Letting them Be!

One of the quintessential questions that elders used to ask kids of my generation,

what do you want to become when you grow up?”

Who cares you might now wonder!

Considering the kind of kids we were,

Obedient and respectful,

We would come up with our set of answers,





late in our adolescent lives,


Only when you mentioned doctor, engineer or IAS,

You would get a pat on your back by the who’s who of your society,

Else you would be branded a kid who’s not really diligent enough,


you may ask,

But such were the times,

I mean,

Who would know what that child would grow up into becoming,

A child,

Who is still figuring out the ways of the world,

Why would you want to make it so serious for him/her,

Isn’t he/she just suppose to enjoy the very dynamics of this wonderful world we live in?


Kids, especially the one, residing in big cities,

Come up with different answers,





And thankfully they are not ridiculed for choosing such,

A positive change that I have noticed,

Yet there are clusters where still the kid is being pressurized into becoming something,

What he/she might not really want to become,

Leave alone figuring out first what that might be,


let us do a favor to our kids,

to just let them be,


letting them be would be the most wonderful thing that one may do to their kids!

Source for the Image: https://www.eatright.org/health/wellness/your-overall-health/5-ways-to-promote-a-positive-body-image-for-kids


Million Dollar Job!

Let me start by what it is not:

An Investment banker who makes every second of his day count into making loads of money;

A startup tycoon, who has tread the hard steps to become what he/she is today;

An IAS officer who, among all the competition has managed to secure for himself the most coveted of posts;

A Scientist or a researcher, who has to his/her credit numerous published papers and books and might be the most wanted expert in his field;

Wondering, what it could be?

One that most of us have come across possibly each day of our lives for the past whatever years, we have been in existence;

One which most of us take for granted;

One which is nothing but a natural consequence of being here;

One on which we can depend on without the give and take norms of the society;

One which, few amongst us, might have already had the fortune of attaining that status;

Being a PARENT. 


Comes with lot of pleasure and an ability of being able to act the very agent of the source of creation;

Though, the role, if not performed well, has drastic consequences for not only the life whom we have brought into this world, but also for the society and in turn the ecosystem at large.

What follows just after the birth is a roller coaster where you go through the ups and downs;

Yet, one thing that cannot be taken from one as a parent is the possibility of directing the life into becoming a sensible being;

Which requires a dedicated commitment from the parents for a minimum of 18-20 years, where one tries to make sure that the individual evolves into a sensible being;

Capable of looking beyond what’s obvious and being able to make conscious decisions, which leads the world into a sustainable place to live in;

For few, the very process of parenting results in stress and discomfort; one needs to deliberate the very nature of the same;

What’s needed for a parent is to become sensible himself/herself before one treads the path;

So, just before deciding whether we want to become a parent or not;

Don’t you think, it’s sensible enough to ponder over the very sensibility of the act and the process!

Fearing the If?

How many times have we woken up to a thought what if what we are expecting today to happen doesn’t go the way we want it to?

Be it a cricketer, who wants to score and contribute in the next IPL game to see his team through to victory,

Be it an investment banker, who wants to make that life changing deal, hoping to retire at age 40,

Be it an advertising professional, who wants to get out the most creative idea, that he has to offer to the world today,

Be it an actor, who thinks of making it big in the Bollywood industry, with his first big hit this very Friday,

Be it a doctor, who wants to successfully conduct the most complicated surgery he has ever done,

Be it a scientist, who wants to make that all important discovery, which would benefit the mankind in times to come,

Be it a student, who dreams of becoming an IAS officer and whose civil services results are supposed to be out the very day,

Be it a labourer, who is hoping to get that meal for the day, which he aspires for everyday in his life,

But no matter, how much one aspires to make this day, the most significant day of his life, there is that fear of seeing it not happening.


Some might have lost hope, seeing the fear coming true everyday of their lives,

Some might want to maintain a so called positive demeanor, hoping the day will come sooner or later,

There are only few, who manage to come out of this fear, and start to live life, as it is supposed to be experienced and cherished.

Have you ever wondered why most of us find ourselves incapable of relieving us from this fear?

Is it because of the assets that we have accumulated over a period of time and for which we are liable to repay a huge debt?

Is it because we have this concept of a wonderful materialistic life towards which we keep putting in the hard work?

Is it because we feel we are burdened with loads of responsibilities and expectations from the near and dear ones?

Whatever might be the reason, for which we see ourselves doing what we do, day-in-day-out, have you ever wondered, whether this was how life was meant to be?

Getting up, rushing into the daily chores, running off to work, coming back late, barely having time for dinner and family, pushing off to bed, and then repeating the same everyday.

Was such the very concept of life, we were born to?

Probably not!

Life is much more than what most of us have made it into.

Isn’t it about getting up each morning from the bed of death to witness another beautiful day?

Isn’t it about getting another chance to spread the joy and make others happy around you?

Isn’t it about working towards a cause that really gets you going, aimed at making this world a wonderful place to live in?

And much more…

If you think, it is, then why not just get that fear out of your life forever and ever.

After all, one day, each one of us know, where we would end up, having realized this, don’t you think, it’s high time we say goodbye to our fears and start living!

Source for the Image: http://randalldsmith.com/fear-and-heart-health-the-letter-to-smyrna-revelation-28-11/

TGISUP: Thank God it is a Start-Up!

