ROA Zindagi!

Have you ever wondered about the kind of life we are leading,

The decisions we are making,

the basis of the same,

The actions that we are performing,

on what premise?

More often than not,

Whether we are conscious of it at all or not,

These actions evolve from some tendency to benefit from the same,

Be it becoming friends with a guy who might be able to help us in the future,


Be it go on compromising over and accepting things which we might not like at all,

It’s always ROA = return on actions

which we are trying to focus upon,

That’s another issue if our analysis goes all wrong 🙂

But how long can we go on living like this?

Have you ever given it a calm and composed thought?

If not,


If you are reading this,

Might be a good time to start!

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Past, Present, Future!

Most say that past is already gone by, so one need not worry about it. Future is something that no one can figure out what, when, how and why; so it is futile worrying about it. Present is the only thing that one believes has control over and this needs to be taken care of.

Well, many would share the same thought process as stated above. But are we really detached from our past? What about the consequences of things we have done in our past? Don’t they tend to haunt us in our present and in some ways act as a determinant for the future?

This World is indeed a small place. Not very long ago, I met a guy in a public transport who happened to belong to the minority group in our country and with whom I happened to have the most iconic of conversations, which I had already mentioned in one of my posts earlier.

And today, I happened to meet the same guy (G), in a clinic which I happened to visit today. Such was the mutual admiration that we recognized each other in the very first instance itself.past present future

Hey, how are you doing? Long time.”—-G

Good, how have you been?”—-Me

See, again we are meeting at a time when the elections are just a couple of days from now and again we, as in the minority community are being wooed to the core in order to get as many votes from us. What an irony! Again we will be left alone just after the elections only to be catered to again when the next general elections would be announced.”—-G

Hmm! So you aren’t going to vote this time around?”—-Me

You give me one good reason that I should cast my vote. Past has taught me not to trust the political parties and the candidates they give party tickets to. Present teaches me that I should not repeat the past by casting my vote for the wrong person and future looks as dim as the past with all the false promises that the political parties have got so used to giving.”—-G

Ya, but this time around, if you don’t like any of the candidates than you can opt for NOTA.”—-Me

Yes, that might be the only saving grace for the people who choose to cast their vote knowing the credentials of the people standing in the elections. But the issue here is that more often than not, people don’t tend to take interest in knowing the credentials of the respective candidates and end up voting for a particular person just because an influential member in our community tells them about the same.”—-G

But, aren’t they exposed to the various advertisements and tv shows like Satyamev Jayate, where a guy from your own community tells you to be prudent while casting your vote and whether these don’t have any impact what so ever on the people?”—-Me

Well, it does to a certain extent. But once these shows go offline, the impact goes on decreasing as the days go by. Moreover the people are not interested in choosing the right candidate per se but are more interested in choosing a candidate who will be able to solve their problems, whether legitimate or not is a different issue altogether. I doubt whether this election would be any different from what has happened in the past.”—G

I had no option but to cut short my conversation with the man, as the doctor in the clinic was ready to meet him and he bid me goodbye.

As I drove back, I wondered whether the past is so deeply engraved in minds of certain sections in our country, that they are not being able to find a way to move on from the same and are not yet prepared to modify their present in order to get a brighter and better future for themselves and for their generations to come.

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The Right Path!

It is amazing how an error in judgement made at one point of time in your life can propel you in taking many such irrational and unwanted decisions, for which you tend to repent in the near future.

How often have you heard young guys and girls getting hurt emtionally in relationships during their teens which they tend to think would culminate in marriage and if that doesn’t happen, a series of actions follow which can turn out to be extremely harmful for not only them but also for their families, who are trying, at all times, to keep them happy.

A couple of days back, I came across one such person (P1) who had suffered humiliation and disappointment at the hands of another person (P2), whom P1 seemed to have great faith in and whom P1 imagined as the soulmate that P1 had been looking for, all through.

The hell broke lose and P1 ended up in a number of reckless relationships thereafter, thinking that it didn’t really matter and that it was all about having some fun, irrespective of whether you really felt for the other person or not and irrespective of whether you were in love with the same or woman hands holding broken heart

Five years down the line, P1 seems to repent for whatever P1 did as a consequence of P1 losing all faith in love and being guided by the careless and irrational thinking that P1 developed after having gone through the trauma of a break-up with P2.

But no matter how much you repent, what’s gone can never come back and one cannot go in his/her past in order to set straight things that might have gone bad because of a couple of bad decisions made in your life.

That is the exact reason why our elders used to preach that everyone should control their impulses in order to be able to make sound decisions in their life. That’s exactly why we should try to remain calm and composed in any and every situation looking at both sides of the coin instead of one, in order to get a holistic perspective of the entire situation.

One should try not to be blindfolded by a single aspect of a particular situation which can lead to drastic consequences. Easier said than done, one should in any case, strive for the same.

I have seen so many people with their foundations in Western countries, who end up having multiple partners in their life, yet, are unhappy in the end for the want of that one person who would truly love them.

By the time they realize, more often than not, it is too late to amend things for good. What they take from life is nothing but a couple of pleasurable moments which tend to haunt them for not having made the right decisions in their life.

This feeling is in turn enhanced by the loneliness that ensues when their partners tend to leave them. With no one around to provide them the much needed support and company, they realize the significance of not havig behaved responsibly and for leading such a careless and reckless lifestyle.

The good thing with our ancient/traditional Indian society is that it has certain in built ingredients which one can be really proud of. It teaches you to be disciplined in life. It motivates you to remain faithful at all times. It instills in you virtues such as honesty and faith.

I really cannot understand why one would like to ape the Western culture considering that, in the end one will have to repent for doing so, apart from taking the easier route.path

It might be because, everything looks great when you tend to view it from the other side of the table. It is only when you end up being there, that you realize that what looked like a perfect rosy picture was nothing but just an illusion which seems to crash the moment you tend to discover the reality yourself.

No matter how much your parents tell you not to indulge in certain aspects which tend to be so inviting, one end up exploring the same. I guess, it’s the curiosity that comes so naturally to all the mortals living on this planet Earth, that motivates and in turn forces us all to indulge in the above.

No matter how hard one tries, in the end, one would end up trying out things and for that matter trying out and exploration was and has never been the real concern. It’s what you end up doing after the exploration makes you either a responsible or a reckless individual.

Though, I am, myself, not in a position to give someone an advice, but with the little experience that I have had in my lifetime, the only thing that I would like to tell the youngsters is:

There is no harm in exploring things. After all, we were all meant to explore, else we are bound to lose the very meaning of humanity. But one should always remember that what you do after this exploration phase will decide whether you have behaved in a responsible manner or whether you have been reckless enough to take those decisions which will keep haunting you throughout your life. I, personally, have great faith in the youth of today and I am sure that they are capable and wise enough to act responsibly.”

Without preaching any more, I would leave it the youngsters to chose the path that they consider would suit them the best.

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