Characters: BM

What if,

running away from realities of life becomes a habit?

You might start to act isolated,


You might end up becoming that guy,

Who comes across as an outright extrovert,

Living one’s life on the go,

Not caring about other’s emotions,

Not wanting to indulge in any serious relationship for the fear of getting hurt,


Moving all over the place,

for you are not able to find peace anywhere,

no matter where you end up going.

For the world,

you come across as a fun character,

who is full of energy,

who tends to become the centre of attention of all parties and get togethers,


in your heart and mind, you end up being lonely to the core,

wishing that a day would come when you would finally be able to rest in peace,

if not literally,

at least in someone’s arms.

Such is the core of what BM, Brownian motion, one of the protagonist of my upcoming novel, consists of.

More to follow soon!

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Retirement for people working in the government job generally happens at the age of 60, for private, it might happen a little late.

As far as I am concerned, the only time one retires is when one leaves this body.

Though, what needs to be done for most of us in contemporary times is to retire our thoughts from doing stupidity.

Most of the times, our minds seem to be occupied with one thing or the other, which one refers to as being able to multi-task or being mindful,

Be it the comparisons we keep making day-in-day-out,


Aspirations of earning more and more,


Have you ever wondered, what would happen if instead of being mind-full, you were mind-less?

Free from all worries that seem to come as a consequence of being mind-full,

Free from anxieties of what if!

Free from meeting the expectations and aspirations,

Does that mean, sitting idle?

Not really, in turn, you get an opportunity to focus on that all important thing, in terms of making your contribution towards the society that you are a part of,

That one core activity you would want to dedicate yourself to make a difference in the lives of people occupying this cosmos at the same point of time as you,

To utilize to the core that key skill set you consider yourself to be having,

The question though is your preference for being mid-full or mind-less ? 😉

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Religious Indulgence!

I happened to get up real early this morning. Since, it is not often that we get to see the rising sun these days, courtesy the kind of lifestyle we all tend to lead, I decided to take a walk in order to find some solace amidst the hooplah that we generally associate with a buzzing city, which also happens to be the capital of the state where I happen to reside.

But little did I realize that today is a Tuesday. If you are wondering why I am telling you such a trivial thing like this, this Tuesday is supposedly not an ordinary Tuesday. It is what we call bada mangal in India. On this day, people flock to the temples starting very early in the morning and one can witness large cues of people standing outside the temple to get a glimpse of their most sought for God and to make sure that they offer Him all kinds of valuables in order to please Him to the extent of Him showering His blessings and love on them.JhakhuTemple_4834

Coming back to my morning exploration agenda, it turned out to be a noisy affair with people chit-chatting on the streets and pandals offering food and drinks to those who got up so early just to indulge in what I would want to refer to as the religious indulgence.

Without going into the religious beliefs that people have, as it is very much an individualistic thing, I sometimes wonder why these very people who end up going to the temples and end up praying in front of their respective Gods, end up doing acts in real life which, am sure, would make their God feel very disgruntled.

It is quite bewildering why these very people don’t realize that it is more important to be practicing good values and inculcating good habits in life rather than going to the temples on such special days and asking for forgiveness. Why in the first place should you end up in a situation where you are required to ask for forgiveness?

Isn’t it an irony that these very same people who come to the temples with all the expensive valuables, the moment they step out of the sacred place, commit acts which can, at times, make the entire humanity feel ashamed of themselves. What’s the use of doing such penance when it doesn’t seem to strike a chord in their minds as to what is right and what is wrong? Isn’t it a mockery of the religion which they practice and which supposedly preaches them the contrary of what they end up doing in their real lives?

I cannot help but think, whether the evolution of this very concept of God occured just because we humans couldn’t handle the guilt associated with the shameful acts that we all commit. And so we created temples and in turn placed a figure in the form of a statue and started referring to Him as God, who supposedly is in all ways became the karta dharta of this very World in which we all happen to be living in.