This one is indeed a futuristic post, indeed one of those which comes out of the blue and is depicting what we might come across in say 5-10 years down the line

Just Imagine:

The buzz word in today’s World is start-up. If you happen to be doing a start-up then you are considered to be a cool chap, waiting in line for your turn to become that billion dollar boy/girl. If we were to go by what media has depicted, the day is not so far when a start-up rookie would be valued more than a civil servant or a doctor/engineer in let’s say Bihar or UP and going by the ever so prevalent dowry norms in such states, a start-up boy’s valuation would come no less than Rs. 1.5 crore; enough for the father-in-law to become that angel investor for the couple.

After all, parents want the best for their daughters and the best is a guy who is about to hit the jackpot courtesy him being doing or having joined a start-up and has plethora of ESOPs or a share of equity. Though these pieces of paper might not hold any value at the moment, yet the immense amount of potential that can be seen by the investors and other market players might be enough for the guy to bring about the wonderful valuation when it comes to getting married to a girl, more importantly a stinking rich father-in-law.

I wonder whether parents, instead of encouraging their folks to go for higher education would ask them to drop-out of schools or colleges and ask them to get on to the entrepreneur bandwagon. The demand from parents’ end would still remain the same: precisely to do something which will make them feel proud about their son/daughter.

Probably the norms in the society will be governed by what the entrepreneurs would speak when invited on different platforms, be it a motivational session in any college/school or be it an invitation floated by the administration struggling to find answers to the perennial issues/problems that have become a talking point of every political manifesto.images

On every nook and corner of the lanes and by-lanes of Kolkata, the thing that would be discussed would be “who funded whom” rather than the likes of Rabindranath Tagore and the prevalent communist agenda. The entrepreneur would be the boss and would rule every little aspect of our society.

Whether this would be a reality, probably no; but whether more and more entrepreneurs would hit the road; in all possibilities yes.

It is a fact that money chases money; similar to investors chasing other investors’ investments and so does an entrepreneur who wants to end up doing what is in vogue rather than focusing on that one issue they feel really passionate about to find a solution for.

Yes, loha garam hai! Yes, there is enough money and takers for good ideas! Yes, there is more possibility of getting funded! But trust me, it’s not so easy. What leads to one becoming an overnight billionaire is the hard work and motivation coupled with patience that goes behind giving in your 110% every day for a period of not less than 3-4 years for most entrepreneurs.

For all those who want to end up choosing the path of entrepreneurship, figure out that one particular problem or issue that you would be passionate enough to provide a solution for. And thereafter go for it, without giving it a second thought. The investors and the success will soon follow if not in the first instance then surely in subsequent ones.

Source for Image: http://www.igyaan.in/98125/10-apps-startup-download/

Power of an IAS vis-a-vis a Commoner!

It is no hidden truth as to how much importance a guy/girl from the civil services or the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) tends to get in our country. Whether it be a social gathering or whether it be a get-together of sorts, he/she tends to get the highest of treatments that can possibly be awarded to a mortal on this planet Earth.

Some tend to do so because of a need (kaam) that might arise in the near future where they might need a source or recommendation from a person of this stature and some just do it because they are all too bowled over by the kind of glamour and prestige that the services tend to bring along with itself.

No wonder, lakhs of students appear for the coveted exam every year with only a handful finally making it through. It is the very nature of immense competition that we Indians have got so used to, which makes this exam one of the or probably the toughest exam in this country. IAS-Logo

Every year, the IAS streets of Delhi are thronged by thousands of individuals who come there with a dream, a dream to be able to govern the country, a dream to be able to do good for himself/herself, a dream to be amongst the top few individuals in the country and a dream to be able to contribute in his/her own way towards the nation building activities. (although many amongst the lot tend to chose a totally different path which our bureaucracy is so infamous for, as they try to handle the fame, power and prestige that comes along with the job of serving people which in turn plays a second fiddle to the other seemingly important aspects).

A commoner’s life on the other hand is full of struggles and hardships which he/she tends to fight it out on every single day of his life. From being bullied on the road by the power-horns and the big SUVs of the politicians to being harassed at the government offices for want of services that he/she deserves, yet is deprived of the same because of the want of speed-money or bribes that he/she is expected to pay before he/she can put a claim on something that belongs to him/her in the first place.

I know, life is never equal in terms of providing opportunities to people when it comes to pursuing or being able to pursue a dream. Some might argue that the people who weren’t able to do good for themselves, didn’t have it in them to be able to do so. True to some extent, yet one cannot help but argue as to how would it have been possible for a guy or a girl born in a slum to be able to compete with a person who had all the luxuries in the world to be able to grow up into a productive and competent individual.

It is here where the concept of a public service becomes so important. As Spidy says: with great power comes great responsibility, we are living in a system and a society which needs to learn something from our very dear friend Spiderman.

It is not only the politicians or the bureaucrats who should be expected to take a cue from the super-hero, but also the commoners who tend to vote them in power in the first place. If we all were to become responsible for the acts that we tend to do on a daily basis, there won’t arise any need to criticize those in power, which seems to have become one of the most favourite of pass times of the commoners, who find it really convenient to put the blame on the so called powerful people in our society without realizing that the actual power lies with the commoners and not those sitting in the North Block.vote

The elections will hit our country in the coming times. What is expected from all of us is to at least get out of the comforts of our homes and vote for the candidate whom we think would do justice to our country and her citizens. With the NOTA (none of the above) option being incorporated in the election process, one is now empowered to cite his/her concern over the kind of candidates that are being wielded by the political parties.

To all the commoners who are reading this, I would request you all to go and cast your vote in the coming elections because it is only us who have the real power to make a difference in the society that we all happen to be living together in.

Source for Image: http://iastoppersstory.blogspot.in/2012/05/ias-officer.html, http://www.thefuturenigeria.com/voting-for-the-future-awards-has-been-extended/vote/