Figure out the GOOGLE in you!

One day, a philosopher was sitting beneath a tree, thinking about the usual, what is life, what is my purpose etc. etc. 

All of a sudden, he felt a cool breeze embracing his hair and face with love and warmth. Don’t know why, that experience made him believe very strongly in, life is about the little experiences that touch our being every moment. 

So many guys have tried, some have taken the path of a sanyasi , few have tread the middle path proposed by Gautam Buddha, few have committed suicide, few have become hippies but no one has been able to figure out the existence of the almighty.

The question is not whether God exists or not, but whether one should actually be wasting his/her time in figuring out the same.


For what we are, a physical mass which tends to interact with whatever is around us, if it were not because of the experience per say, what is it to live.

In sweet and simple terms, if you are not experiencing, if you are not making yourself open to the little pleasures of life, you are not living. For life was meant to be experienced.

So, instead of trying to find who built Google, why not figure out the Google in you and get on an exploration spree.

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The Couple Philosophy!


If you happen to be in Mumbai, more often than not, you tend to visit Band Stand, if not then at least happen to pass by, for sure, witnessing the mages tic waves trying to engulf the rocks under her arms.

But more than noticing the sight that nature presents to you, you end up noticing the couples who tend to gather on the 1 km or so long walkway, or even venturing amongst the rocks, to find that one intimate moment with their gf/bf.

With the likes of moral policing making their lives difficult and with the lives becoming busier by the day, they relish the few moments they tend to be spending with their loved ones.

And if you happen to get into the depth of the dynamics, you can end up classifying the various categories of lovers.

On one hand, where there are shy lovers, trying to sneek in from the unknowns wondering what the insignificant would be thinking about them, on the other hand, there are bold lovers, who wouldn’t mind demonstrating their love in front of everyone, acting as a source of inspiration for some and a reason for annoyance and jealousy for the others.


Then there are the secret types, who tend to find some place besides a rock, hiding themselves from the purview of all present, to spend what they might later call as the most wonderful moments of their lives if they end up being together, or the worst nightmare, if they end up treading their own separate path.

No matter the consequence of the very act, there is an air of hope, a fragrance of positivity, a colour of freedom, and a belief that we all are living.

There must be something deeply imbibed inside the very ambience and the pleasant gust of wind that tends to caress your face and hair, which makes you love the entire scene that tend to remain with you forever and ever.

If this and many such more experiences are not what life is all about, I wonder what is?

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One on One with God!

It’s not often that you come across a philosopher of sorts, and when you do, you tend to cherish the moments that you spend with the likes.

The conversation could range from anything to everything, but one thing that tends to remain constant is, that all discussions, even though, they might look weird, tend to have their origins in science.


And one such conversation, is what, I would want to share with you today:

Philosopher (P): Have you ever wondered, what if your destiny, if it exists at all, leads you to a place where you didn’t get that chance to go one on one with the creator?

Me: No

P: What if it didn’t allow you to question Him about the reason behind making you go through all the hardships that you happened to suffer throughout your life?

What if it didn’t allow you to go to Heaven or Hell, depending on your karma to meet your loved ones, in an environment where everything’s perfect?

What if the very science or non-science behind your existence is not what you might have believed in? 

What if it’s all an illusion and a combination of reactions to make you believe that what you are is what you are not?

Me: What if?

P: 🙂 . Would be not feel cheated?

Me: Probably yes!

P: Do you want to feel like that?

Me: No

P: Do you believe in Homeopathy?

Me: Yes

P: Do you think it cures?

Me: Yes

P: Have you seen this (

Me: No

P: Why do you think I am speaking to you about the same?

Me: May be (you have gone mad ;)) you want to tell me something?

P: Well, yes and no, yes because I want you and for that matter everyone to think on the basis of sound evidence, and no because, I don’t want you to follow me blindly. 

Me: How does it help?

P: That you need to figure out yourself. 

And that is where our conversation ended.

Though, with the kind of obvious resistance to the questioning of the beliefs that I had been conditioned to develop over a period of time, and with this philosopher suggesting to get rid of all beliefs and making scientific evidence as the basis of all thinking, didn’t really go along with the very essence of me, yet I decided to give it a shot.

Don’t know whether it would be the be all end all solution to every woes that our human race tend to experience, yet I believe it’s worth trying.

After all, if we weren’t exploring, were we actually living?

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Never thought that I will enjoy hopping hotels the same way to hopping bars which I used to do, once upon a time in Paris, though the latter has a different flavour altogether.

After a while, all the old memories come running back in your mind and you tend to feel like living the best days of your life again.

