky enough to be enjoying the lifestyle that they are. But I must tell you that it is only after hours, months and years of hard work that an entrepreneur is able to achieve what looks to the outsiders like a rosy picture.

And that too, not many in the field are able to achieve the same kind of success as say Flipkart or even Healthkart. Irrespective of the fact, that an entrepreneur emerges out as successful or not, one needs to have immense amount of patience and a motivation to put in hard work day-in-day-out.

Only 1 in around 1000 companies is able to do what it initially had as aim in its mind. Then what about the rest and what about the employees, who had been working in those companies?dreamer

Yes, they end up losing jobs and are in turn made to look for employment opportunities. But one thing that they do gain is the experience and the learning which one can never get while working in a conventional job, because of the nature of being exposed to every aspect of a business.

They say, once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. If you talk to these entrepreneurs, they will tell you that its like tasting blood for a tiger. Once it does it, it is not able to survive without it.

Talking to entrepreneurs can indeed be a very pleasurable experience. The kind of joy that you can see on their faces is much more than you would see, say even on the face of an IAS officer. They are people who go after their dreams and try to make them come true.

These people have been able to carve out a different world for themselves, which they cherish to the core. They are the master, they are the servants. They say that they are truly living their lives and doing what they want to do.

I, sometimes wonder, if this is not living life on one’s own terms than what is! Hats off to the dreamers!

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Inspiration: A Means to an End

En route to my normalcy yesterday, I happened to meet a guy who in all senses of the word is truly an inspiration to the so many who feel down and out after a defeat or a failure.

He had failed in his previous five consecutive attempts to clear CAT, which is considered to be one of the toughest examinations in our country and this time it was his sixth attempt.

With so many attempts and so many rejections/failures at hand, any normal person would have slid into the dark corridors of anonymous life, not even wanting to try to get out of the series of failing endeavours.

But, as it is often said, this man had it in him to emerge from the situation. What was most inspiring, when I was having a conversation with him, was to see how well he had conceptualized the very meanings of success and failure and how apt he had become at moving on in life.

Everytime he failed, unlike many of us, instead of going into reminiscing about his luck he made sure that he would not ignore his mistakes that led to such a failure.

This in turn enabled him to bounce back with a renewed and a recharged motivation. With the sole goal of wanting to get into the IIMs, he deprived himself from any other option that he might be able to avail of.

It is relatively easy to get over a first or even a second time failure, but here we are talking about not one or two but five consecutive failures in a row. On being asked the very same question as to how he managed to get over five consecutive failures, his answer was:

I didn’t have many options left. Moreover I thought that no one can go back and make a brand new start. What anyone can do, though, is to start from now and make a brand new ending.”

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Saty Saty Yes Papa!

This can be the story of a guy living next door, a guy whom you keep meeting every now and then, a guy whom you wouldn’t notice in a crowd and a guy who gets up every morning thinking what he should do next.

There are so many such guys in India who don’t really know what they want to do in life. They aren’t sure as to what would be their next destination.

But one thing which is common amongst all such guys, thanks to the culture that we live in, is that they love their families a lot and respect each and every member of their family like no one else would.

They want to see each and every member of their family being happy. They want the best of things to happen to them. They take great pleasure and pride in seeing them getting successful in life.

Then why is it that these very guys are ridiculed at every step that they take by their very own family members? Why is it that the family members, instead of reciprocating the love, end up making the person sad and upset through their remarks? Why is it that they don’t get the same kind of respect as any other member would?

Is it because these guys have not been able to accomplish material success in life? Is it because they are not able to buy expensive gifts for their family? Is it because the very meaning of love and respect has been modified in our society to suit the powerful and the rich?

Whatever might be the reason for the above, one thing that our society must remember is that if we continue living the way we are by focusing on the materialistic pleasures in life, then the day is not so far when you wouldn’t find a breed so pure as above and a heart so loveable as above.

What we need to do thus is to preserve such breed and give it all due respect that it so deserves.

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