Data: Mera Cell Tera Cell!

On one hand where data is a fantastic thing to have for anything and everything in the world,

Be it looking at the gender diversity ratio in a company/parliament etc.,

Be it the percentage of people for whom a certain drug might have worked in terms of the cure it offered, and in turn the effectiveness of the very drug,

Be it evaluating the state of economy, and the possibilities of getting returns on prospective investments,

Be it deriving insights from the experiments, scientists perform day-in-day out, concerning matters which we tend to deal with; with or without the realization of the same,

On the other hand, data tends to divide people, putting them into different groups and attributing the same with certain characteristics, in turn resulting in the biases that we all have, and in turn questioning the very fundamentals of a being, the very cells that make us all who we call as oneself.


Many a times, I have had heard phrases like vasudhaiva kutumbakam, which means world is one family, unity in diversity etc. all suggesting that all are supposed to be treated equally,

No matter what our colour of the skin is,

No matter what religion we were bound to follow because we choose to be born in a particular family residing in a particular place in time,

No matter what gender we got associated to and were categorized in, based upon the reproductive credentials that we possess,

Yet, for the want of it, and at times for the need of it, the who’s who of the society, tends to divide and rule on the basis of the power of this very data, which surprisingly tends to find some kind of an acceptance, knowingly or unknowingly across all variety of people.

After all, if mera cell=tera cell (my cell=your cell), would there be a need to refer to people as being part of a group or a religion?

The reality is more often than not stranger than the fiction, and that’s why it’s easy to accept and adapt to the fictitious ways in which we have all got accustomed to living our lives.

The fact is that we are going to be bombarded with plethora of data along with its interpretation, day-in-day-out,

The question all need to ask themselves is whether they are prepared to make that all important choice of not succumbing to the fiction and rise above to realize reality.

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Section 144 at Jantar Mantar

Are the Jallianwala Bagh days back to haunt us all? From the recent development in Lokpal Hooplah it seems so. Since the law and order situation in New Delhi is well under the central government, the decision of the New Delhi administration to impose Section 144 of IPC on the pretext of ensuring peace and order in the city seems to indicate that the central government doesn’t want any opposition whatsoever regarding the Lokpal issue and wants to do things as per their own sweet will.

The imposition of Section 144 seems totally illogical especially looking at the reasons given by our government, for the last time Anna Hazare took such an initiative, it was a totally peaceful scenario with no reports of disturbance whatsoever.

August 16 is soon approaching and the support for the initiative is building up as well. The government seems to be in a no-compromising mode and so is team Anna. So. it’s hard to imagine this not turning out to be another Baba Ramdev like event which resulted in injury to so many with one old lady even going into a coma.

If the government and the police administration were to act in the same manner as they did in case of Baba Ramdev, it could really take us back to the British rule and it would be a clear violation of the rights of the people.

Lets hope that the government would agree to also present the Lokpal Bill prepared by the activist in the Parliament in order to reach to a compromise and then let the debate happen as to which Lokpal Bill would be more appropriate.

In any case I don’t understand as to why the government has gone so defensive on the issue of holding a referendum in the country. After all they are people’s representatives and were brought into power by the people, so do they think that people don’t support this government anymore?

Do let us know what you think. Will government compromise and act responsibly regarding Lokpal issue?

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