Time for yet another new year and time to hop on the resolution wagon? 😉

Well, am not too big a fan of resolutions, reason being more often than not, we tend to not fulfill the same, also because, may be I am too scared to put restrictions on the very essence of life.


May be I wasn’t born to live by imposed expectations, may be I wasn’t born to see myself being constrained by the burden of what is right and what is wrong.

May be, I wasn’t born to listen to the not so who’s who of my life, may be I wouldn’t be living at all if I were to live like that.

May be, I was meant to experience the immediate beauty, the nature of things, that was supposed to be, may be I was meant to let myself go and feel the thrust.

May be, I was granted the so called permission to go beyond anyone’s expectations and live a boundless life of sorts.

May be, I was meant to do nothing, but enjoy every moment that I happen to be spending on this planet Earth, and for which I should be feeling happy for.

May be, the very fact that I am alive is a celebration in itself, for once gone, there won’t be any concept left to be explored and experienced.

But for those who are a big fan of resolutions, my resolution is to try and experience each moment of my life, without delving too much into the past and future, to live what we all refer to as life.

I wonder what’s yours! 😉

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Does it really matter?

It’s not that often that I get into philosophy of things, though at times, while you are kayaking in the wonderful waters, after having a couple of beers, you cannot blame me for getting into the same.

Such moments, where you can barely listen to sounds made by any kind of in habitation around leave alone the honking, are really few considering the kind of lifestyles that we all have become so accustomed to living.

And then you tend to remember the last words of the ever so famous, Steve Jobs, or the spiritual thoughts being propagated by the likes of Robin Sharma who in turn took it from the greats such as Rabindra Nath Tagore, all emphasizing upon the eventuality.

At the end of the day, or for that matter, the last hour of our lives, we will have the chance to think about kya khoya, kya paaya (what you gained, what you lost), which will in itself be evident by the fact how many people are beside you when you take that last breath, how many people would actually feel your absence or you not being around, how many souls would actually shed a tear for who you were.


How many lives you would have an impact on in your lifetime, how many souls would be there to bless you for the kindness and wonderful things that you might have done for them, how many people would appreciate and talk about you in good regard, how many folks would remember you for your deeds?

Some would say, does it really matter, for after we are gone, no one knows where we will be, no one cares what we will be doing and whether of all things, we would be thinking of the above.

May be not, but certainly, for those who we will leave behind us, for those who would have interacted with us during our lifetime, for those whose life we would have made a difference to, would certainly remember us for who we were.

After all, it’s about not being too selfish and greedy, instead being giving and spreading the happiness around you. Wonder if each one of us decided to spread the joy, how wonderful a place this planet would become.

Choice is ours, “To be or not to be!

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Xtream Couples!

Surely, there must be an X factor in order for a couple to become a couple. Surely, there must be some similarity at least in order for things to click. Surely, there must be some differences which makes it more interesting and increases the possibility of coming together. Surely, there must be some divine intervention which enables the couples to take off.

What if, there is none of the above? What if, if one is North Pole, and the other a South Pole? What if, one likes sweet, the other hates the same? Do opposites really attract? And if it were so, do opposites really attract for long? 😉

Before getting into the dynamics of what happens next, the curious thing to ask is, how does one discover the differences and similarities. Is it after being in a relationship for at least a year or so? Or does it take ages to discover? Or is it at all possible to discover? For in the first meeting, everyone would want to put their best foot forward for obvious reasons.

Assuming, the differences and similarities are figured out in what ever time one needs to do so, what follows is a platter of differently emoted situations, which we all call life. As a kid, life is very focused and limited to going to school, coming back and playing for a while, doing your homework at times and hitting the bed by 9 or so.

But as you grow up, though life remains focused (begins with going to the office, coming back and spending time with your family, which in most cases is your wife as the parents tend to visit you on and off), the flavor of the same changes.

Along with the above, you need to take care of your groceries, your perceived familial needs and wants and on top of all, manage the relationship that you have yourself chosen to get into, though you might term it as the need of the society.

