21st Century Girls: The change has already begun

The shackles that this male dominated society has been trying to put on the women are all set to be broken. And Indeed it needs to be. For long, women have been exploited by the males. In spite of them devoting themselves fully to the male cause, they have not been given the respect which they should have got.

First as a daughter, then as a wife, afterwards as a mother and grandmother, the one thing that remains common among all these roles is their attitude of giving. They have always believed in showering lots and lots of love on their close ones, even compromising, in some cases themselves, what to talk of careers.

But things seem to be changing for good in the 21st century. Girls are becoming more aware of their rights and are more outspoken about the same, at least in metropolitan cities. Yes, the situation has not much changed in smaller cities and towns, but the wave of change has started engulfing many a cities and is slowly but surely going to reach the nooks and corners.

Today, the girls from small cities and towns are making it big in whatever field they are aspiring to be successful in and that’s a refreshing thing to witness and be a part of. The only advice that I would want to give the guys is to help empower the girls and be open to the change that is taking place because it is high time that such a change should take place.

For Girls, the advice would be: “Dream On! The entire World is there to be won over and we as guys are ready to walk the path with you“.

Source for Image: http://cutegiurl.wordpress.com/2008/08/31/pics-wonder-girls-cartoon-version/



Indian Women: The Need for a Positive Self Image

A recent survey on women have come out with a discovery that we as Indians shouldn’t be proud of at all. The findings state that Indian women are the most stressful amongst all the women worldwide.

Does this reflect somewhat on the gender structure of our society? Is it because of the expectations that Indian women need to fulfil, first as daughters and wives and later as mothers and grandmothers? Is it because of the enormous pressures that are put on girls regarding what to do and what not to do?

Whatever might be the reason, we certainly need to rectify this. In my opinion, the most unhappy are the women who try their best to meet the expectations of the males in their lives but are unable to do so and are criticized and ridiculed for the same from their better halves (I wonder whether I should change this to bad halves). Comeon Males! Stop demanding so much. Let them live their lives in their own way without being given instructions.

Secondly, women should understand that at the end of the day, its their lives, and they need to make the best use of it. The first thing they can do is to have a positive self image which will help them in increasing their confidence levels. They need to remind themselves of all the positives that they bring into their families and work places, instead of wondering about what they were unable to bring.

Some people would want to question the logic of giving independence to them (as if they are the saviours). They would want to argue that they have seen girls living independently, yet feeling the same kind of stress as their counterparts who are living under the bindings of their families. They would in turn like to question: Is it possible for women to live stress free life when it comes to being completely immune to the pressures of our society?

My answer to that would be: of course not! No one can be immune to the societal pressures. Even men face these pressures (though of different kinds at times). But one thing that can certainly reduce the stress for women and that is to have a positive self image about themselves.

Source for Image: http://artsytime.com/top-10-hottest-cartoon-characters/

Somehow Guys like “Girls”!

Suddenly, on reading one of the comments on Facebook,  I realized that we guys have one thing in common. We like, naaaa, we love talking about girls and the various curves therein. As if everything revolves around them.

Everytime we are unhappy about something, we discuss girls. Everytime we wanna have some fun we go to girls. For those who are comprehending the word “fun” desperate point of view, I would right to clarify, that fun can be more than just that at the same time complying with the former comprehension of the term 😉 . Everytime we wanna see some nice faces, we log on to Facebook/Orkut,  and try to get a glimpse of the perfect face/shape. Everytime, our heart goes gaga over a message/e-mail/phone call from none other but girls.

If this was not enough, everytime we are trying to study at the 11th hour, we are reminded of none other but girls. Don’t you think, we give lot of importance to girls and more gilrs? I believer we were destined to do so, after all Nature has her own funny ways of constructing things.

Source for Image: http://www.iloveyoujaan.org/