Make a Choice!

This one is on demand. For the past couple of days, Saty (I hope you guys remember the guy) was asking me to write in Hindi, a couple of lines that would express my feeling towards a very special person in my life and here I am complying with the idea :).

मौसम तो खुशमिजाज़ है फिर दिल ये तनहा आज क्यूँ है,
कहती अलविदा तो तू हर रात है फिर आँखें नम आज क्यूँ है,
देते थे ख़ुशी जो पल तेरे साथ के यादें उनकी दे रही गम आज क्यूँ है,
असर तेरी मोहब्बत का है मेरे प्यार बिछड़ने का तुझसे हो रहा जो एहसास यूँ है.

A feeling that has come across so well! Whenever I read something, an image tends to form in my mind and I can feel as if the narration is happening right in front of my eyes.

Reading the above takes me to a place where a guy is sitting underneath a tree and is thinking about the moment when his girl friend decides to leave him and go away forever from his life. वो कहते हैं ना शायरी तभी दिल से निकलती है जब दर्द होता है.

No matter how much one deny, no matter how much one tries to act smart, this is one emotion that everyone wants to experience in his or her life. It is not only because of Shahrukh Khan that this emotion has been able to gain the mileage in the current century that we are living in, but also because it forms such an essential part of our emotional and social self.faces

It had been there since times immemorial and will always remain with us, for it is deeply imbibed in both our sub-conscious and the conscious. You might  succeed in eliminating the thoughts in your conscious but you certainly can’t do anything about the sub-conscious which not only makes you remember things from your past, but also enables you to derive pleasure from the same.

I wonder if there was no sub-conscious then what would have happened. But why the hell one should be thinking about what could have been. Instead we should always try to focus on what is and what could be.

How many hours we tend to waste in reminiscing about our past. How wonderful it would be if we spend that same time in thinking about what we would want to do right now or why thinking, just doing what we want to do.

It is said that life never gives us a second chance, for it is you, who need to grab that second chance. It is up to you to decide to do something rather than wait for something to happen for you. It is up to you to choose between sitting underneath a tree and say, moving on, thereby ensuring that you give yourself another opportunity to find love once again in life.choice

Life is indeed a roller coaster. You will get some and you will lose some. You will have to go through the ups and downs of the same, whether you like it or not. It is up to you, at the end of the day, to decide how happy you want to feel when you are on the up and how sad when you are on the down.

As far as I am concerned, if one doesn’t want to and doesn’t chose to be unhappy, then life sometimes gives up its stubborn ideas and let you be what you want to be.

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The Jugaadu’s Shaadi!

Every day is a new day. Every day is a new beginning. Every day brings along a new perspective. Every day, a new experience tends to hit you head on.

Have you ever appreciated the fact that each day in our life is a thing to really look forward to. Not many of us would have thought about it and for those who have, they might have just allowed this thought to cross their minds without leaving any kind of significant trace on the lanes of memory.

But one thing that always seem to leave a trace on our memories is the time that we spend with our near and dear ones, the time that we always tend to reminisce about, the time we would so wish to come back to us.

And one such occassion occured very recently in my life, the essence of which has been brought out by none other than saty:

wahi shaam ki mohakta, wahi raahon ka ishaara,                                                             wahi ek manjil humari, wo shaant nehar ka kinara,                                                                kinare per goonjati bas hum doston ki aawajein,                                                              kuch khusion kuch gamon se bhari humari baatein,                                                           wo haseen pal banke anmol aaj fir mahak uthe,                                                                  wo panchi bichde mile to aaj fir chahak uthe

Indeed, it was a night to remember, not because we did something extraordinary and out of the blue thing, but sheerly because of revisiting the connect that we all so wish to feel again and again and which seems to grow in leaps and bounds with every such opportunity.

Usually, there is isn’t any topic in particular, that we tend to focus on, but yesterday courtesy another very dear friend whom we all call jugaadu (because of the talent that only he possesses), we all ended up discussing jugaadu ki shaadi.
I wonder if the older generation did the same as we somehow end up doing every now and then, not many would have got married. It is amazing to see how things evolve over time and how the thought process tends to change with every generation assimilating and accomodating the newly evolved opinions and ideas.
It is true that deciding upon whom you would want to spend your entire life with, can indeed be a mindblogging decision, considering the inherent subjectivity involved in the whole process and also because the criteria of an ideal partner has changed over time.
Presumably, that was the reason why our ancestors left it as a matter of fate over which no one seems to have control over and which has already been decided by someone up there.
Whatever might be the sweet will of the Almighty, one thing that goes a long way in keeping up a healthy relationship with your better half and if I take the liberty of representing that one thing in the form of an equation, then it would go somewhat like this:
Healthy relationship = committment * compromise
The above is not a guarantee or a turn key solution to all woes encountered, but surely it can and will lead to maintaining a better relationship in times to come.
Marriages are indeed made in Heaven. The thing that needs to be done here on Planet Earth is to savour it the way it is supposed to be at the same nurture the very foundations of a healthy relationship.
Somehow all the jugaad tends to fail and only genuine efforts result in bonhomie and a successful relationship. I hope someone is listening ;).
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