Figure out the GOOGLE in you!

One day, a philosopher was sitting beneath a tree, thinking about the usual, what is life, what is my purpose etc. etc. 

All of a sudden, he felt a cool breeze embracing his hair and face with love and warmth. Don’t know why, that experience made him believe very strongly in, life is about the little experiences that touch our being every moment. 

So many guys have tried, some have taken the path of a sanyasi , few have tread the middle path proposed by Gautam Buddha, few have committed suicide, few have become hippies but no one has been able to figure out the existence of the almighty.

The question is not whether God exists or not, but whether one should actually be wasting his/her time in figuring out the same.


For what we are, a physical mass which tends to interact with whatever is around us, if it were not because of the experience per say, what is it to live.

In sweet and simple terms, if you are not experiencing, if you are not making yourself open to the little pleasures of life, you are not living. For life was meant to be experienced.

So, instead of trying to find who built Google, why not figure out the Google in you and get on an exploration spree.

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Never thought that I will enjoy hopping hotels the same way to hopping bars which I used to do, once upon a time in Paris, though the latter has a different flavour altogether.

After a while, all the old memories come running back in your mind and you tend to feel like living the best days of your life again.

Going into the depth and breadth of things, what is it that makes me feel the obvious? Is it the want and desire of the same, or is it that I am taking pride in doing something totally different from the daily chores?

Is it that every day I get to live in a different room with different furniture and ambiance or is it the food with different flavours that I like munching upon, being the selective foodie that I am?


Is it the chance to explore, experience and walk around in different parts of the city or is it the free spirit devoid of any responsibilities and conditionality that’s making me love the time?

But if I were to do this all my life, would I like it? People would start calling me by different names (hippie etc.), but do I care? Do I even care about how and who things about what and whom?

Well, am I saying that I need to become more befikr and if yes, does it make our lives more beautiful?

After all, it’s about living life to the fullest and in the present. Isn’t it?

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