2017 App World!

Came across an article (http://zeenews.india.com/apps/top-5-superstar-apps-of-2016-that-will-continue-to-rule-2017_1966067.html), where in the apps that are supposed to rule (don’t really understand the term and would have preferred serve well instead of rule, but kudos to who so ever thought about the same 😉) the App World in 2017, were mentioned.

Happy to get into the names, Paytm, Big Basket, UrbanClap, Netmeds & Roposo and would begin by congratulating the wonderful work being done by the respective teams.

While I was about to close the link, sought of an after thought, wondered what it was all about. Let’s look at each app individually and see why they are supposed to rule. 

Paytm, well, understandable, especially because of the latest demonetization move by our PM, Narendra Modi and people at times choosing and more so being forced to move towards a digital era when it comes to transactions.

Also, because of the recent permission of a payment bank that they have got, which would propel their customer acquisition in a significant manner.

Big Basket, at a customer level, more so because of convenience and freshness, which ideally should have been a top priority, in many a cases, have become a second priority. Also, demonetization adding to the woes of mom and pop stores in the short term.

UrbanClap, had to be one, isn’t it? Considering the non-availability of qualified service providers, just a click away, and scope for getting professional services, on top of that, someone to look into the feedback and get resolution for things such as bad behavior and service.


Netmeds, again because of convenience and availability of medicines. Though good for the companies, I just wonder what this means for our society as a whole.

More the sales, more the  number of people, who end up falling sick, speaks a lot about our consumerist lifestyle that we have got so habitual to living. Food for thought for us all!

Roposo, haven’t we all, at some point of time in our lives, tried to emulate what our idols, or Bollywood stars tend to do? Have we not wanted to connect with them in one way or the other?

Probably, all the key words that come out of the above (Money, Food, Consumers, Health & Fashion) make up what we mortals do on a day-to-day basis. 

Are you a little surprised not to see any travel app in the top 5, meant to give you happiness in the arms of nature and let’s say a wellness app or a preventive app in the healthcare sector, meant to keep you healthy and in a pleasant state of mind.

What I see above is a reflection of what’s to come, just wonder, whether the way we are heading is the way we are supposed to go?

Source for the Image: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204266


Cabby’s take on Make in India!

Each city has a different flavour and Mumbai being the financial capital of India is always buzzing with opinions from people concerning the economy. Though you may not really agree to various perspectives and opinions being expressed and though you might not be able to find a strong rationale which could convince you, yet the conviction with which a common man in Mumbai cites one’s perspective is a thing to learn from.

Yes, it was one heck of a drive with one of the cab drivers in Mumbai that I happened to take just a couple of weeks back. As you might be aware that Make in India was the talking point, practically all over India, just a couple of weeks back, this gentleman had a different take on the same altogether:

“Sir, where do you wanna go?”—Cabby

“Take me to the BKC complex for Make in India. “—Me

After driving for around 5 minutes, cabby broke the silence, “Sir, do you think it will be good for India?”

“Ya, I think so. Investments would pour in. More job opportunities would be created. People in general should benefit. So, yes, Make in India is a wonderful initiative taken by our honourable PM.”

“But Sir, don’t you think again the goras would come and start ruling again similar to what happened with East India Company and rest is History. I mean, all the investments would be theirs, what will we have? We will again become slaves in the entire scheme of things. Don’t you think it’s like selling India to the goras?”—Cabby had his own apprehensions regarding the entire initiative

“It’s not like that. It would be a Joint Venture between us and them. We would contribute some, they would bring in the rest of investment and expertise. Moreover, we will have checks and balances in place which would enable such a thing doesn’t happen”, I tried explaining.images

“Sir, kis zamane mein tumhe living aahe. The world is not that great. Do you think it’s all for the good of the people? It’s only because if you have money then only you can get a cut in the same. Sir, hum logon tak kuch nahi pahuchega. There is so much of corruption. How will we benefit?” Cabby had a valid point.

“So what do you think we should do?”

“Sir, we should encourage our own youth. Gora kya karega. Idharich, we should do something.” Cabby had his own take on things.

By the time I reached the BKC complex, cabby had me convinced about the gaps that need to be filled if any such programme was to be made a success.

As I entered the gates of the Make in India event, I wondered whether the cabby did have a point. After all, what was needed was not just investment, but a sustainable process where in the trained workforce can utilize the funds being brought in and have a sense of ownership in the entire scheme of things, rather than being dependent on the external sources of funds.

I would want to believe that collaboration is the way forward and with concepts like, “vasudaiva kutumbkam” receiving acceptance from the who’s who of philosophical thinking, may be the collaboration should have a basis which goes beyond just attracting investments from the external world, whether one must try to focus more on domestic before going to the international, may be the international collaborations would help more in case we are able to first sort out our internal affairs and be ready for the change.

