Speak Up

Yesterday, I had written about the kind of incidents that are taking place in our society and the insecurity of our parents which is but natural to arise. What is surprising though is that hundreds of such incidents such as eve teasing, go unnoticed and unreported.

Is it because our parents are scared about the social consequences that might follow the very act of reporting? Is it because our parents are well aware of the treatment that their child might have to face in our society? Is it because of the inefficiency of the justice delivery mechanisms in place in our country?

Whatever might be the reason, it is extremely important to understand that if such incidents are not reported and the perpetuaters are not booked, then it is bound to lead to an increase in the occurence of such incidents. Those involved in such acts are bound to gain in confidence and in turn their evil motives are bound to prevail over our justice system.

Such reporting needs to be supported by the investigating agencies and the judiciary in our country by providing an effective environment where in justice can be delivered in an efficient and effective manner.

But the most important question that is haunting and will continue to haunt all of us is:

Do we have the courage to come out of our houses and take a stand against such incidents happening in our society and how many of us are really prepared to support such people who are taking an initiative in this regard?

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Role of Media in our Society

Have you ever wondered why the media chose to report on BJP President Gadkari’s health and not the mystery behind Sonia Gandhi? It is strange that after an initial mention of the same, the news just disappeared from the media channels never to be reported thereafter.

I wonder whether media has all been sold out and what motivates them at the end of the day is the TRP apart from the political and corporate influence which the media seems to be surrounded with at all times.

The coverage of things like a kid falling in a pit hole seems to be occupying most of the time of certain news channels, especially the Hindi News Channels, which have such a large viewer base.

Sometimes, I wonder whether media, which is supposed to be acting as the fourth arm of our constitution, will ever be able to fulfill its role meaningfully, or whether it will ever be caught in the number game.

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Narendra Modi’s Political Stunt

Somehow, our politicians are never able to think creatively. Anna’s success at the fasting has motivated a hell lot of politicians to go for the same in order to promote their own agendas.

On seeing one politician from a rival party fast, what does one do? You guessed in right, he decides to counter the fast with a fast of his own. Fasting, which used to be such a potent weapon in the hands of the father of our nation has become a piece of manipulation for our politicians in order to forward their own personal agendas.

And toeing in line on the weekend, was the Gujarat CM, who now seems to have got some kind of revelation as he is now talking about Hindu-Muslim unity. Is he the same person of the 2002 era?

I know people change and their views and opinions change as well, but it is hard to believe that a person of his stature can change so significantly. Whether he has changed or not is an issue that I don’t want to tread into, but the point that I want to signify is the message that he has tried to convey to all our countrymen through his fast.

Modi or no Modi, what should be remembered is that unity in diversity is the key to the progress of our nation and this should be ensured by every citizen of this country. So, why not take a pledge that we all would try to abide by the values of religious and cultural tolerance and would not be instigated to act against any community or religion no matter how much we are drawn into doing so.

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Time for UPA Government to Make Way?

It is not a mystery that since the UPA government has taken oath, inflation has been on the rise. It is not only with this Congress government, if we have a look at the history, this has been the case with each one of them. Can we infer something from this trend?

Well, as we try to decipher the code, the “aam aadmi” for whom the UPA government vouches for, has been again hit by the price-rise bug and this time around, it is the petrol prices, which has gone up by nearly Rs. 3.

This coupled with RBI’s decision to increase the rates to keep a check on the rising inflation would mean that the home and vehicle loans will become costlier, in turn burdening the common man even more.

I wonder how on earth, the UPA government will be able to contain this inflation and would want to give up on their flawed policies. If not is it time for UPA government to make way for a better and proficient government?

Source for Image: http://www.gev.com/2011/07/oil-prices-rise-up-again/

Mamta Banerjee’s Tantrums

What a thorn in bush she is turning out to be for the UPA government! As if the Anna Hazare Hooplah, along with 2G scam was not enough at the national level, Mamta Banerjee seems to be putting our Indian government into an odd position even on an international platform.

What amazes me the most is the timing of the lady. It seems quite improbable that the issue regarding sharing of the Teesta river waters with Bangladesh wasn’t discussed with her initially and if she was so opposed to the idea then why did she, initially agree to accompany PM on his visit. If this is not bad politics then what is!

Mamta Banerjee has been famous over the years for her irrational and hedonistic behaviour. But such kind of politics is highly deplorable considering the impacts it could have on India at the global level and the new beginnings might turn really sour.

Source for Image: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/indiabangladesh-sign-pact-on-border-demarcation/181937-3.html

UPA government: Digging Deep

The Anna Hooplah doesn’t seem to die down much to the displeasure of the UPA government. The act of putting Anna behind the bars seem to have created more controversy and seems to have established the government’s reputation as a high-handed government which would do whatever it wishes like even distorting laws to their own convenience.

The government seems to be questioning the methodology used by Anna in order to get his own terms and conditions accepted regarding the Lokpal Bill. Well, certainly the methodology is creating a stir in our nation and its hard to predict whether such a stir would remain peaceful. But instead of focusing at the issue at hand, which is to create a Lokpal Bill which is most appropriate, the government seems to be deviating from the crux of the matter.