What follows is a mix and match of varied emoticons attributed to each and every aspect of the dynamics that ensues in your home. Going back to the original crux of this article, extremism leads to extreme emoticons (:) 😦 ), thanks to the nature of the poles that one tends to happily sit on.


I believe, if the emoticons were too similar, life would lose its very essence and quality of providing that all important surprise and might lead to boredom, at the same time, if life surprises you very often, some of you might even wish for a redundant lifestyle and vouch for boredom instead.

What ever your wish for, fact remains, with great extremism, comes great possibilities. It’s up to you how you manage those possibilities and turn them into something exciting, something that re-ignites the kid inside you whom you have forgotten because of the monotony,  something that motivates you to get up every morning and feel blessed.

Which side would you chose to be is your prerogative. Though, if I were to chose between monotony and extremism, probably, it will always be the latter ;).

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Happiness Decoded!

Came across a beautiful video on LinkedIn of this wonderful girl ( and wanted to share with you all.

At such a young age, how certain situations and circumstances teach you what we elders tend to forget having joined the rat race and in pursuing what might really not matter, say 20 years down the line.

Over time, people have tried to define happiness and the real reason why we are living. Instead of going into the philosophy of the same, I believe, since we are the ones who are living, it should have a practical significance and all thoughts should lead to a path, which enables one to live life in the best possible manner.

For if you are gone, it won’t matter what you did. Life is indeed living those moments that constitute the super set. If you are not striving towards making each moment of your life productive, be it professional or personal, and adding just that delta to the happiness quotient, be it for yourself or for others, I believe you are not doing enough and the strive and the motivation to do so needs some kind of, what Sallu bhai would say, a ‘kick‘ to keep it going.


I will say no more, as I would want that all you guys out there, get the kick that we all should aspire for and would leave you all to watch this beautiful video ( explaining what life and happiness could mean.

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The Dreaded Review!

It’s again the same time of the year when the ever so dreaded at the same time looked forward to term, review, will take place or has already taken place for the majority who work in order to make a living.

More often than not, many would think that the boss has not been fair in evaluating all aspects of the work that you might have done in the year gone by.

Many might perceive that due credit has not been given to for what you accomplished and somewhere the credit has been bagged by a colleague whom you believe might have performed at a level which might be far less than what you perceive to have performed at.

Have you ever wondered, what this review consist of? No matter how much you want to rationalize and make the entire process logical and fair, that’s what the HR department all over the world aim at and claim to be doing, the thing that matters the most is how well you are able to cope up with relationships in your ecosystem.

Be it your home or in office, what matters the most is your ability to get along well with people with different opinions and mindset and to be able to build a genuine healthy relationship with all.


And that in no way is suggesting that one should fool around and be political about the entire aspect, but have a fairly high level of compassion and integrity when it comes to be able to slip into others’ shoes and see the world from their perspective.

Harder done than said, one who is able to accomplish this feat, never seems to have a bad review, be it the wife at home, or be it the boss in the office, be it the parents waiting to get a call from their loved ones or be it the sons and daughters waiting for their mom or dad to come back and spend quality time with them.

I would admit that there have been people who have crossed my path on several occasions who have been an inspiration in the true sense of the word. They have taught me how to handle situations or more importantly how to perceive the situation in the first instance.

Such men/women are exemplary in everything they do. They tend to have a positive bent of mind and look at things very differently from the rest of us. These people take success and failure (which comes very seldom) in the same stride.

These are the men/women, who wouldn’t want to focus on the past, having drawn their learning, and would instead focus on the present. They would be more interested in what didn’t work rather than why it didn’t work.

Such are the people that one should try to associate with, learn from them, get inspired and even emulate the aspects which make them so wonderful and different. After all, it’s better to have people with a positive attitude surrounding you compared to people who are always whining or complaining about one thing or the other.