What concerns me most is whether India has prepared well for the significant change at policy level that is taking place, whether we as Indians are capable enough to adapt to the pace of change that is going to hit us in the near future, whether won’t it be better to have things sorted out in education/skilling and healthcare sectors in a focused manner before venturing out in the world of investments.

Yet to be seen how Make in India and Skill India will come through, but one thing is for sure, decisions made at the policy level, needs to find common grounds with the implementer in the system, else all these initiatives would go for a toss and once again we would be left repenting and thinking, “what if”.

Source for Image: http://shareacab.in/

The Modi Wave!

It is not often that you get a chance to have a conversation on politics, considering that you are sharing space with 4 other persons, all eagerly marching towards the Dhikaala gate of the Jim Corbett National Park.

What amazes me the most is that instead of me writing about my experience of the entire jungle safari, here I feel compelled more to share the wonderful thoughts of a learned gentleman (G) who happened to sit next to me in this beautiful journey on a topic which has become the most popular in recent times.

You are coming here for the first time?”—-G

Yes, uncle, how about you?”—-Me

No, I have come here before. You see I have plenty of time on my hands having retired from my job, unlike you youngsters who are busy with their own lives and need to take out time from your busy schedules.”—-G

That’s true, uncle.”—-Me

I don’t know whether it is the right time to discuss NaMo, as you youngsters like to refer to the man, still would like to know your opinion on the wave that everyone seems to be talking about.”—-GModi

Uncle, I feel today’s India certainly need a change in the way the things are being run by the state machinery and hence a need for better government. If NaMo does what he says then surely things will head in the right direction for a country like ours.”—-Me

So, you support Modi?”—-G

More than the person, I support the vision, though I have certain reservations about whether he would be able to do so in a country as big as ours.”—-Me

I have heard this many times before from youngsters as yourself and every time I feel like narrating a story which I happened to be a part of.”—G

I am all ears Uncle :).”—-Me

Well, a couple of months back, I went to Gujarat to attend my niece’s wedding. On one of the days that I happened to be there, I thought of taking a stroll down at 11’o clock in the night, not very far from a highway, where the house in which the wedding was taking place, was situated. I have a bad habit of losing my way as I tend to venture out far away and on this occasion it was no different. I had left my cell phone in the house, so had no one to call to. I decided that the only way left was to seek help, as I vaguely remembered the address.

As I was trying to figure out whom to talk to for help, I saw two teenage girls discussing their examination paper on a bus stop, with one sitting on a scooty and the other waiting for her bus. As I approached the girls, one of them asked, “What happened uncle? You are looking lost!”. After informing them about my situation, the girls informed me of the bus number that would take me straight to the place I was looking for.

As I sat on one of the benches on the bus stop, the girl with the scooty noticed my anxious face and came up to me,”Uncle, if you give me 5 minutes, I will drop you myself after solving this numerical.” to which I happily agreed and she did drop me to my place afterwards.

Now, of all places that you have visited in India, can you name a few where you would find the girls feeling safe while venturing out after 10 pm at night and talking to a stranger? I am sure you wouldn’t be able to name many. If we were to go by stats, Gujarat has a very low crime rate. Even if one were to question the very credibility of the crime numbers; there is no denying the fact that crime has not taken its toll in Gujarat.

If we were to talk of the water availability, it is available in remotest of areas in Gujarat. The roads are a beauty. On the industrial and infrastructural front, Gujarat has made tremendous progress. I have even heard that in order to improve the governance in the state, Modi routinely talks to the big shots in the bureaucracy and ensures that they remain grounded and on their toes in their service to mankind.

The man certainly has a vision but more than the vision he has the knack of fulfilling the same. If he can do it in one state, I strongly believe that he can do so in other states as well, if given a chance. Yes, it is my belief and a desire but it is founded on strong fundamentals.”—-G

And then the gentleman went on to describe the characteristics of the extremely generous Gujaratis whom he happened to meet on his visit along with the delicacies that formed very much a part of his visit to Gujarat.NaMo

I was pleasantly surprised to see the kind of effect this whole Modi Wave has generated. The people are hopeful. As we witness the great turnaround in the fortunes of the political parties, the focus is surely going to shift on what Mr. Modi will do in the coming 6-7 months after becoming the PM of our country.

They say, where there is a will, there is a way and where there is a way, things surely come to a fitting conclusion. All in all, after seeing the results that are coming our way, the only thing that I can hope for is for Mr. Modi to perform and that will determine whether India has truly voted for the betterment of our country.

Source for Image: http://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-special-now-namo-on-your-dinner-table/20140102.htm, http://www.moneycontrol.com/video/politics/bjp-names-narendra-modi-its-pm-candidate-for-2014-polls_949487.html