Wingless Bird!

beta, what do you do?”, a not so relevant a person asks every kid he/she seems to meet.

beta, why don’t you do this?”, a not so who’s who, has a word of advice in the world to be given to a kid who’s happy experiencing things around.

Somehow, our society seems to be headed in a direction where the be all end all game is to prepare kids for making them earn a living for themselves.

If it were limited to that, I would be happy, but it goes beyond just earning a living, to the extent of creating a fortune.


The who’s who believe that they are creating extended wings for the kids, ultimately it leads to wingless birds jumping out of every nook and corner of the buildings they seem to be inhabiting, the case in point being the one who recently jumped out of a hotel in Mumbai and many such cases, leading to increase in the no. of suicides amongst the youngsters all over.

If this is in itself, was not a big enough warning, then I wonder what is?

Which brings me to the point,

why don’t we realize as adults and parents, that the very essence of bringing a new life in this world, is to provide an enabling environment for them to grow their wings, and not to replace their’s with artificial ones, to the extent that the kids start to feel wingless.”

Don’t you think so?

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