Bye Bye Bossiiii!

Its not often that you see the kind of bonhomie between a boss and his subordinates, which I got to witness yesterday in one of the clubs in Bareilly, where my father threw a farewell party for his boss, scheduled to retire this month end.

What you do see today is subordinates feeling extremely pleased seeing their boss depart for one reason or the other and for the kind of jealousy and hatred that they might have developed towards their bosses for reasons known only to them.

So, it really came as a pleasant surprise to see the second on lead to give the first such a pleasant farewell. Credit goes to the boss as well, to have been able to gain the kind of respect from his subordinates, which was very much visible not only in their gestures towards him but also in their eyes.

Else who would have cared to give him such a reception, especially knowing that he would be retiring in a couple of days time. In a World which is guided by nothing other than materialistic fulfillments, it was indeed an exception to the norms and practices followed World over.

The exception was not visible in the very act but in the manner in which the act was conducted, especially considering the fact that we are talking about a farewell being given in a government department.

Somehow, in the past couple of days, I have come close to a reality that a common man is so deprived of, due to the lack of transparency in our country. With the kind of work environment that our government officers work in, my respect for some of them, at least, have increased manifold sheerly because of the committment they demonstrate towards their service without really worrying about any incentives what so ever.

Its not that everyone in government is able to maintain the same kind of integrity and dignity. But those who do, indeed deserve a big applause and appreciation for being the kind of person, who is not ready to give up his morales and values for the hari patti that seem to make everyone run after the same.

All in all, it was an absolute pleasure to share the platform with guys of such integrity and indeed an opportunity to learn so much from their conversations and life.

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