Secrets, we all have,

Deep down,


We are threatened by them every now and then,

Fearing it might come out in the open,

Insecurity around which eats us all,

Not knowing how to deal with it,


In trying to hide these,

We create more secrets,

A never ending loop of sorts,

but what’s the way out? and is there one?


We fear our secrets,

for we are always looking for some kind of external validation,

an approval,

an image we are so concerned about,

a persona that we have invested all our life in,

yes, it’s not easy to just give it all up!

yes, it cannot happen in a day or two,

yes, we all need some kind of support,


yes, it all needs a belief to take that first step,

a belief which says,

it can be done,


slowly, we see ourselves getting rid of this fear,

to live a life of how it was meant to be,

free and fun!

Source for the image: https://www.apa.org/monitor/2020/09/hidden-world-secrets


Real Freedom!

Every year it comes and goes,

Flag is hoisted,

National anthem is played,

We all get goose-bumps,

And life moves on,

Without realizing what freedom could mean in the truest sense,

After all,

Society is nothing but a conglomeration of its residents,


If the residents themselves are not free,

What could freedom intend mean!

Free from one’s biases,

Free from one’s judgments,


Free from forming quick opinions,

Question being,

Are we ready to take that first step towards freedom?

Source for the Image: https://zinginstruments.com/songs-about-freedom/


Time for yet another new year and time to hop on the resolution wagon? 😉

Well, am not too big a fan of resolutions, reason being more often than not, we tend to not fulfill the same, also because, may be I am too scared to put restrictions on the very essence of life.


May be I wasn’t born to live by imposed expectations, may be I wasn’t born to see myself being constrained by the burden of what is right and what is wrong.

May be, I wasn’t born to listen to the not so who’s who of my life, may be I wouldn’t be living at all if I were to live like that.

May be, I was meant to experience the immediate beauty, the nature of things, that was supposed to be, may be I was meant to let myself go and feel the thrust.

May be, I was granted the so called permission to go beyond anyone’s expectations and live a boundless life of sorts.

May be, I was meant to do nothing, but enjoy every moment that I happen to be spending on this planet Earth, and for which I should be feeling happy for.

May be, the very fact that I am alive is a celebration in itself, for once gone, there won’t be any concept left to be explored and experienced.

But for those who are a big fan of resolutions, my resolution is to try and experience each moment of my life, without delving too much into the past and future, to live what we all refer to as life.

I wonder what’s yours! 😉

Source for the Image: https://thewritelife.com/new-years-resolutions-for-writers/

The D in our Lives!

Without getting into taking names, because it seems to be the most irrelevant of things, even the master himself said, what’s in a name!, allow me the luxury to share with you one of the most common conversations that we have with ourselves on a daily basis.

Where D represents the Devil inside all of Us

Us—-“Don’t dare to come out, else will not be good!”

D—“Why not? I am meant to be taken out and not kept inside. Go out there and live life to the fullest”.

Us—-“Do you even realize the consequences, if I unleash you in full?”

D—-“But wasn’t I meant to do what I am supposed to do and not really sit within your subconscious?”


Us—-“There is nothing you can find as a support for your supposed to do things.”

D—-“What if I start playing within you. Do you realize what it will lead to?”

Us—“Probably yes, but you are hidden, at least not visible to the world.”

D—-“What world are you referring to, is it your parents, who will leave you one day to re-unite with their eventuality, or the insignificant others, are you kidding me?”

Us—“Well, it’s not that simple. They will have their opinions and point of views, which they will try to impose on you.”

D—-“Do you really care or more than that, should you really care?”

Us—-“Of course, I gotta live with them, they are the ones who care for me the most.”

D—-“Don’t you think that care is leading you to the end of a cliff, where there won’t be any other option but to either take the leap or jump for good? In any case, whether you like it or not, you will have to let go at some point or I will make you let go.”

Us—“Yes, but I don’t have the courage to do so.”

D—“Is it because you have lost your self-confidence or is it because you are scared, or may be too fed-up of the kind of ideas and notions that this world keeps bombarding you with and keep reinforcing you with?”

Us—-“Possibly yes, and I don’t think I have enough strength left in me to stand up to the same.”

D—-“What if, you give it a shot! Those who do, do succeed, those who don’t live their entire lives repenting and thinking of what if?”

Us—“Hmm! Do you think it is the right thing to do?”

D—“Who cares whether it’s right or wrong? Or is there something like right or wrong? What matters for you is to figure out what’s best for you!”

And because, we end up getting convinced by what the D in our lives tells us, we begin ignoring or shutting the D in some way or the other, to start with, following it with thinking about what D had told us and eventually end up doing what the D had warned us about.

But by that time, often for most of us, it’s too late. All our youth is gone and what we are left with is an opportunity to repent about what if we had taken the advice that D gave us, at a time which we considered as right.

After all, the only question that you need to answer is what the master posed to us long back, “To Be or Not to Be!”. 

Source for the Image: http://www.firstcovers.com/user/412095/to+be+or+not+to+be.html