Friends, reviews will come and go, sometimes they will be good at times bad, but what will matter the most is your ability to motivate yourself to become a better individual each minute, each hour and each day of your lives.

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The Influence!

In our lives, we come across various kinds of people who tend to affect us in some way or the other, some in a positive manner and some whom we would rather want to forget about.

Both these tend to change our perceptions, attitudes and persona. Not only people but our experiences with lets say, nature, also tend to change our views and opinions on things. This very morning, I heard a very interesting thing from a lady.

Without getting into the nomenclature and taking the liberty to quote the wonderful lady: ” One feels so tiny and insignificant yet totally humble, vulnerable and surprised about ones presence… I hope you’re getting my point. It’s complex but surprisingly relaxing and exhilarating”.

If you are wondering what this was all about, it was about her experience of having managed to climb to one of the highest peaks in her state and feeling really philosophical about practically everything that she could possibly think of.images

As we went on treading the path of philosophy, it was but a natural thing to mention, “you know we keep finding our happiness through others….its inside us and most of us don’t realize the same….and yes we are indeed very insignificant and inconsequential…..the sooner one understands the happier one gets”.

Coming to the happiness quotient that one tends to create for oneself, the question is, “how many people in this world are really satisfied with what they are doing? If they are not, then how many are really trying to do something about it?”

I believe not many. Might be because they have run out of options or have given in to the fact that things are not going to change. There are very few who try and indeed succeed (though not in the materialistic sense of the word).

However the world don’t consider them successful and try to label them as “losers” or “bhagodas”. Whatever names they tend to be referred to by, trust me, the happiness quotients for such folks is real high.

And take my word for it, these folks have started influencing many a people in this contemporary entrepreneurial world. More and more, if not already treading, are beginning to think about jumping into this arena, where they could meaningfully derive their own happiness.

And the day is not far, when these same folks are going to redefine the concept of happiness and will become the real influence in lives of those who are still struggling to find their feet.

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The Exploration!

For the past couple of days, I have been conversing a lot with some old friends, family members and some new friends that I have made over these past couple of days. 

Don’t know why and how but somehow the conversations have revolved around the basic theme of what we all want from life. Might be that we all are if not a little concerned but surely trying to find answer to the biggest mystery that seems to surround us all. 

If you are wondering how and when we will be able to decipher the same, then my dear friend, I must tell you that it might take an entire lifetime to do so, not sure for certain that you will be able to reach the pinnacle of discovering the same.But the journey of being able to explore the same seems to be exciting in itself. 

As far as I am concerned, life for me is discovering who you are and then trying to live life to your own sweet will. But I must be kidding when I make that naive suggestion that we don’t know who we are, right!

Well, to be brutally frank, we don’t want to know our inner self. We are too engrossed in the nitty-gritty of life so as to ignore the real aspects associated with the same. The biggest question though is why should we all try to delve into the deeper and inner aspects? After all, we are all happy living the way we are                             images 

We can go on debating on whether the kind of happiness that we all experience in our day-to-day life is real or not, but let me present a perspective which might ring some bells in your mind.

Consider a state A, where you are happy (though I would want to call it pseudo happiness) and consider another state B, where you know for sure that you will be healthier and happier. Wouldn’t you want to go  from A to B? The only catch here is that while going from A to B, you might have to face certain challenges and might have to delve into certain kinds of explorations which you might not be prepared for at the moment.

Would you then want to give up to the fact that you might not have the courage and possibly the skill set to be able to explore the world in order to reach state B? Would you be tame enough to treat pseudo happiness as the real happiness or would you want to explore the myth behind the same? Would you want to continue living in the hope that some day someone would come and give you salvation or would you be brave enough to explore your own path to salvation?

These are questions for which answers can only be found once we dive into the exploration of our own lives. This, in no way, implies giving up your life as a professional and move into the woods to do the same. Just that, you need to modify the way you live and think and perceive a tad bit and you will notice a considerable amount of change in your psyche.

This will surely lead to a better understanding of who your are and would in turn result in a much healthier and happier lifestyle. 