The government seems to be losing their support amongst the citizens and the day is not so far when whole of India will witness a throwaway of this UPA government, if it doesn’t resort to some emergency face-saving measures.

Source for Image: http://in.reuters.com/article/2011/08/16/idINIndia-58802720110816

Riots in England

The past few days have not been in tune with the law and order situation in the oldest democracy in the World. It all started with shooting of a 29 year old man, Mark Duggan in Tottenham and now it has taken a dramatic shape with youths under the age of 21 being the major contributors in propagating the discontent in different cities including London, who have now organized their criminal activities with the help of social networking sites and mobile phones.

As if the floodgates have been broken and the long subdued discontent with government policies have found an outlet. Some observers believe that it just needed an ignition for the people to come on streets who have been marred for quite sometime with high unemployment rate and the failure on part of the government.

The government feels as if it had been sitting on the vent of an active volcano which has just erupted. The first thing it needs to do is to stop the riots and bring the law and order situation under control. Secondly it needs to review its policies due to which so much of anger and discontent had been built in the minds of the youth. Thirdly, instead of issuing policies which prevent the Asians from visiting their country, and in turn creating a hatred towards the community, the government should try to invest in sectors which create long term employment opportunities for the youth.

It is high time the government react quickly and amend its ways, else the situation might take the shape of what’s happening in the Arab World.

Source for Image: http://www.gev.com/2011/08/riots-in-london-after-police-kill-tottenham-man/


Impact of US crisis on International Organizations

After the WWII, a spate of international organizations became suddenly extremely important, one amongst which is UN. UN is supposed to provide a platform where the World can come to and discuss various issues at the same time phase out the controversies and differences in opinions and try to reach to a consensus.

Everyone knows about the influence that US has on such organizations, being the superpower that she is as well as the enormous amounts of funds that are being given to such organizations by US. Now with US all set to lose her status of an economic giant, will it hold the same kind of hegemony as before?

The world order is sure going to see a change with China all geared up to take the No.1 position from US. In fact, we can already see China evolving as “the” superpower. Everyone wants to be friends with China and no country wants to annoy “the Dragon“.

It will be interesting to see in the near future as to how power dynamics in international organizations will shape up considering that US would not want to give up its hold on the same and countries like Venezuela and Cuba wanting to get rid of this virus in the form of US hegemony that has plagued the world for so long.

Source for Image: http://www.uniosil.org/united-nations.html



Doomsday for US?

Isn’t the condition in US deteriorating day by day? Though they have managed to bail themselves out of the immediate crisis, the troubles seem to be not ending with S&P recently degrading US of her AAA status to AA+.

What this means is that the investors would now be in a position to bargain when investing in US Treasury bonds, which were before this incident considered to be one of the safest propositions in the market. Now, the US would be forced to pay a higher interest on these bonds, which in turn would affect their debt position further and in turn the unemployment rate which doesn’t seem to go down with time.

This also might trigger a backlash in outsourcing with uproar going louder on jobs in US being outsourced to India and in turn might have an impact on India and her citizens who are living in US.

But do US have options left in her kitty to deal with the thunder storm arising due to ever rising borrowing limit and debt situation? For that matter do European nations and in fact the whole World have some solution for the same, as this is not going to be just a local effect. It is going to effect the entire globe and the consequences seem really bad.

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Section 144 at Jantar Mantar

Are the Jallianwala Bagh days back to haunt us all? From the recent development in Lokpal Hooplah it seems so. Since the law and order situation in New Delhi is well under the central government, the decision of the New Delhi administration to impose Section 144 of IPC on the pretext of ensuring peace and order in the city seems to indicate that the central government doesn’t want any opposition whatsoever regarding the Lokpal issue and wants to do things as per their own sweet will.

The imposition of Section 144 seems totally illogical especially looking at the reasons given by our government, for the last time Anna Hazare took such an initiative, it was a totally peaceful scenario with no reports of disturbance whatsoever.

August 16 is soon approaching and the support for the initiative is building up as well. The government seems to be in a no-compromising mode and so is team Anna. So. it’s hard to imagine this not turning out to be another Baba Ramdev like event which resulted in injury to so many with one old lady even going into a coma.

If the government and the police administration were to act in the same manner as they did in case of Baba Ramdev, it could really take us back to the British rule and it would be a clear violation of the rights of the people.

Lets hope that the government would agree to also present the Lokpal Bill prepared by the activist in the Parliament in order to reach to a compromise and then let the debate happen as to which Lokpal Bill would be more appropriate.

In any case I don’t understand as to why the government has gone so defensive on the issue of holding a referendum in the country. After all they are people’s representatives and were brought into power by the people, so do they think that people don’t support this government anymore?

Do let us know what you think. Will government compromise and act responsibly regarding Lokpal issue?

Source for Image: http://www.covermiles.com/current-affairs/govt-lokpal-bill-vs-jan-lokpal-bill/