Which Lens are you Using?

Day to day lives for majority are not that different, isn’t it?

One gets up in the morning,

Gets ready for office,

Works for nearly half the day he or she is awake,

Goes back and have dinner,

Sleeps thereafter.

Doesn’t sound that interesting, right?

Let’s try and change this narrative a bit,

One gets a chance to live one more day of his/her life, feeling blessed,

Gets ready to take on the challenges that the day is gonna present,

Creates an impact by making their contributions towards society,

After having spent a fruitful day at office,

gets a chance to spend some quality time with his/her loved ones,

Hits the bed with a feeling of gratitude the day offered,

How does this look?

The change is only in the mentality and the way one perceives things,

Choice is of course ours!

Source for the Image: https://www.lifehack.org/868287/perspective-on-life



The other day I happened to visit a Lifestyle store.

What such kind of stores promise is a life altering shopping experience,

Clothes and accessories,

which can make you look good,

which can change the very manner in which you are perceived by this world,

which can bring a transformation in your lifestyle,

But have you ever wondered,

What kind of effect it has on the very nature of life that we are supposed to live?


In order to buy such products,

One toils day-in-day-out,

Not just to fulfill their own desires,

But also the desires of their near and dear ones,

And in that very quest tend to drift away from the very essence of life,

Choice is of course ours to focus either on,

Life or lifestyle!

Source for the Image: https://www.thephotoargus.com/examples-of-lifestyle-photography/

The Lucky Few!

I would like to confess that when I get bored, one of the options that I often take to get rid of my boredom is to watch tv soaps, the ones which you will usually find saans and bahus watching sitting together in a room on the same sofa.

And today, I happened to be watching this tv soap, bade acche lagte hain which in some ways, has become one of my favourite serials of late. While watching one of the scenes a beautiful dialogue came along where the hero says to the heroine, “aaj dekho main kahan se kahan aa gaya hoon, The Ram Kapoor is now a normal man and look, here you are standing next to this common man. After all this wait when we have got this opportunity to stay together, I can’t even say that I am the same person.”

You know Mr. Kapoor, I made an entry in your life when you had already become the Mr. Ram Kapoor, but the fun lies in treading the path to success and not in meeting someone who has already achieved his goal in life. I am sure we will do well together.”—Heroine

It was quite a touching and a motivational dialogue, I must say and indeed had all the makings of true love. For those in their sixties and seventies who have been able to tread that path together would vouch for what Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor said to her husband.lucky heart

Though some people have totally different take on the same. One of my friends was of the opinion that Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor type girls are an exception to the rule. They are no more to be found in today’s self-centred and materialistic world.

According to him, the girls want their husbands to be well settled in their lives. They want to have a luxurious life style and want to make sure that they get to enjoy every little luxury in life. He says that the concept of true love has disappeared in recent times.

As far as I am concerned, the true love is indeed a luxury and for those who are lucky enough to have got a chance to experience the same, there is just one simple advice that I would like to give to them: “hold on to your better halves for only a few get a chance to be holding on to the same.”

Source for Image: http://zakkalife.blogspot.in/2012/01/origami-lucky-hearts.html