Mango Dreams

One thing apart from the so many things that I can die for is nothing but what the World calls the king of fruits, mango. Having lived in a city for so long, it is but natural to have developed a liking for the same, especially considering the fact that Malihabad (famous for its Dussehri mangoes World over) is just a step away from the centre of the city.

How often it is that you only realize the importance of some precious thing when you are staying far from it. Yesterday was one such day. While feasting on the langra variety of mangoes, one of my uncles who had come to my house for dinner, took me to a different World altogether through his description of one of the baghs that his family owns in his native place.

His love for mangoes was quite evident from the manner in which he chose to describe the essence of the fruit. It was only after half an hour of vivid description that he took a deep breath followed by a sigh lamenting on the fact that due to the curfew that has been imposed in Bareilly, he has been unable to treat himself with the same.

Seeing his love for mangoes and as a matter of fact, since I happen to share the same emotions for the fruit, I couldn’t resist myself from telling him about a source through which good quality mangoes can be delivered at his door step, straight from the bagh.

I told him about this initiative by a fellow batch mate of mine from IIT Kanpur, and a very dear friend, who has started this e-Commerce activity this very season and has been extremely well received from all over the country for his excellent operational capabilites (

The moment he heard about the same, there was a big smile on his face and I am sure if anyone of you would have seen him, he would have looked like a 5 year old eagerly waiting to pluck a couple of mangoes straight from the branches of a mango tree.

He went on to share some stories from his childhood and college days, which reminded me of mine and made me a little nostalgic. By the time he finished telling us the same, it was already 11:30 p.m. and it was time to bid good night.

And for the very first time, a good night was about to become many mango nights for I was sure that both him and myself would be dreaming about the king for at least a couple of days that were about to follow.

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Dil Bagh Bagh :)

There are not many privileges that a common man gets in my city. But one privilege that one can avail of for sure, sheerly because of being a resident of the city is to be able to visit the World famous Mango baghs of Malihabad.

And yesterday was one such day for me. I had the opportunity of visiting one of the baghs, located just besides the Central Institute of Subtopical Horticulture (CISH). The path that leads to thebagh is in itself a fascinating ride amidst the trees on both sides and a view which in all senses of the word is nature personified.

After having treaded the path of nature, I got a rare opportunity to delve into the lives of the farmers who take very good care of their baghs. It was extremely heartening to see them talk of the mangoes with such excitement and possessiveness.

The kind of practical knowledge and awareness that they demonstrated was incredible. I guess it’s a pure consequence of having been born and brought up in such an environment and having purused their family tradition.

What was most noticeable though was to see the kind of friendly nature and hospitality that they demonstrated and that Lucknowites are so famous for all over the World. They made sure that that I have had experienced what all is associated and related to the king of fruits, before leaving.

All in all, a wondeful trip and a wonderful experience, which I will always cherish throughout my life 🙂 .

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