Deciphering SEO!

Since the time I have started writing a blog, I have become familiar with the 3 letter word SEO. Though, my blog is not commercial as in it is not helping me earn money, yet I thought of doing some research on this 3 letter word in order to understand what this term might mean and what implications it can have for those who are into the business of making money via blogs.

Below is a humble effort to being able to help those who seem to find themselves on the other side of the table when it comes to making money from their blogs or websites and hopefully this small effort might prove to be a blessing in disguise for the same lot.

Here I present my analysis of what SEO is and what steps can be taken in order to improve your site rank. By the way, I would also like to thank one of my clients who helped me understand and decipher the mystery.

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with one of our clients and he told me that his site rank ( has taken a beating for the past couple of months and is headed in a downward direction.

The reason that he could think of was switching from one platform to another and he was totally perplexed on how to go about improving his site rank.

Without further delving into the conversation that we had with our client, this problem is quite common when it comes to websites trying to figure out a way where their rank could go up in order to drive more traffic on their websites which they wish would result in increased conversions on their site, whether it be lead generation or actually subscribing to lets say their blog or say selling some product via their website.

Some of the common strategies that one can think of when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or to put it in a lay man’s language, to be able to increase one’s website’s visibility on search engines like Google are:

1. Original and well written content on your website is the need of the hour. You should make your site dynamic and should try to update your content on a regular basis, keeping in mind the relevance for your customers.

2. Increase your visibility by participating in all relevant forums and let search engines find you through back links.

3. One should choose a SEO-friendly URL

4. One should also try to keep the design of one’s website SEO and user friendly.

5. No matter how much you think that meta tags have lost their relevance, they surely play a big role when it comes to SEO and search engines.

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Arranged Marriage: A Girl’s Perspective

How could have I left the fairer sex out of this whole discussion? Wouldn’t I be labeled very much a male chauvinist if I were to dare even think about such a thing? Moreover, I am, myself a proponent of women empowerment, so going by the standards that I have set for myself, here I am about to present to you what a girl’s take would be on such a topic as this.

Now, for the male perspective, I had someone to bank upon. For the female perspective, after toiling hard for an entire fortnight, I had finally found someone whom I often refer to as Hyde and who was kind enough to offer her opinions. By the way, when a girl speaks, it is better not to interrupt her. So, in this case, no conversation ensued, it was only Hyde talking and me listening to her :).Arranged-marriage-image

You know what, this whole arranged marriage thing is such a crap. Someone will come and see you and then will pass a judgement upon what kind of person you are or what kind of family you have been brought up in. And you are expected to keep mum and listen to whatever the groom’s family has to say about you and your family.

I have been through this on a number of occasions. Sometimes, it is because of the so called legitimate demands citing “rasmein” as a reason and on other occasions, it is because the guy didn’t find me too attractive. Who knows what’s the guy expecting considering that he doesn’t even match up to being a decent looking person and more importantly a decent human being.

The other day, a gentleman, who has just got selected in the Indian Engineering Service happened to visit my parents, along with his family. Upon arrival, even before they have had their snacks, the guy’s father came directly to the point. He started to talk about the marriage market that is prevalent in India and our society and the kind of rates that have been offered for his son in this market. 

He went on and on about the kind of proposals that had come his way and are continuing to pour in. As if this had not yet satisfied his ever growing ego, he went on talking about how his son had been a topper all through and how he had always kept their head held high in society. 

I don’t even want to mention the other crappy things that he said to boost his ego. The fact is that a girl never wants to go in a family where she is supposed to compromise all her individuality. I know, that we are conditioned and socialized to compromise at all times, since our childhood, but even then we would want a husband who can understand the kind of situation that we girls tend to find ourselves in most of the time. 

I am not saying that we are trying to run away from our responsibilities. But with changing times and with more and more girls contributing to the finances of a family, it needs to be understood that responsibilities now need to be shared, in order to ensure that the girl is not overburdened with the same. 

One just needs a heart to understand all that I have said. The problem is that humanity is losing its essence. More than our emotions, it is the profit-making attitude at any cost that is killing the empathy that one needs to have towards another person. Sometimes, I wonder why is it so difficult to place yourself in another person’s shoes to understand what he or she might be going through in that particular situation? Why is it that we have become so self-centred and rigid? Why is it that we tend to ignore the aspects from which we cannot make profits? Why is it that the garb of traditionalism is used to explain certain practices that are rationally wrong and need to be abandoned as a whole?heaven

Trust me, it is much easier to be born a guy in our society. From childhood itself, there are n number of restrictions that we are supposed to abide by just because we happened to be born in a male-dominated society who is all too eager to maintain his power over the fairer sex and use it for their glorification.

Coming back to the marriage issue, somehow I have started believing in the notion that marriages are made somewhere up there. Whether it turns out to be a Hell or a Heaven, that needs to be figured out by the mortals living down here.”

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The Life of a Couple!