Going into the depth and breadth of things, what is it that makes me feel the obvious? Is it the want and desire of the same, or is it that I am taking pride in doing something totally different from the daily chores?

Is it that every day I get to live in a different room with different furniture and ambiance or is it the food with different flavours that I like munching upon, being the selective foodie that I am?


Is it the chance to explore, experience and walk around in different parts of the city or is it the free spirit devoid of any responsibilities and conditionality that’s making me love the time?

But if I were to do this all my life, would I like it? People would start calling me by different names (hippie etc.), but do I care? Do I even care about how and who things about what and whom?

Well, am I saying that I need to become more befikr and if yes, does it make our lives more beautiful?

After all, it’s about living life to the fullest and in the present. Isn’t it?

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Game of Pixels!

From game of chairs to game of pixels, life seems to be revolving among images, be it of a 4-legged object which we all refer to as the chair, or the x cross x picture represented as collection of pixels.

The more you go deep in the subject of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the more you realize that you have just touched the tip of an iceberg, or a little beyond that ;).

Isn’t if fascinating enough that a machine can learn to do what a human does, learn to emulate, if not all, at least few aspects of our own thought process, experience the emotions in the form of an equation.


Imagine, how a machine would read an image by converting the information stored in the pixels into a combination of (0,1) and then predicting whether it was a (0,1) or a (1,0), and depending on whether it was predicting correct, label it as being intelligent or not.

What correlations it draws analogous to what relations it develops with different parameters, reflects its ability to predict, ultimately coming down to its ability to learn.

Which makes me wonder, whether our life is nothing but a manifestation of a collection of pixels. The experiences we have, the stories we built around the same, the moments of pleasure and happiness that we spend with our near and dear ones, it’s all in the form of pictures that we tend to cherish through out our lives in the form of photo albums or Instagram images.

Wonder whether the zeroes and ones written for us, have already been predicted as ones and zeroes and we are just learning to decipher how these zeroes and ones change to ones and zeroes!

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Game of Chairs!

If you had heard of Game f Thrones before, I wouldn’t be surprised. But have you ever heard of the game of chairs? 😉

Well, may be not, but am sure you do witness the same every now and then, be it the political scenario in our country, or in a professional setting where, thanks to the cut throat competition, you might see your nearest neighbor trying to out do you for the much coveted boss chamber and chair.

Quite literally in an office space, where there are limited chairs, chair becomes the most valued possession in the office. It is like playing the dancing chairs, where the moment you get up to leave your chair, there is someone sitting diagonally opposite, who has been eyeing your chair for a while, might sneek in to get what he considered his biggest wish, since he had joined the office.


And if your chair happened to be the non-cranky most beautiful looking chair in your office by any imagination, trust me, there would be many takers for the same. 😉

You might not encounter such a scenario and the fun that goes along with it in, let’s say in a normal office set-up, but if you happen to be sharing the same space with other companies, thanks to the start-up ecosystem, then it becomes pretty much an integral part of your life.

Looking at the positive side of things, you get to sit on different chairs at different point of time and get to experience the opportunity of using the assets associated with the space, not everywhere there would be enough flexibility and not everywhere would you be privileged enough to do so.

Should you consider yourself fortunate enough? Well, going by the kind of thought process I have, it’s all about having fun, no matter where you are, be it a professional setting or a personal one.

After all, it’s not often that life provides you that all important opportunity to have fun. And when and if at all, you get one, why not make the most of it! 😉

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If I were to give you one word today, “fascinating” what is the first thing that comes to your mind.

Wonder, why all of a sudden am I talking about this 11 letter word? Wonder, what is it that has made me get into the things that have anything to do with the same.

For most of us, life has always been that one fascinating thing which has intrigued us, made us happy, made us sad, have been the cause of all sorts of emotions going in our minds.

And of the anatomical aspects, what has fascinated me the most is our ability to see and make sense out of things out there.

The process which starts from our retina going to the optical nerves to the brain, where we actually construct meaning from the things we see, has been well studied and documented.

Have always believed, that things we take for granted, as being coming naturally to us, have been the most difficult to comprehend.

And what better way to demonstrate the same, than by teaching an algorithm how to go about doing visual recognition.

Have you ever wondered, how a child would actually perceive things in his mind? If not, you will have to do so, in case you want to train your algorithm to do things similar to how a human brain does.


You will have to get to the very basics of the various wavelengths being detected by the receptors and being given a meaning through the very fundamentals of NLP.

Everything ranging from emotions to mindset, from perceptions to language, starts from the information we receive through our senses.

