Sounds of Wisdom!

Most of us play office office in our lives,

Considering the effort and the focus is to keep the office space lively,

Many opt for locations which bring one closer to the nature,

And if its right opposite a beautiful lake,

One wouldn’t be complaining too much about going to the office,

For one gets to hear and witness,

Chirping of birds,


Sounds of waves being created in the water,

Coupled with sounds which create some sort of hindrance,

when it comes to enjoying the beautiful scene,




being few of such,

The former representing the very essence of life,


The latter reminding how far we have come from the very fundamentals.

Some day, one might wonder,

One would go back to where he or she came from!

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Happiness Overrated?

I wanna be happy! He uttered. 

What’s stopping you, she said. 

And then there was silence.

Well, happiness is so overrated, don’t you think so? 

Why do you say so? She exclaimed.

What is happiness for that matter? 

Nothing but a state of mind. 

He continued:

What if my mind has no bandwidth to think about this aspect of life?

What if I deep dive into something that doesn’t give me time to think about happiness altogether?

What if the very concept doesn’t occur to me?

What if there exist no such endeavour?

For you can choose to be or not depending on your mind’s willingness to do so.

And what is mind after all, a monkey sitting on your shoulders whom you are trying to take control of, all your lives.

After all it’s us the middle class who keep pondering over how to be happy.

The successful have no time neither energy to bother about such things. 

They are too involved and engaged doing something.


As each day goes by, they progress and move towards their well thought out goals.

Only to be appreciated and recognised for their achievements.

A day comes when they depart leaving their legacy behind. 

So, what about happiness? 

She got her turn:

Yes, working day and night does keep you engaged,

Yes, engaging and rewarding as it might seem, 

Do they take a pause to admire the beautiful colours of the flora and fauna around?

Do they find a moment to breathe the fresh morning dew?

Do they smile for no reason, just feeling alive?

Do they cherish the life for no other reason?


Yes, they do leave a legacy but what for and for whom, for they are already gone. 

He listened attentively, 


A drop of tear in his eyes, 

A thought haunting enough to make him sad. 

Maybe repenting,

Maybe contemplating what if? 

Was it too late? He wondered.

Time to be happy I guess! She smiled as she had the last word looking straight into his eyes. 

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Do you guys remember the famous dialogue from the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots?

All is well, all is well! 

In the times of COVID-19, no better time to remind ourselves of,

All’s going to be well!

The world is indeed changing,

The very definition of normalcy is going for a toss,

So much of uncertainty,

And I admit it’s hard to cope up with these forced changes happening all around,

News hovering around the people falling sick or dying every day,

It kind of becomes depressing at times,

For the not so affluent, the workers, the times are even more challenging,

With them having to fight for the basic necessities of life, the very survival,

Moraine Lake in Banff National Park - Canada


What keeps us all going is the hope that,

This too shall pass,

As Homo Sapiens, we all believe that we would not just disappear like Dinosaurs did,

What this situation does is to give us all time in the world to introspect,


Our lifestyle that we got so habituated to pursuing,

Our aspirations for which we almost forgot that we all are indeed a mortal species,

Our priorities in life, very well knowing that tomorrow we can die,


Make amends, aim being creating a sustainable future for the generations to come.

The only question being,

Are we all prepared to get out of the I-ZONE and think about the 8.4 Million species that exist with us on this planet Earth?

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2017 App World!

Came across an article (, where in the apps that are supposed to rule (don’t really understand the term and would have preferred serve well instead of rule, but kudos to who so ever thought about the same 😉) the App World in 2017, were mentioned.

Happy to get into the names, Paytm, Big Basket, UrbanClap, Netmeds & Roposo and would begin by congratulating the wonderful work being done by the respective teams.

While I was about to close the link, sought of an after thought, wondered what it was all about. Let’s look at each app individually and see why they are supposed to rule. 

Paytm, well, understandable, especially because of the latest demonetization move by our PM, Narendra Modi and people at times choosing and more so being forced to move towards a digital era when it comes to transactions.

Also, because of the recent permission of a payment bank that they have got, which would propel their customer acquisition in a significant manner.

Big Basket, at a customer level, more so because of convenience and freshness, which ideally should have been a top priority, in many a cases, have become a second priority. Also, demonetization adding to the woes of mom and pop stores in the short term.

