The Quantum Life!

Have come to believe that there is a reason for everything that happens, of course the dots can be connected once the events are done and dusted with a retrospective lens that one tends to wear after the obvious.

Having said that, what do you think would be the chances of meeting someone after 11 years on an island in the middle of the sea in south of France?

Probably, 0.0000…1? And when that happens, you cannot help but wonder, how wonderfully unpredictable the things can be!

Of late, the conversations with the healthcare stakeholders in our country have been ringing the alarm bells, if they were not enough to make me wonder, such events as above tends to make me believe more in the quantum nature of the life that we tend to be leading each day of our lives.

The other day, had the privilege to share the same space with one of the finest brains in the country in the healthcare sector, and was enlightened by what he had to offer.


You know, what we believe we are, is just a myth. The entire disease and the subsequent healing process that we tend to follow, is a mix and match of set of beliefs that tend to harm more than do good, of course being governed by the economics and the profit-earning motive guiding all research that goes behind the same.”

Alarming as it might sound, sounds mysterious as well, when he goes on to elaborate the quantum nature of life that we tend to be leading, which the likes of Einstein, Bohr and other western scientists, who went on to become mystics in their own way, had tried to throw some light upon.

Be it the reductionist or the symptomatic approach taken to deal with the diseases by western world, or be it the conscious loaded approach which has found mention over the years in the ancient Indian or the Chinese cultures, one thing that remains to be realized is a formula which leads to holistic form of wellness for all.

Wonder whether quantum physics is that tool which can enable one to go beyond the beliefs and make it scientific enough for all to accept the obvious truth, which seems to have been tampered with over a period of time?

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How can you do that?

A little while back, I was browsing through some of my pics which I took while I was in Europe. It reminded me of a coversation that I had with one of my friends who is a French (whom I will call Frenchie from now on ;)) and he is currently living in Paris. If you are wondering why all of a sudden I decided to go back in my memory lane, it is because I just got a message on fb from frenchie inviting me for his marriage which will take place sometime in November.

Without really going into the details of the marriage :P, let me do tell you about this conversation that I had with him when I was in Paris.

Hey, how is it possible for you guys to do what you end up doing?”—frenchie

What do we end up doing, buddy?”—me

Oh, how can you get married to a girl whom you have never met before or for that matter never had an opportunity to spend some time together?”—frenchie

Well! That’s the case for the majority in India and its very much a part of the societal system that we Indians happen to be a part of. I guess, it comes very natural to us.”—

Yaaa, I could never do such a thing. Comeon, it can turn out to be a disaster.”—frenchie

Yes, there is a possibility, but then don’t you think the chance, if not equal, is still there when you end up marrying a person of your own choice, though the probability seems to be lesser as compared to that in case of an arranged marriage.”—me

Hmm! I guess you have a point, else why would there be so many divorce happening around among the current generation in Europe.”–frenchie

See, at the end of the day, what matters is whether you are able to maintain and nurture the compatibility which people believe tends to come on its own, but least to their expectations, it needs to be nurtured and a lot of effort needs to be put in, in order to ensure that the compatibility grows leaps and bounds, which is so essential for a harmonious and loving relationship.”—me

But don’t you think you will be compromising in such a situation?”—frenchie

It depends on how you want to perceive such an act. For some, it might look like a compromise, but for others it might just be a gesture to show how much one wants to be with another person and what all he or she is ready to sacrifice for the moments that they end up spending together as a part and parcel of their relationship.”—me

Then what if it takes a toll on you and you realize that it has been you who has been putting all the effort without the other person reciprocating for the same. Don’t you think you will really get frustrated about the whole scenario?”—frenchie

Yes, you might get frustrated. In such a situation you can take either of the two courses that I am about to tell you. One is: that you go by what the philosophers in the field of love have to tell you about love and that is to love a person selfishly without really worrying about the returns, which I agree might be too much to ask for from this pragmatic World of which we all happen to be a part of. Second is: you should talk to the other person and should try to convey what you might be going through and what expectations you might be having from your better half, and then try to sit together and resolve the issue amongst yourselves; which seems to be a more pragmatic course of action.”–me

You should be a counselor man! What are you doing in this business school? 😉 “–frenchie

Yaaaa! Totally! 🙂 “—me

And that was the last conversation I had with him before leaving Paris. Today, he is in a relationship (already engaged) and guess what he is about to get married arrangedly.

It is true that it is a very rare phenomenon in Europe in contemporary times. But if you happen to come from one of the richest business families in Europe then it does come very naturally to you ;).

With the kind of persona, this man has, I have no doubts what so ever that by now he might have already mastered what I call the art of marriage and would be all set to put into practice the very same art.

I would take this opportunity to wish him from my side and from all of you out there who are reading this article : Wishing him and his better half all the very best for the future. 🙂

But guys out there, who are already married and who are yet to master this art, what are you all waiting for? Christmas! ;). Wishing all the married couples all the best on this journey of life where they would be trying to master this very ART OF MARRIAGE.

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Eiffel Love!

This one is dedicated to the picture that I just saw on fb of a very dear friend and his girlfriend.

After seeing the picture, I wonder how many girls and guys out there would have wished to do just the same in front of the ever-attracting Eiffel tower.

During my time in Paris, how much I had wished that I would become a part of the histroy by getting involved in the most wonderful of things that a man and a woman is capable of doing together. 😉

Don’t get me wrong guys. Here, I am not playing with a pun. I am simply talking about a harmless kiss :).

The first ever time I visited the Eiffel tower, to give me company was indeed a very pretty face but not by the name of Senorita.Though I felt happy that it was atleast Senorita’s better-half Rahul.
As much as I had wished to replace Rahul by a pretty face in town, I am sure he must have shared this same feeling with me. But as if God had plans for both of us.
No, we didn’t stop right there. We were meant to witness the most magnificent of views to have ever embraced this planet. We went right to the top of Eiffel tower by availing the service of the fastest ever lift of my life to have been working at such a height.
The scene was indeed a treat to the eyes. But what was more fascinating was to see a number of couples expressing their feelings towards each other which of course culminated in the thing that, by now, all you guys and girls out there might be contemplating of doing yourself.
While returning, where on one hand, everyone seemed to be a on a high; Rahul and me seemed to be expressing replica of a person who might have just returned home back from a shell-shock.
We both seemed to be in a state of meditation. As soon as our lift touched ground zero, it was as if we couldn’t bear it further and we had to take it out of our systems:
Dude! I never wanted it to take place this way.”—Rahul
Same here buddy! Why did you force me to do this?”—me
Comeon! You were the one who wanted to go to the Eiffel tower.”—Rahul
Ya! ok! But what made you come with me? You could have said no.”—me
I thought that you needed me the most at this point of time. How can you blame me for helping you fulfill your need?”—Rahul
Ok! chuck it! Let’s go into a bar and lose ourselves into the heaven which they call Paris ;).”—me
And that was it. We were no where to be found till late that very night. What followed thereafter will always remain a mystery ;). But one thing that I can always vouch for is:
It is really worth it to do it right there on the top.” 😀
So, all couples out there, what are you waiting for? Christmas ;).

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