Why Baby!

It’s not what you are thinking,

Nothing to do with the babies, gfs and bfs of the world,


Definitely has to do with the kids in our lives,

Courtesy the nature of curiosity,

Kids certainly ask umpteen questions,

Be it wondering about why a butterfly flies and an ant doesn’t,


Be it wanting to know the logic behind not jumping off the terrace like a superman,

The kids want to know it all,

Question being,

What kind of adults are we?


Who shuts out all queries and tell kids to mind their own business,



Who entertains the same queries and enable them to find answers,

No matter how one chooses to behave,

The way one acts will determine how and whom kids will become in the future,


If we are someone who wants to see this world prosper and grow in a sustainable fashion,

I guess it’s high time we make the right choice baby!

Source for the Image: https://artprojectsforkids.org/how-to-draw-a-butterfly/


The Couple Philosophy!


If you happen to be in Mumbai, more often than not, you tend to visit Band Stand, if not then at least happen to pass by, for sure, witnessing the mages tic waves trying to engulf the rocks under her arms.

But more than noticing the sight that nature presents to you, you end up noticing the couples who tend to gather on the 1 km or so long walkway, or even venturing amongst the rocks, to find that one intimate moment with their gf/bf.

With the likes of moral policing making their lives difficult and with the lives becoming busier by the day, they relish the few moments they tend to be spending with their loved ones.

And if you happen to get into the depth of the dynamics, you can end up classifying the various categories of lovers.

On one hand, where there are shy lovers, trying to sneek in from the unknowns wondering what the insignificant would be thinking about them, on the other hand, there are bold lovers, who wouldn’t mind demonstrating their love in front of everyone, acting as a source of inspiration for some and a reason for annoyance and jealousy for the others.


Then there are the secret types, who tend to find some place besides a rock, hiding themselves from the purview of all present, to spend what they might later call as the most wonderful moments of their lives if they end up being together, or the worst nightmare, if they end up treading their own separate path.

No matter the consequence of the very act, there is an air of hope, a fragrance of positivity, a colour of freedom, and a belief that we all are living.

There must be something deeply imbibed inside the very ambience and the pleasant gust of wind that tends to caress your face and hair, which makes you love the entire scene that tend to remain with you forever and ever.

If this and many such more experiences are not what life is all about, I wonder what is?

Source for the Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RdrhOWguQE