क्या है ये ज़िन्दगी ! (What is this life?)

I don’t know how many of you would know about or have seen this TV serial,

By the name of: Ye Jo Hai Zindagi!

It was a Natayam;

A medium of conveying the dynamics of life in an entertaining manner to the audience,

As a kid, how simple, life seemed to be at that time!

Later we realized,

How complicated it was,

Not that we weren’t aware of the inherent complications earlier,

But we tended to make it more complex as we grew up,

By turning, let’s say

Beautiful emotions like friendship into give and take relations,

Incorporating our agenda in every talk that we do,

Focusing on doing only those things which could bring some kind of profit,

As a result,

Life became a mess for most of us,

Reality check came in the form of Covid,

Where, like it or not,

Each one of us was forced to introspect in some way or the other,

Realizing life has always been about enjoying so called little moments,

Being in the present,

Not worrying too much,


Dealing with situations in life as and when they come.

So, before delving a lot into the philosophies of life,

Why not just keep it simple, as it was meant to be!

Source for the Image: https://www.amazon.com/Yeh-Jo-Hai-Zindagi/dp/B07SV4RXKD


The Hidden Talent!

Sometimes I wonder why certain creative talents remain hidden forever. Is it because they prefer not to be exposed to the scrutiny of the external World or is it because they are unable to find that appreciation which might propel them forward in enabling their God given gifts to prosper?

Whatever it might be, certainly the loser in this case is not the person who tend to hide his talent, but the public at large, who are deprived of the immense happiness that the talent has a potential to spread and offer to the ever so increasingly burdened modern man, who is in constant search of peace of mind.

If you are wondering, why suddenly I am talking about hidden talents, it is because, it was only a couple of days back that I realized how much talent this friend of mine has, when it comes to penning feelings and emotions down in the form of poetry. It is not that I didn’t know about his talent earlier, but had never come across any of what he calls his stuff

And it came in the form of a letter. It is not often that you tend to receive a hand written letter in today’s world, and when you do, you want to frame it and keep it as a remembrance for times to come specially when it happens to come from a person, who was once upon a time, very close to you, a very dear friend with whom you had once shared some wonderful moments and a friend who was always there when you needed him the most. 

Below are a couple of lines from the letter:

Hi buddy! Of late I have been remembering you a lot and reminiscing about the wonderful times that we spent together, before you left and here is what I call a small tribute that I would want to dedicate to our friendship:

मौसम तो खुशमिज़ाज़ है, फिर दिल ये तनहा आज क्यूँ है,
कहता अलविदा तो तू हर रात है, आँखें आज नम क्यूँ है,
देते थे ख़ुशी जो पल तेरे साथ के, यादें उनकी दे रही गम आज क्यूँ है,
असर तेरी दोस्ती का ही है मेरे यार, बिछड़ने का हो रहा जो एहसास यूँ है.

And then he goes on to describe some of the wonderful incidents from college and the masti we happened to indulge in together.poet diary

If you are reading this buddy, then I would urge you to come out from your own little world and give us all an opportunity to relish some of the most wonderful of thoughts and emotions that you have penned down in your wonderfully maintained poetic diary that only you and a couple of people close to you, have access to.

Source for Image: http://johnjburnslibrary.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/4124/

A True Friend!

The weekend that has just gone by came along with its series of varied experiences. I happened to meet a guy from my college days after a span of 7 years. Much had changed since then.

The guy, who used to be one of the most prolific of thinkers and persons whom I had known in college had become a mere reflection of his self. Once the president of our hostel, now he didn’t seem to reflect the same persona as he used to, once. We always used to think that he would go a long way in his life.

To some extent he has, but not as much as we might have expected him to go. He says that the destiny has not been very kind to him. A sequence of incidents in his life has changed him a lot. He has been through really tough times.

Though, he says that the tough part is over, yet the consequences of the same seemed to have followed him wherever he decides to go and in turn has brought once again in front of his eyes, harsh realities which he would so want to forget.

They say that a one-off incident is easily forgotten, but when that one-off incident is a life-altering experience then one needs to think twice before making such a statement.

As a friend, it doesn’t feel good having seen the man in the state that he is. As a friend, I would want everything to go back to normal in his life. As a friend, I would always wish the best for him.

But the question is, as a friend, can I help him overcome the setbacks that he has been through in his life? As a friend, can I make sure that he is able to think in a positive manner? As a friend, can I help him in his recovery process?

Even if I cannot decide things for him, I can certainly give him the support or the best advice that I possibly can, based on my understanding of his perceptions and thought process.friend Even if I am unable to do the above, I can still stand next to him, providing him the mental and emotional support that he might need in his life. After all, that’s what friends are supposed to do.

It is very natural and easy to criticize someone for having tread the path that they did. But, a true friend, instead of criticizing would try to help the other in ways he or she possibly wants to be helped.

A true friend would not wait for help to be demanded, instead would offer voluntarily. A true friend will not make fun of the person in front of others, but would try to figure out a reason and the solution for the same.

I have come across different kind of people in my life and I would want to believe that no matter how much selfish or self-centred one might become, there will always be this small amount of goodness hidden in some corner, which would propel one to do good things in life and in turn make him or her a responsible and a dependable person.

The only question that you need to answer and take a call on is whether you want to explore that corner and bring out the goodness from the same.

Source for Image: http://myexposition.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/the-values-of-friendship/

Yun hi Chala Chal Raahi!

