Kabul Hai!

It is not often when you find yourself in a situation where one of your best friends from school era is about to get hooked to someone via the concept of the all so famous arranged marriage in India.

And it is not often that you find yourself accompanying him to the place where the girl’s side is about to meet the guy’s side and is trying to get this meeting to a fruitful conclusion. Somehow, you are also expected to play a big role in the same by analyzing the entire dynamics of the meeting and figure out whether the girl will turn out to be suitable for the guy and vice-versa.

I have just had this experience of accompanying one of my best friends to his house where the meeting was scheduled to take place. More than I, who was feeling really awkward doing this stuff, my friend was feeling even more awkward considering that he hates this whole concept of families getting to know each other along with the guy and the girl.

More than discussing their own things, the families are more so concerned about what the guy and the girl might be talking to each other, of course their sole intention being that the guy should like the girl and similarly the girl should like the guy.

The conversation that ensues between the guy and the girl ranges from what they are doing at present to what they normally like doing, hobbies etc etc. It sounds like a chat on Yahoo Messenger or gtalk where one tries to know the other person or in short need a way to start the conversation.24359_345198221385_163967111385_4131380_3284188_n

I wonder whether one is really interested in knowing as to what the other person might be interested in, apart from just finding a way to start that conversation and hoping that the girl would follow suit.

The tactics and the strategy seems to work on every occasion and in turn leads to that all important conversation which will be the decisive factor with regards to whether the guy and the girl would get married.

On one hand where the guy and the girl seem to be shyly involved in their own discussions, on the other hand, the families sit there keeping their fingers crossed hoping that they will get to hear an affirmative from the two after they have finished talking.

I guess what I have mentioned above used to be an old era scenario where the guy wouldn’t be allowed to meet the girl more than once and he had to take the most important call of his life in just one meeting.

Things have certainly changed over time. Now, the guy and the girl at least in not so conservative families are allowed to meet more than once in order to decide whether they will be able to spend their entire life together.

As far as this meeting is concerned, all went well and my friend decided to meet this girl once again in the near future hoping to find out whether the compatibility quotient was high enough for him to say Kabul hai. 😉

Source for Image: http://barbieloveislam.blogspot.in/2011/01/ishq-e-nabi-hoto-ibadat-kabul-hai.html