The choice is yours. Whether you want to continue living your life in a web created by the who’s who of your personal society or you want to make yourself feel free from the pseudo bonds that you seem to have accepted as the real truth.

Just need to go out there and start exploring and that is what our life might have wanted from us the moment we took that first little step in the enclosures of our protected households. 

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Small yet Great!

What better way to begin my morning than by seeing a very inspiring video that one of my friends happened to send me last night! I am sure many of you have already seen the same.

The video that I am talking about is of Novak Djokovic, the tennis player from Serbia, where he allows one of the ball boys to share the same seat as his, at a time when the match got stalled due to rain and offers him his racquet along with a drink. kind

Such small gestures speak a volume about the kind of person he is. Everyone knows that he is a celebrity in the sporting world, but to demonstrate such a humble nature is indeed one of the traits that every successful person should learn from the man.

Now, success is such a relative concept. A rickshaw puller is more successful than say a beggar. A shopkeeper is more successful than a rickshaw puller and so on. How wonderful it would be if every relatively successful person becomes kind and humble towards the next person below him in this chain.

Don’t you think it would lead to increased cumulative happiness quotient in this world? Don’t you think the kind of street fights/rage we have over small traffic incidents will come to a halt? Don’t you think the world would become a kinder place to live in? Don’t you think we all would become better individuals if we are able to imbibe this little yet huge thing in our demeanor?humble

Certainly it would lead to a better world and indeed we would be able to provide a better future for generations to come. I guess that’s what sustainable living is all about.

So, guys out there. What are you all waiting for? Let’s start this from today itself. The next person you meet in this chain below yourself, do remember this post of mine and do remember to experience the wonderful feeling after you end up doing good deeds in life.

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The Life of a Couple!

Yesterday, I received a call from this guy who has just managed to overcome what he refers to as the crisis of his life and I feel it is worth narrating considering the kind of lifestyles that we have got so used to leading in this increasingly and menacingly busy world. He got married just a couple of years back. It was a love marriage. Everything looked perfect. He thought, “lucky are those who are able to marry the love of their lives.”crisis

And then the couple decided to move to a metro, where the guy was supposed to get one of the best jobs that he could have dreamt about getting in terms of the package that the company happened to be offering to the guy and he simply couldn’t have afforded to miss upon this lucrative opportunity that seemed to be knocking at his door.

His wife was happy that they would now be able to lead a lifestyle that she had always wished for. She thought that she too would find a job and would try to keep herself busy during the hours when her husband would be slogging hard in order to fill their lives with luxury and in turn happiness.

It took just a year for the couple to get accustomed to the lifestyle of a city like Mumbai. Success that the guy was getting in his job, coupled with the free lifestyle that the couple could afford to lead made them really happy.

But like every other story, this one too had a twist. Having achieved the kind of life that she wanted, the absence of her husband from the house even during night at times, started giving her a hard time. All the luxuries that seemed to have made her so happy wasn’t making her happy anymore. All she wanted was that the guy should come home early to her, so that they could spend some quality time together.

The guy on his part got too involved in what he was upto on a professional front. After all, that’s what the couple had wished for at the time they had decided to leave their middle class lifestyle that they happened to lead in their hometown, when this very opportunity had managed to come their way.

The guy could feel that their life was falling somewhat apart. He could feel the tension in and around him and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. It was then that he decided to take that all important decision of his life which was supposed to bring him back the happiness and the peace of mind that he had in plenty when they both happened to be spending their lives in their home town.

That very weekend, he took his wife out for a dinner, where he told her how much he had missed those moments that they used to spend together back in their hometown. How wonderful the life had been! Sitting in a restaurant that night, they both decided that they would go back to square one. They would return to the world where they belonged to in the true senses of the world.couple

Today, when they look back at that night when they had gone out and had decided to take that all important decision of their life, the thought of having not done the same and the thought that what would have happened in case they had tread the same path as the other couples are generally found treading in such situations, seems to give them jitters, which reminds me how often we, in our lives, are found wanting when it comes to chosing between two very different alternatives, with huge pros and cons attached to each one of them.