As they say, every good thing comes to an end. But with the end in sight, one can see the prospect of a new and wonderful beginning awaiting to welcome us with open arms.

And so has been my current trip to Haldwani, followed by Delhi and Jaipur. In all senses of the word, it can be called a marriage trip, where I was supposed to attend a couple of marriages and receptions.

It all started in Haldwani, a town not very far from Nainitaal, where I got the chance to witness a Garhwali marriage, a culture totally different to what I have been used to. It was a treat to the eyes to see the beautiful couple hands-in-hands at the time of the photography session that followed soon after the jaimaal ceremony had taken place.

With the memories of Haldwani still in mind, the roads had already taken its course and were headed straight to the capital which we all popularly refer to as dilwaalon ki dilli.

The charm of the city always seems to amaze me whenever I happen to be here. With great friends to give me company coupled with the extremely good cuisine that is on offer in the city, I simply love coming back to the place.

But this time around, Delhi was not a destination but a stopover, as the pink city, Jaipur, was all set to amaze me with its great sculpture and architecture, in whatever time I could afford to take out from the marriage celebrations of a good friend.

Somehow, with every journey that I happen to undertake, comes those experiences and moments, which tend to remain with me forever and ever and living in these moments is what gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

With satisfaction comes happiness, which is what we all crave for. It is not only the exotic locations that give us this happiness but also the interactions with different kind of people and different culture that we get to experience makes it really amazing.

Right now, it is 4 a.m. in the morning. My friends here are sitting next to me. One of them is working on his CV and the other, whom we all call karate kid and a real expert on CV making, is helping him out in the same.

In between the same, we are having all sorts of discussions ranging from anything to everything. With me all set to take a train today in the evening from Delhi, I wonder as to when will it be next, when I will get a chance to spend such wonderful time with friends whom I really admire and have great respect.Sholay

Of course I cannot look into the future. Of course, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. But one thing that I do know and am certainly sure about is that with every good thing coming to an end, there are endless new and wonderful things which one can harp upon to move on in life.

After all, life is nothing but a journey, where one keeps moving forward without really looking at what’s left behind and try to make use of the present in the best manner so as to make the future meet our expectations and aims in life.

There is this one song from movie Swades which is coming to my mind as of now:

yuh hi chala chal raahi, yun hi chala chal raahi, kitni haseen hai duniya”

Source for Image: http://www.gobollywood.com/2011/12/sholay-3d.html, http://bollywoodanthropology.blogspot.in/2011/03/sholay-battle-striving-for-social-order.html

Anna Calling!

I couldn’t help but write something on what I just saw. No! it isn’t reading about the fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt; it isn’t even about Yuvi’s selection in the T-20 squad, it’s about a photograph that has been posted on Fb by one of my very dear friends from school, Anna.

It seems, he has taken a leap back into those lanes of memory where we would all always want to return to, and that is our childhood days. With a carefree attitude and nothing to bother our minds, we used to fly as if there was no tomorrow.

Nothing seemed to perturb us more than not being able to play during the sole PT period in our school. With the few amongst us, who indeed wore a watch in those days, all eyes used to be hooked at when the bell would ring and when we would rush out of our classes to fulfill the very reason of coming to the school on the very day.

Sometimes, when we think about our golden days, we all tend to become very nostalgic. At the end what stares us in our faces is the blunt reality of today’s competitive World which, in a way, forces us all to become a part of the rat race.

How often, we tend to move on with our lives, without really caring to give a thought about those whom we are leaving behind. We all tend to evolve as a person and as a professional.

But there are few amongst us who tend to hold on to our origins, and they are the ones who play that critical role in establishing that link which was lost because of the others who hadn’t cared about maintaining the same.

And one such person is Anna. A gem of a person from heart and a friend whom you can always look upto, he indeed represents the very essence that my school St. Francis’ College stands for.

On second thoughts, I haven’t spoken to him for a long time now. But who’s stopping me to? Fb, here I come :).

Source for Image: School pics (by the way, can someone tell where am I in this pic? 😀 )


It’s not often that you get a chance to relive your past. Yesterday night was one such rare occasion when I got a chance to meet my all season friend after a long time.

He had just got engaged and we had no other choice but to celebrate his bachelor’s party our way 😉 . To give our salutation to the very celebration, my two other buddies and me decided to start our journey to the place where we were supposed to catch hold of our long time lost in transition friend who is fondly referred to as shikari (sometimes I wonder why the hell was he given the name, might be because of his excellent shikari like communication skills 🙂 ).

On reaching the place, shikari was wilfully kidnapped by us and was taken to a nearby dhaba. The long gone college days flashed in front of my eyes. Ranging from discussions about marital life (which, by the way, was the focal point of our discussion for obvious reasons) to why Saty (one of the two buddies) would not want to get away from the mental trauma that he went through when he was a kid on hearing All Indians are my brothers and Sisters, it was in all senses of the word a hilarious outing.

It was not before 3 a.m. in the morning, that we realized that time had flown by while we had taken a dive into the waters of the nostalgic river. It was time to bid adieu to our dear friend and head back to where it all started.

How often the laughter and fun is followed by an ever prevailing silence which was only broken by the wonderful songs being played on the FM radio.

And while driving, I took a bow to the very nature of life which leaves us with nothing but the sweet memories that we will always cherish throughout our lives.

Source for Image: http://meandmyruminations.blogspot.in/2011/01/reminiscence.html