Yesterday, I received a call from this guy who has just managed to overcome what he refers to as the crisis of his life and I feel it is worth narrating considering the kind of lifestyles that we have got so used to leading in this increasingly and menacingly busy world. He got married just a couple of years back. It was a love marriage. Everything looked perfect. He thought, “lucky are those who are able to marry the love of their lives.”crisis

And then the couple decided to move to a metro, where the guy was supposed to get one of the best jobs that he could have dreamt about getting in terms of the package that the company happened to be offering to the guy and he simply couldn’t have afforded to miss upon this lucrative opportunity that seemed to be knocking at his door.

His wife was happy that they would now be able to lead a lifestyle that she had always wished for. She thought that she too would find a job and would try to keep herself busy during the hours when her husband would be slogging hard in order to fill their lives with luxury and in turn happiness.

It took just a year for the couple to get accustomed to the lifestyle of a city like Mumbai. Success that the guy was getting in his job, coupled with the free lifestyle that the couple could afford to lead made them really happy.

But like every other story, this one too had a twist. Having achieved the kind of life that she wanted, the absence of her husband from the house even during night at times, started giving her a hard time. All the luxuries that seemed to have made her so happy wasn’t making her happy anymore. All she wanted was that the guy should come home early to her, so that they could spend some quality time together.

The guy on his part got too involved in what he was upto on a professional front. After all, that’s what the couple had wished for at the time they had decided to leave their middle class lifestyle that they happened to lead in their hometown, when this very opportunity had managed to come their way.

The guy could feel that their life was falling somewhat apart. He could feel the tension in and around him and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. It was then that he decided to take that all important decision of his life which was supposed to bring him back the happiness and the peace of mind that he had in plenty when they both happened to be spending their lives in their home town.

That very weekend, he took his wife out for a dinner, where he told her how much he had missed those moments that they used to spend together back in their hometown. How wonderful the life had been! Sitting in a restaurant that night, they both decided that they would go back to square one. They would return to the world where they belonged to in the true senses of the world.couple

Today, when they look back at that night when they had gone out and had decided to take that all important decision of their life, the thought of having not done the same and the thought that what would have happened in case they had tread the same path as the other couples are generally found treading in such situations, seems to give them jitters, which reminds me how often we, in our lives, are found wanting when it comes to chosing between two very different alternatives, with huge pros and cons attached to each one of them.

What else can I say other than, “lucky are those who managed to take that all important decision when it mattered the most in their life”. At the end of the day, your destiny is decided not by wishful thinking or mad optimism but by the choices you make in your lifetime.

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kya kar raha hai aaj kal?”—friend

bas yaar zindagi ki talaash!”—me

yaar, ek baat bata, tu hamesha yahi kehta hai. aisa kyon?”—friend

hmm! waise yaar tu sahi keh raha hai, zindagi to mujhe mil chuki hai :)”—me

And yes, I am talking about, none other than my to be better half. Somehow, it seems funny when I address her like this, but for the time being it sounds good…right? 😉

You would find many who would keep running after success all their life, and of course I am talking about all the material possessions which define success in contemporary times.

But credit should go to those who defy the very materialistic logic and decide to lead a not so lavish but fulfilling life with their better halfs.

An extremely inspiring example of the same, I happened to find in Goa, where I had gone a couple of months back for vacation.

There was this middle-aged couple who owned a bakery. They had been living in Goa since 1990. Before that, the man, being a young ambitious person that he was, wanted to make it big.

In this pursuit of his, he decided that he would go to Saudia Arabia and would make a killing. But destiny had other plans in store for him.

On reaching Saudia Arabia, his passport and other travel documents were taken away by his employer citing it as a routine procedure. Days passed by and then months, and there was no sign of his employer leave alone returning his passport, not even mentioning about the same.

On top of that, he was getting negative vibes which he couldn’t ignore even after trying really hard. On one hand, where his career was progressing at a snail’s pace, on the other hand, he felt that he had been badly trapped in a situation, from where he couldn’t see a way out.

One day, he gathered the courage needed to talk to his employer.

I want to go back to India. I think I am done with here. Can you please return my passport so that I can get a ticket.”—man

Are you kidding me? You can’t take back your passport like this. You have a 10 years bond with us. And before that you cannot leave. Is it clear?”—employer

I didn’t sign any bond. This is not right. You can’t do this to me.”—man

Guards, take him away. Lock him up till he decides to shut down the rebel in him”—employer

And that was it for the day. He was locked up in a 10 by 10 cell, and no food or water was provided to him. At that very moment, he remembered the last words from his father, before he left home: “you are not doing the right thing by going there. There have been so many cases where people have gone missing. Don’t run after money. Don’t go.”

How much he wished then that he had listened to his father. I cannot tell you how he managed to get out from there as that will take me an entire novel to do so, but the fact is that today he is living a very comfortable life with his family in Goa.

He has no regrets whatsoever of not being able to make it big in his life. The only things that are important to him are his wife and his kids.

On the night that I was about to catch my flight back home, he told me: “Son, the only advice that I will like to give you for your life is, never ever run after money, because that’s not what life is. Life is right here with me in the form of my wife and kids and I would never let anything take them away from me.”

While coming back, during the whole journey, his words seemed to echo in my head. I guess the man had found his Zindagi. And today I want to thank the Almighty for having found my Zindagi for me. 🙂

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