UrbanClap, had to be one, isn’t it? Considering the non-availability of qualified service providers, just a click away, and scope for getting professional services, on top of that, someone to look into the feedback and get resolution for things such as bad behavior and service.


Netmeds, again because of convenience and availability of medicines. Though good for the companies, I just wonder what this means for our society as a whole.

More the sales, more the  number of people, who end up falling sick, speaks a lot about our consumerist lifestyle that we have got so habitual to living. Food for thought for us all!

Roposo, haven’t we all, at some point of time in our lives, tried to emulate what our idols, or Bollywood stars tend to do? Have we not wanted to connect with them in one way or the other?

Probably, all the key words that come out of the above (Money, Food, Consumers, Health & Fashion) make up what we mortals do on a day-to-day basis. 

Are you a little surprised not to see any travel app in the top 5, meant to give you happiness in the arms of nature and let’s say a wellness app or a preventive app in the healthcare sector, meant to keep you healthy and in a pleasant state of mind.

What I see above is a reflection of what’s to come, just wonder, whether the way we are heading is the way we are supposed to go?

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Ad Hoc Zindagi!

I have always been a very big fan of ad hoc decision making throughout my life. Planning has always looked so boring to me, personally. The kick and the pleasure one gets in an ad-hoc implementation is much more than what you can possibly get via a planned implementation.

Some of my friends tell me that it can’t go on forever and ever, which is true to some extent. But till you are able to do so and till the time you have an apetite to sustain such trips, then why the hell one should be laid back in taking that one step towards something which will remain with you forever and ever.

Some even say that its a sheer waste of time and money. After all what’s there in roaming around alone. What is this kind of fun that is very much incomprehensible to them?

Well! Some things are there to be felt and not talked about or explained. 😉 Either you feel it or you don’t and this is one such thing which needs to be looked at not from the perspective that our brain tends to provide us with but from a perspective that our heart tends to provide. 🙂photo-full

And sometimes it’s not all about losing or winning; it is also not about those materialistic things and pleasures of life that we tend to preserve for centuries without really getting the pleasure out of it and undermining the purpose of preserving the same.

It is also not about getting hitched to what the norm is; what is normally done by the majority; what might be the recommended thing to do; what might be the most sought for thing to do at a certain point of time in life.

It is much more than what I have mentioned above. It is life personified. It is the happiness and the satisfaction you derive from being close to the nature that is more important than anything else in life that you can possibly perceive or think of.

I know that this can’t go on forever and ever and there will be a time when I will also do the normal. But you never know what lies in the future. And who can deny the possibility of me getting lucky with respect to be able to spend sometime such as this in the future ;).

All that I would like to say, as of now, is Three Cheers to Ad-Hoc Zindagi ;).

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Living Naturally

As I am writing here, the rain Gods are showering the much needed relief upon us, and my dear bageera is sitting next to me besides my chair, enjoying the showers.

How often had I dreamt of sitting in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature from all sides and how often had I thought about penning down my thoughts which seem to flow, courtesy the very nature of the surroundings that I happen to be in.

Such an environment is very much in tune with the ideal ambience that a writer so craves for. Not only a writer, but also a lay man wanting to restore some peace of mind and wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives would love to be in my shoes at this very moment.

Such a luxury is found very rarely in this present day scenario and is a much sought for thing. Somehow, I have always felt that in this race to accomplish material successes in life, we have forgotten the very essence and the meaning of life.

In this race of becoming business tycoons, or gaining expertise in medicine or reaching the top notch of our bureaucracy, we have somewhere left the man in us behind, which seem to emerge again from the dungeons only in our fifties or sixties when we sit down to ponder over how we had lived our entire life and whether we could have done something differently.

There are so many things to do and see in this World. I guess we end up witnessing around 0.1% or not even that, of the entire cosmos. Some would want to stop me from going on with my concepts at this very moment and would want to question me about my propensity to talk about such things and whether it is really relevant to even give such thoughts a chance to break their silence.

Indeed, one can have different perspective on the same, but it is often that we don’t realize the advice that our natural instincts tend to offer, giving them not even the slightest of regard which they so deserve and which is so essential for the well being of an individual.