God, who was supposed to give people the strength and vision to do things in a virtuous manner, ended up being a proxy, used by the powerful and the rich and even the common man to get rid of their guilt.God

As far as I am concerned, I believe that instead of going to the temples, it is more important to practice good things in life. I am sure your God will be more happy if you end up doing just that rather than going to the temples and creating chaos and incidents like stampedes.

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A Date with the Thinking Cap!

It seems there is no end to our desires. The more we get, the more we want to get. Everytime we end up accomplishing something, the confidence goes up leaps and bounds and gives birth to a new ambition and a new desire.

Some would say, after all there should be some aim in life. Without any aim, life would look so meaningless. True to the core, but have you ever realized that these ambitions and desires in turn lead to a rat race of sorts where everyone is busy catching up with the latest happenings in order to ensure that they don’t miss upon any opportunity what so ever of making money and thereby growing in stature and prestige.

I sometimes wonder, as to what was the aim with which God sent us all on this planet. Was it to get caught up in this illusion that the World is believed to be according to the Hindu mythology?

No one has been able to answer it with enough scientific evidence in order to establish any kind of substantial truth behind the same, though there have been various answers coming from every nook and corner of our country with various and different interpretations of the same.

Some of these interpretations are very much influenced by the whims and fancies of those who want to have some command and authority on the aspects related to religion and spirituality.

It is extremely fascinating to think about the manner in which a human mind goes about thinking and how we end up deciding the rights and wrongs of our society, which in turn leads to our words, actions, habits and in turn to our character and judgements about people thereafter.

But in all this thought process, have we forgotten the art of expressing content and appreciation for something that we have been able to accomplish over time or for something that someone does for us?

Have we become so materialistic and self-centred so as to forget the very meaning of humanity, where our only aim is to accumulate more and more, may be for the generations to follow?

Some time back, I had the fortune of interacting with a very learned professor of mine, who was very kind to have shared his perspective of life that he was leading at that point of time. I would take the liberty of quoting him here in order to bring out the essence of what life could mean to the majority out there:

Kush! During my childhood years, I was conditioned to get more and more in life. The only aim in life at that point of time was to get praise and respect from the people around you.

My mother always taught me that if you want to be respected and admired in the society then you need to be there on top. All my life, I took my mother’s word as a doctrine which was never to be violated.

I qualified JEE with a rank that most people would be proud of. I was a 9 point something CGPA in college which was considered to be amongst the best. I gave GRE and scored the highest of all who had appeared from my batch.

But the ambition of becoming more and more important never seem to take a halt. I then appeared for the Civil Services Examination and got a very good rank so as to ensure that I become an IAS officer.

I joined the service but I still couldn’t feel satisfied with what I had. Of all the things in the World, I wanted to become more and more important.

It was only after the first 5 years of my service, I began feeling suffocated and it was then that questions such as what is it that I really want to do with the 70+ years or so of life that are given to me by God.

I started becoming frustrated and wanted to run away from every important thing that I had ever accomplished. There was everything that I had: respect, money, prestige, power. But there was something that was missing.

And the thing was peace of mind and a satisfaction that I was doing what I really wanted to do. It was then that I decided to quit my job and started exploring the various things that I would be happy doing.

Today, when I look back at things, I feel that quitting what people would call one of the most lucrative of jobs in India was the best decision that I had ever taken for myself in my entire life. And trust me, I am really happy about it.

There are times when many youngsters like you would take up a job just because it is highly remunerative or because it might enable you to get all the materialistic things in life that you might have been coerced to wish for all your life.

But, what matters is not a Mercedez Benz or an Audi, but how happy you are traveling in that one Nano that you might happen to own. So before venturing out for anything, I would advice you to think about what you really want from your life and how you would want to use these years of life, so that when you reach my age and start reflecting the only thought that should come to your mind is: YES! I DID WELL.”

For all the people out there who are caught up in a similar situation and are feeling suffocated or dissatisfied with what they are doing, the only advice that my professor would have given them would be to take a break and think about what you really want to do with your life.

And trust me, this little break that you might take can do you hell lot of good. It can change your entire perspective about life. It can help you be what you want to be.

So, put your thinking caps on and start thinking!

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