Delta Space!

Don’t know why, but this morning, got reminded of the line that has become quite famous, courtesy Anu Malik, the Bollywood music director,

आग लगा दूंगा!

Somehow, this line has become synonymous with the presence of the very being.

On similar lines, when actor and music director, Himesh Reshamiya says,

मुझे तुम्हारे घर में रोटी चाहिए!


It somehow translates to developing a connect between the one who gets to hear with the person who uttered the same in the first place.

Pretty interesting, how our brain interprets things and tends to store things in our memories, which essentially forms the basis of how brands work.

Brands are on a constant lookout on how one can get a piece of the mind share of their target audience.

They keep coming up with all kinds of innovations,

Be it in the copy (written part)


Design of the communication they plan to send across to the world.

As with every other thing in this world, few work and few don’t.

No matter, how much analysis one does over the success or failure of the same,

It’s that black-box which in spite of innumerable theories and hypothesis, have never been figured out to the core.

Supposedly, no concrete formula exists.

With changing times, different things seem to find a resonance with the audience.

It’s that game of dice, where one throws the dice, based on the intellect and creativity one has, limited yet inflated in time.

Be present where your audience is!” as a generic rule seems to resonate with the who’s who of branding.

Catch their attention to get them thinking!” follows the omnipresence.

Calling them to act!” being the ultimate.

In this frenzy of finding what will work, 

How one is able to develop that all important emotional connect with the audience,


Whether one’s brand is able to find that all important delta space in a consumer’s mind.

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Men in Uniform!

I don’t know how many times you have had the pleasure of meeting men in uniform who guard our borders day-in-day-out. But when you happen to do so, it becomes one of the most cherished moments of your life.

Few days back, I happened to meet a senior rank officer in the army. A very fit individual that he was, in spite of having served in the Army for more than 2 decades, he came across as a very well spoken and simple individual.

The simplicity was very much visible in the manner he befriended and the manner in which he went about describing various facets of his life. Though there was this one particular story he shared about how to overcome one’s fears in life is what I would like to share with you all.

Taking the liberty to quote him:

It was summers and everyone was asked as to who would want to venture out for the paratrooper training. Not everyone had the courage, those who had were supposed to give a simple test.

I was the fortunate or the unfortunate one, whatever you might want to refer to as, in that group of 20 who had showed interest for the training. We were all brought to a swimming pool and were asked to jump from a 3 m board. 

Though I was not that scared of jumping from a 3 m board, I was dead scared to drown for I was still an amateur who had mastered the art of floating in a swimming pool, that too in the not so deep side of the same. 

So, I went up to the trainer and asked him whether there would be someone to save me in case I started to drown. The trainer got infuriated and told me to bug off. Not knowing what to expect, I took a deep breath and jumped when my turn came.images 

As expected, no one came to my rescue when I was struggling to fight my way out from the swimming pool. Thinking that I wouldn’t be selected, I stood there in despair cursing myself why I hadn’t learnt swimming. 

The final list of the selected lot was announced immediately after the 20th guy had completed his jump. To my utter surprise I was selected. I felt like sitting on top of cloud nine, though I had no clue about what was to follow.

The selected lot of 16 wanna-be troopers were asked to report 5 am in the morning next day. By that time, we had all got into a habit of getting up early and were not perturbed anymore about the timelines that were provided to us. 

Perhaps, the mind and body can be tuned to become more and more disciplined and trust me there are no limits when it comes to going beyond what might be expected from you. I guess that’s why people in the army or in forces in general are able to achieve feats that a normal guy wouldn’t even imagine accomplishing. 

The manner in which we were taught to become paratroopers was immensely scientific and was made simple to the core. We were not taken directly to the skies for a jump, instead we were made what I would describe as robots who were trained to perform a routine driven set of actions which included our arms and legs and once we resorted to those actions we had no option but to be in the air trying to follow instructions for our survival. 

It’s not that we didn’t go through the fear. It’s not that those in army or forces don’t have emotions. Just that we are trained in such a wonderful manner that before going through those emotions we tend to do what is taught to us. The little mechanical steps that we take don’t give us that luxury or the option of going through our emotions, as we have no time but to react in the moment and survive. 

What a “faugee” learns is the art of survival which incorporates instant decision making (be it right or wrong), thinking on the feet and reacting to the situation at hand. Yes, planning, strategy goes hand in hand but it might be what you plan doesn’t happen and you are left with no other choice but to overcome your fears and do something which might be perceived as belonging to the category referred to as “out of the box” or “out of the world””.

We went on discussing his life before Army, during Army and what would follow after. Somehow, he had that aura and a power which could convince even myself for opting into paratrooper training, though good sense prevailed and I preferred not to venture out, though he almost had me convinced about the ultimate thing in life which everyone should at least try once in life ;).

By the time, our meeting finished, I had just two words doing rounds in my head, “RESPECT + INSPIRATION”.

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