Be it love, hate, intelligence, the one thing that remains common in the development of all is how comprehensively we receive and perceive the information gained from our senses.

Which makes me believe the very essence of life is framed through the lenses of our receptors.

After all, it’s about making sense, which is immensely fascinating in itself. Isn’t it?

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AI: Man’s Best Buddy?

Imagine a scenario, where a software services and product company has a founder or a couple of co-founders sitting happily monitoring a machine performing all kind of stuff ranging from receiving client requirement to preparing phase wise modules, from completion of the development to testing each and every aspect of the same, from sending invoices to notifying the founder of the receipt of payment.

Does it sound like science-fiction? Well, the day is not that far, when each and every aspect of our lives, from womb to tomb will become automated. The cars will have no drivers, just a person monitoring the functioning of the algorithm or the program being run.

No one would need to come to the office. All exams would be given from their own little artificially created enclosures inside your homes, only to be accessed by the right candidate through his or her bio-metrics.

All data will belong to the in vogue dark web, which would be available to only a select few individuals having special access rights. All diagnosis will be done via the likes of machines like IBM Watson.


Preventive healthcare would be the buzz word, with each one of us, acting like a doctor, in the true sense of the world, being able to monitor and provide the right medication himself/herself.

Cannot help but wonder, if all the above, would be done by the machines, what would the ever increasing population end up doing? No matter how many skills one learns, one would never be able to match the ratio and the rate with which machines would be replacing humans in practically every job.

Though the pros are immense, cons seem to haunt the very essence of life, or may be it’s high time to re-define the very essence?

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Wired Zindagi!

Ever wondered how many wires you are surrounded with? If the wires that brought you some light in your houses and the cables that brought your ears echoing with voices from your friends, family and colleagues; were not enough, the likes of the laptops, smart phones etc. ensured that you would be surrounded by the wires all your lives, be it the chargers or be it the adaptors.

First thing first, when you reach your offices or work stations is to take out the very lifelines that bring you your bread and butter out of your bags and spread them all over your desk or lap to engulf you in the world of internet.

As every other thing, this wired zindagi  has its own set of pros and cons. Pros, that you remain well connected, are able to do your work more efficiently and get better compensations for being able to do so, which allows you to spend more and more, especially with the kind of discounts coming through on Amazon and Flipkart.

Cons, being, you spend most of your time surrounded by these wires, not being able to give the same

images to your loved ones and many more, but the worst of all being, this phenomenon having a huge impact on your health, be it your eyes or your back.

Food for thought, with wired zindagi comes huge costs, time to make it less wired?

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Does being Apped means losing Humanity?

Evolution is inevitable, but have you ever wondered that we would evolve so much so as to have our entire lives and generation apped.

Ya, that’s the buzz word. Possibly anything that you can think of at the moment has been put as a service/product which can be accessed through an app. It was only yesterday that I came to know, that an app exists for funeral services as well for those who are not able to make it in time for the last riots of their loved ones.

Can you believe it? An app for a funeral service? Ironically, on one hand, where it is extraordinarily funny because of our socialization process, the way we all have been brought up in India, on the other, being apped means lot of convenience.

It means the time that earlier you might have so called wasted, can now be utilized for more productive work, though I still believe the entire concept can be questioned.

We are spending more than 70% of our time, either on our laptops or our mobile phones. Our real life conversations have gone down.


If I were to picture a typical ITied family, you would see the husband and wife doing something on their respective IT platforms and the kid, who might have just been introduced to the likes, would be trying to add friends on Whatsapp or Fb.

What we earlier referred to as the family time has now got transformed into IT time. Father doesn’t seem to have time to spend with his kids, wife or parents. The wife, especially if she is a house-wife seemed to have found some abode in the arms of the virtual. The kids love the alley of the technology that they seem to be racing into.

The only ones who are left out in this entire ITionization or Appionization or whatever you might want to refer to as are the parents of the grownups or the generation that gave birth to the so called successful techies.

I know, some of us, would want to argue, that IT has helped us remain connected with our parents. At least we have an option to either do a skype or video calling sitting somewhere in US.

I just wonder, when we were young, and when we needed our parents’ attention the most, be it being fed when we were hungry or be it when we craved for their attention when we were hurt, if our parents were to come and tell us that they were appified, I bet we wouldn’t have liked it.

It’s our time, it’s our physical presence, it’s us providing the much wanted emotional support and attention, that our parents need the most, when they become old.

Where on one hand, it’s good to learn new things, keep oneself updated with what’s happening, on the other hand, we should try not to become so ITied or apped, where we tend to lose the very essence and foundation of humanity and love.

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