The P Company Snippets: Disasters

Not everything in life works according to your plans,

Few succeed,

Most fail,

But if you can redeem yourself while the disaster is about to happen,

You would have done good.

Here too,

Moments of perceived successes and perceived failures keep happening,

For few,

Success would mean acceptance of proposals (SK and Hasti),

For others,

It could mean getting things back on track (Chakra and Sutradhaar),


For rest,

Just being able to pass time,

Whatever it might be,

There are consequences for every fuck up that one does,

Be it bashing from the bandars/madaris or the client,

Be it one on one with the managers,

One would need to go through it all,

The only saving grace being able to learn from your mistakes and move on,

How much one is willing to learn and give/take constructive feedback is a thing to be witnessed by the likes of Chakra and Sutradhaar.

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Few days back I was having this conversation with a friend of mine,

and here I am writing this piece:

There are needs and then there are deeds,

This life is an interplay among these needs,

Which in turn influence our deeds,

And one such need is that of a companion,

A person with whom,

You hope to share the beautiful moments in this lifetime,

But what if the hope is taken away,

because of some reason or the other,

whatever the reason might be,

if it becomes toxic enough,

best is to move out,

of course, easier said than done,

and one can keep on giving all kinds of fundas,

the only thing that one can possibly contemplate on,

whether that moment of inevitability has arrived or not in your lifetime with your companion!

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I don’t know how many of you would have experienced this,

There is this perennial chull (uneasiness)

which seems to have existed ever since,

A desire to do something,


A craving to go beyond our current state of being,

How many times I wonder,

I have been able to sit at ease?

Not thinking about issues in life,

Not contemplating what’s to be done,

Not worrying about so called problems,


Just be in the moment,

For if we were able to cultivate the art of being in the moment,

I wonder

The very experience of life would indeed be drastically different!

The only thing being,

Whether we are willing to practice

and develop the art and discipline to

being in the moment, for that is what it is!

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After All!

Considering the kind of busy lives we have got habituated into spending,

Not often does one get a chance to move out in the wilderness,

And once one does, the kind of activities we get to do, any guesses?




Wildlife Safari,

Para-sailing etc etc

Have you ever wondered, how many times have you ended up doing nothing?

Just being there,


Seizing the moment,

Whatever comes to your mind in that moment, you do,

Letting go of any thought that comes to your mind,

Freeing yourself from all worries that tend to haunt you on a daily basis,

Bereft of what the boss tells you,

Not caring about how many questions your parents would keep asking you,

Without giving a consideration to your spouses’ expectations at home,

And then if you get into knowing such a beautiful description of what life means to a few over a bonfire, you might as well write about it 🙂


To me, if i were to tell you, 

Life is nothing more than getting up in the morning, 

Asking myself a question, in what mood would i want to be today, 

And say, well…not many reasons to get upset about, 

So many wonderful things happening to me, 

as well choose to smile rather than frown, 

not a bad beginning, eh!

regular chores happen, 

my boyfriend calls right after i come out of the shower and take my first bite, 

well, can get too much at times, but how many would actually do so, 

by the time am about to finish getting ready and he getting into a cab for office, 

we get on a call again, saying good morning again,

the cab guy, i have stopped quarrel with, 

after all everyone is frustrated because of something or the other, 

so why argue!

having a flirtatious conversation with my boyfriend just brightens up my day, 

then comes office, 

bosses will always be bosses, they are also learning

so why not give them a benefit of doubt?

sorted, haan!

lunch is always of my choice, not too heavy yet good and light, 

meantime, he keeps texting, sending sweet messages, i feel loved, 

comes the evening and he is right there waiting to pick me up, 

after we go for a long drive, 

do random chats, 

sit in a coffee shop, 


just be there in the moment, 

sometimes we kiss as well, make love, good for hormones you see, 

he drops me back, in the comfort of my house, 

late evening is mine, 

where i would read some book, watch some movie, 

Ya, spend time with parents, after all they brought me into this world,

night..back to hormones, be it a movie, books or him again,

on second thoughts, he really loves me 😉

one might wonder, what’s the future plans?

well, who knows there is a future, what if there is none, 

and i went in my sleep!

at least it would be worth it, 

see, it’s not also about the bf, 

even if he wasn’t there to share my time, i would seize the moment, 

What is after all life but a collection of beautiful moments!

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Respect the Moments!

There are a couple of days in your life which you will never be able to forget, not that you want to forget. The scenes and imagery associated with these days never seem to decay from your memory and you cherish living those moments again and again.

Whether it be becoming a parent for the first time, or getting married for the first and hopefully the last time 😉 , whether it be emerging successful in an examination or be it your first successful proposal and acceptance of the same.

These are the moments that make our lives so beautiful indeed. These are the very moments which will remain with you forever and ever. These are the moments which you will cherish throughout your life. These are the moments which you would want to relive again. These are the moments which you won’t want to exchange for anything in this world.

There are times when you would just close your eyes and reminisce about the very same moments. A smile seems to appear on your face the instant these moments start to move like a feature film right in front of your closed eyes.

You are able to witness each and every scene and feel each and every emotion that you went through when you had the fortune of making those moments yours. You are truly in a state of trans where the world no longer seems to be a harsh place to live in, where all the problems look really small, where nothing else seems to matter but those moments and the happiness associated with the

It is said that when there will be no one around you to take care of you and provide you with comfort and happiness, then there will be these moments which will remain with you and give you company till the day you perish and so will the moments along with you.

Considering that these moments play such an important role in all our lives, do we end up giving them their due when the occassion beckons or do we end up ignoring the significance of the very same moments?

How ironical it is that the things which seem to have immense significance in our lives, we tend to take the very same things for granted. Be it wishing your parents or close ones on their birthdays or your wife on the anniversary day, we, men, more often than not mess up things with silly reasons such as, “Sorry, I forgot”.

By forgetting such important moments, you indeed tend to feel sorry about the fact that you neglected the same when it mattered the most.

When you are young and happening you don’t seem to give importance to such events in life. It is only when you enter the last part of our journey, you will end up repenting on the things which you could have done better and certainly didn’t require too much of efforts on your part.

My only advice to all those who think that they are acting macho by adopting a cool-dude style of “it doesn’t matter”, think again, for this machoism wouldn’t remain with you forever. What will do remain are these moments.