The Exploration!

For the past couple of days, I have been conversing a lot with some old friends, family members and some new friends that I have made over these past couple of days. 

Don’t know why and how but somehow the conversations have revolved around the basic theme of what we all want from life. Might be that we all are if not a little concerned but surely trying to find answer to the biggest mystery that seems to surround us all. 

If you are wondering how and when we will be able to decipher the same, then my dear friend, I must tell you that it might take an entire lifetime to do so, not sure for certain that you will be able to reach the pinnacle of discovering the same.But the journey of being able to explore the same seems to be exciting in itself. 

As far as I am concerned, life for me is discovering who you are and then trying to live life to your own sweet will. But I must be kidding when I make that naive suggestion that we don’t know who we are, right!

Well, to be brutally frank, we don’t want to know our inner self. We are too engrossed in the nitty-gritty of life so as to ignore the real aspects associated with the same. The biggest question though is why should we all try to delve into the deeper and inner aspects? After all, we are all happy living the way we are                             images 

We can go on debating on whether the kind of happiness that we all experience in our day-to-day life is real or not, but let me present a perspective which might ring some bells in your mind.

Consider a state A, where you are happy (though I would want to call it pseudo happiness) and consider another state B, where you know for sure that you will be healthier and happier. Wouldn’t you want to go  from A to B? The only catch here is that while going from A to B, you might have to face certain challenges and might have to delve into certain kinds of explorations which you might not be prepared for at the moment.

Would you then want to give up to the fact that you might not have the courage and possibly the skill set to be able to explore the world in order to reach state B? Would you be tame enough to treat pseudo happiness as the real happiness or would you want to explore the myth behind the same? Would you want to continue living in the hope that some day someone would come and give you salvation or would you be brave enough to explore your own path to salvation?

These are questions for which answers can only be found once we dive into the exploration of our own lives. This, in no way, implies giving up your life as a professional and move into the woods to do the same. Just that, you need to modify the way you live and think and perceive a tad bit and you will notice a considerable amount of change in your psyche.

This will surely lead to a better understanding of who your are and would in turn result in a much healthier and happier lifestyle. 

The choice is yours. Whether you want to continue living your life in a web created by the who’s who of your personal society or you want to make yourself feel free from the pseudo bonds that you seem to have accepted as the real truth.

Just need to go out there and start exploring and that is what our life might have wanted from us the moment we took that first little step in the enclosures of our protected households. 

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