As a consequence the various life style diseases seem to be on a rise and more and more people are getting affected by the innumerable kind of diseases that didn’t use to affect us in the past.

I am sure there must be some reason which could answer or try to explain the very causes of the same. For me the answer lies in us drifting away from the very basis of life, the nature around us which has been and will continue to be our bread and butter for the entire life.

We have somehow got used to spending our time in unnatural activites and therefore end up suffering from certain ailments that didn’t use to figure, say a couple of decades back.

Some might blame the time for not being on their side. But I wouldn’t dare to do that. What I would want to do instead is to give myself and my basis of existence a chance to prevent the havoc from prevailing any further upon what we all call Our World.

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Raining Cats and Dogs

Its not often that you get up after hearing the reverberating sound of the cloudburst. And today was one such morning. To my delight, the rain Gods had taken over the charge and were all out to bring some relief to the ever increasing temperature that had hit the city in the past couple of weeks.

To give me company in my garden were all sorts of animals and insects which one can imagine in an ambience provided by a domestic garden. And my favourite amongst them all, kutkut, the little squirrel that I have talked about in my previous posts, was present along with the other animals.

By the way, kutkut has increasingly become fond of me and is not anymore scared to come near me. I guess, thats how animals tend to develop relationships with people, taking their own time and by treading a cautious path.

On one hand, where all the above was bringing smiles to my face, on the other hand, I was extremely upset to see the state of drainage system in my city, which is by the way the capital of the largest populated state in India, and can be taken as a representative of most cities in India including the metropolitans, when it comes to getting affected by the rainy season.

It was disappointing to see the man holes over flowing and the streets getting clogged with water, finding no way whatsoever to escape the bitumnious and concrete pavements. As a result, one could witness long traffic jams in the centre of the city during the office hours. People could be seen arguing and abusing due to incidents like water being splashed on their clothes.

There are some amongst us who have already given into the lack of responsiveness on part of our administration. And then there are some who keep criticizing the administration, primarily the Municipal Corporation for not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

What surprises me the most is that every year, the same situation is repeated, yet no one seems to be able to provide a solution to this periodic problem. Is it due to lack of interest on part of our administration or is it just because they aren’t capable of providing a solution to the problem?

Whatever might be the case, I am sure that there are enough funds which, if appropriately used, can definitely provide the much needed relief to the people during the Monsoon season.

But is our administration listening?

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Tuktuk on my Window

This is the view of a window right in front of where I sit and work on my laptop. Now you might be wondering as to why I clicked this. Well, here is the creature which keeps moving up and down on the window and makes sounds which are quite hilarious at times.I have named it Tuktuk.

I don’t know what’s Tuktuk’s life is all about, but one thing that I certainly know about Tuktuk is that it works really hard all day. It picks up small pieces of straw and other building materials that it uses to build it’s house right above the window, from the ground and keeps doing this all day along.

I am sure it might be getting tired and frustrated by repeating the same thing again and again, but hats off to Tuktuk’s determination, commitment  and focus, which makes me wonder that there are so many things that we can learn from our surroundings and can amend our ways to make our lives better and enjoyable.

If not anything Tuktuk does help me to get rid of my boredom and gives me company all day long. It indeed inspires me to do more out of my life and helps me build up will power, grit and determination.


Love Nature: Spend sometime with Her

Many of us youngsters don’t really get a chance to see the first rays of the sun, mostly because of the kind of routine that we are used to pursuing in our colleges. In some cases, yes, we get a chance to behold the amazing phenomenon and that is when we are on nite-outs.

Luckily, I got up early and went for a morning walk today. There was a sense of calm that prevailed with only a few old/middle age couples engaged in their walking activity and a few paperwalas and dhoodwaalas doing what they are supposed to be doing.

On returning, I thought of spending some time in the garden. I had never realized how spending some time close to nature could gear one up for the entire day. It certainly gave me a positive outlook and it energised me for the day ahead.

Doctors say that spending sometime with the nature has a healing affect. I am no doctor to comment on the same but one thing is for sure, it does brighten up one’s life in some way or the other. 

For those who have had an opportunity to do such kind of activities, have you experienced the same kind of positivity?