Ironical Success!

A sage once asked a man, “Do you want to be successful or secure?

The man replied, “But how are they different?

The sage replied, “Well, for most of the people, the success happens by chance, which makes them more fearful of what if and what if not!”

What the man chose thereafter, let us leave that to history, but what’s more important is to mull over the above a tad bit.

To see whether it’s really happening around us. Are we really becoming that insecure, as we tend to accumulate more and more assets in our lives.

Are we scared of losing things to so called destiny?

Are we looking for some kind of insurance, leave alone the other ones which, in any case, we are choosing to have day-in-day-out, instead of focusing on what to do and what not to do, especially when it comes to our health?

To a certain extent, yes!


Be it any time of our day, tend to haunt us with questions,

What if the maid doesn’t come today?

What if I were late for a so called important meeting?

What if the investments that I have made are hit by a financial crisis?

What if the real state scenario doesn’t become better?

What if I am not able to travel in business class?

Our minds and thoughts putting us in an unstable mode, where in consequences of situations which hasn’t even happened start to trouble us the very moment we are awake.

No wonder, so much importance is being given to sleeping 8-9 hours a day ;).

What if, the very act of waking up came along with the pleasant thoughts, which instead of making you fearful and insecure brought in fresh air and fragrance of life!

Wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to lead life?

And would it even matter bothering about answering the question which the sage asked, once upon a time 🙂

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Moving Out!

More often than not we humans, worry more about getting in rather than moving out, whether it be a job that one has been desperately searching for, or a movie hall when the movie is about to begin, be it a shared taxi to get the finest possible seat, or be it the shared toilet in a hostel where every one is gearing to do what they are of course supposed to do.

Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule with the likes of us, Indians who have got so habitual to breaking cues when it comes to, lets say, getting out of an airplane immediately after it comes to a halt or be it the ticket counter for various utilities, thanks to the insecurity that is so deeply imbibed in all of us having been brought up in an era with stiff competition and lack of resources.

Somehow, moving out in some cases, at the right time, is as important, if not more, than moving in, be it an emergency evacuation or a failed relationship. Today, I am going to talk about an aspect of our lives which tends to consume at least 60-70% of our productive life, if not more. Yes, I am referring to none other than the professional set up towards which we tend to devote more than half our lives.

How often have you thought of calling it a quit, yet staying for the lack of courage or contemplating the uncertainty of the future? How often have you forced yourself to go to the office every single day of your life trying to motivate yourself for something/someone which you don’t like doing and if it were not for the society around you, you would never do so?

How often have you neglected your true callings, your inner voice to continue to do something which brings you lot of bitcoins and perceived social success but not enough happiness? How often have you craved for spending that extra hour with your loved ones but have not been able to do so for the challenges and complexities of living a “conventional” investment banking kind of a profile?


I believe many of us would have been into the situations where we would have no answers to the above. Many would wonder that in order to live the kind of life that one or one’s loved ones want to live comes with sacrifices. Many would want to call the people who follow their heart as losers and might be inspired by the likes of “chatur” of “3 Idiots” fame, still there are these few who follow their heart and tend to become the “chanchads” of their batch.

If you ask the latter, what they achieve by doing so, they would give you all kinds of philosophies supporting their lifestyle, which you might really not agree with, still the kind of peace and calm that is so evident on their faces, even after not being able to convince you, would make you feel jealous of the fact, and would leave you wondering, “kaash main bhi aisa kar paata/paati“.

If you think they are doing something drastically out of this world, you are mistaken, for they are only doing the thing they like doing. They are doing what they think they were supposed to do, having born on this planet earth. They believe that if if they were not doing the same, they wouldn’t be doing anything, possibly not living at all.

Yes, they are normal human beings. They too have insecurities regarding not being able to accomplish the love of their life. Yes, they fear being not able to make it big and meet others’ expectations.

But the difference is that they are able to move out of this thinking which holds them back, in a flash. They are able to overcome the fears arising out of the above. They are able to convince one and all about the happiness that would come in, if they were doing what they think they were meant to do.

They take failures and success in the same stride. They learn to become moderately happy when they strike gold and moderately sad when they don’t. For them the path or the journey becomes more important than the goal.

They master the art of moving out of the normal. After all, don’t you think the ultimate goal for all of us remain more or less the same, yet paths will differ significantly.

Now, it’s up to you to decide which path to tread, for it’s only you who knows where your true calling lies. Time to MOVE OUT?

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Is Crisis over for US?

The decision to hike the debt ceiling came as a relief to the financial markets which were really concerned about the August 2 deadline. It could have led to a default by one of the most powerful economies in the World today, and the credit rating for the country would have rocketed down. What this would have meant for US was that the investors would no more have vouched for the destination, instead would have opted to invest in relatively lucrative and safer places around the World. This could have been disastrous for the dollar and the interests rates would have gone up if such a measure for not undertaken by US.

The immediate crisis seemed to have been dealt with, but the repercussions of the decision are bound to have a long term impact on the economy. There are certain things which US should really worry about. First and foremost is the ever rising debt for the country, which created a near default scenario for the country. Second, US should worry about more than trillion $ worth of its bonds that are with China. It is not very hard to imagine as to what will happen if the Chinese decide to sell these bonds in the market, which gives China such a huge bargaining power over US.

The US must get her act right if she wants to maintain a dominant position on the World stage. A developing country which is not much affected by US and her aid is sure going to feel good about the decreasing dominance of the super power. Default or no default, the incident has certainly decreased the credibility of US market. This might also force the US government to rethink about her policies in Middle-East, for now the demand of the situation would be cuts in the spending and the people will be quick to point out the extravagant defense expenditure being incurred in Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

What lies ahead is a very interesting scenario and the trouble for US is not yet over.

What do you think?

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If you are wondering what the two terms signify: the first one is Equity Linked Savings Scheme and the other National Savings Scheme. So, if you are looking to go for some tax savings, then, in my opinion these two schemes are best available in the market (as of now).

The former offers good returns but is market driven with a lock-in period of 3 years, whereas the latter ensures a fixed return but it comes with a longer lock-in period of 6 years. So, for those who are looking for short-term benefits might opt to go for the former and if you are patient enough to wait for a couple of more years then you might chose the latter.

One thing that you should watch out for is what impact the introduction of Direct Tax Code (DTC) will have on these schemes. As far as I know, the introduction of DTC next year will phase out ELSS. So, one should be cautious while investing in the same.

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