Artificially Intelligent (AI) Human!

It’s kind of scary to think about the very tasks and jobs being taken away from humans by the AI world that seem to have found world-wide acceptance among the visionary thinkers.

But, if you have the time and patience to delve into the aspects a little in depth, you will realize that it’s after all not that scary.

For the world, that is being created around us, is on the basis of human limitations and not human potential.

And when we talk about human potential, we better respect the boundlessness of what it is, especially going by the ability of a human mind to find itself in use and the very limitation of the artificially intelligent human being able to do so.

Sometime back, I had written about this concept of kundalis (horoscopes) being used for determining the job-person fit for recruiting people in organizations.


Now, certain machines are doing the same, which work on this algorithm, where in the skill sets are matched to the key words in job descriptions (JD) and there you get the perfect looking AI man all set to rock your organization and take it to the next level of sorts.

But the very assumption, that success=skill sets or is derived in some way from the same, is far from reality, as many of the HR professionals might have already encountered, their biggest worry being the attrition rate in their respective organizations.

For, if the human was as simple as a+b=c, then the world would look too predictive and robotic in that sense.

Good or bad, to express human capabilities in the form of an equation, no matter how complicated looking, it might be, as it turns out, the predictions made are far from what ends up being the truth.

Need to wonder upon the very foundations of the assumptions made in this regard? Rather than blindly following those assessments and perspectives given by a bunch of western philosophers or psychologists and treating it as the ultimate truth?

High time, one discards the deterministic attitude of knowing how a person might behave and high time to start treating human as a potential and not just a resource.

So, all organizations out there, if you do just the way you are doing, what you might end up getting is an AI man, who might not fulfill your vision, instead result in the creation of a dissatisfied and disheartened AI workforce.

Am sure, you wouldn’t want that. Time for change in perspective?

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Kundali Recruiter!

If what the 50 lakh pundits and astrologers in our country say was true, just a thought, why not have a Chief Astrologist on board in your company.

Every time a person comes with his/her resume, we would actually send him back to bring his kundali (horoscope) and then forward the same to our chief astrologist, who would then, based on his judgement/reading would decide whether the person would be a great fit for the role that we are hiring for.


And going forward, if the person doesn’t perform according to what was predicted, it was because our chief astrologist would have made mistake while making some calculation and instead of penalizing the guy, we would actually penalize the astrologer by, let’s say, not giving him incentives.

How easy and focused the performance appraisal would become!

Even better, if we wanted someone who wouldn’t commit the human errors, we would actually build a machine which would think like an astrologer and predict the entire scheme of things.

Don’t know how feasible this is, but what if?

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