What else can I say other than, “lucky are those who managed to take that all important decision when it mattered the most in their life”. At the end of the day, your destiny is decided not by wishful thinking or mad optimism but by the choices you make in your lifetime.

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Zinda ho Tum?

It is 3 a.m. in the morning. I don’t know why the hell I am not sleeping. Without going into the details of why I am not sleeping and ignoring what the doctor had to tell me the other day when I went for a check up regarding my backbone (as both these tend to make me not feel good about myself 😉), I must tell you how wonderful a view I just got to witness from my balcony, which is fortunately located on the 7th floor of a high rise apartment in my city.

I could nearly see the entire city sleeping right in front of my eyes. The silence is too intriguing, only to be broken by a couple of vehicles that tend to race down the street in search of their respective destinations. Even the government colony (I have always wondered as to which department it belongs to but haven’t found the same till date), which stands right across my apartment, seems a master piece when it comes to the architectural description of the same.

I, feeling this way, could only mean two things. Either the government has become very creative or I have lost it at 3 a.m. in the morning and am in the mode of hallucinating about things ranging from anything to everything in this World. Somehow, I have become a die-hard fan of the calm and the silence coupled with the suspense that night tends to bring along with itself.

This whole night phenomenon tends to cast its serene shadow on all the homo sapiens who have got so used to missing all the charisma that tends to accompany the moon. I guess, it is because of the way in which we have evolved over time that we have got so accustommed to be sleeping at night and performing all our livelihood activities during the day time.MD167~The-Meaning-Of-Life-James-Frey-Posters

I, sometimes, wonder how different the things would have been if it was the other way round. Consider a scenario wherein our predecessors had the luxury of light and energy. Would they have preferred slogging in the heat during day-time or instead would they have chosen to work in the extremely pleasant weather that night choses to bestow upon us? And in that case, we would all be sleeping during the day time and working at night. How wonderful it would have been to see the rising sun after having slogged hard at night!

Coming back to the reality, we are still very much living a so called normal life, where we sleep at night and work during the day-time. The circadian rythms tend to follow a normal course in this case and we all tend to be happy living a very normal and at times dull and boring life.

It is not that keeping awake at night is going to make our lives happening. It is just that how used to we have all become to leading a normal way of life that on every occassion where the situation demands a bit of risk to be taken at our end, we tend to shy away from the same, thinking about the consequences that it might bring along with itself and wondering whether it is in our own interest to be deviating away from the normal way of life that we have got so accustommed to living.

Today, I was talking to a very dear friend of mine, who was telling me how much he would have loved to break free from the shackles of the normal life that he is living at the moment. How much he wished he could just get away from all the daily hassels that he involuntarily has to go through.

I know that it is not possible to be doing this every day. And some of you might even contest the claim that the normal life is the ideal life, so to say, as it tends to bring along stability, a sense of responsibility and in turn makes us become the ideal societal being that this society wants to turn us all into.

True to some extent, and of course I am not averse to the idea of having normality restored in our lives. What I don’t like, though, is that in trying to lead a normal life, we all tend to lose the essence of life altogether. We end up getting caught in this 5-day (Thank God it is Friday TGIF) kind of notions, wherein all the pleasure and the fun emanating from the very concept of life seems to get lost in this materialistic hooplah.

What better way to conclude this article than by taking a leaf from the movie ZNMD (Zindagi na Milegi Dobara):Zindaginamilegidobara

Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho.
Toh zinda ho tum!
Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum!

Hawa ke jhonkon ke jaise aazad rehna seekho
Tum ek dariya ke jaise, leharon mein behna seekho
Har ek lamhe se tum milo khole apni baahein
Har ek pal ek naya samaa dekhe ye nigaahe

Jo apni aankhon mein hairaniyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum!
Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum!

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