“I Listen”!

In a colloquial conversation, in a public gathering, a teacher was once asked, “what do you do for a living?” 

He answered, “I listen!

Funny to the core as it might sound, it had a very deep trans formative meaning to the same.

Most of the teachers by any set of imagination, would go on talking on how well they teach, how well they are able to bring out the curiosity in the kid, how well they are able to communicate their learning, and so on.

But here, this gentleman was standing amidst the who’s who of education sector, answering the very fundamental of what you need to do in order to make sure that every kid on this planet gets an opportunity to learn, as per his/her needs, convenience and adaptability.

For if one doesn’t listen to what the kid has to say, how would one know, what he/she wants, what are the kind of challenges the kid might be going through in his/her life be it getting bullied by a set of rogues or failing to understand that one concept in science on which he was made to believe that his entire future would depend on.

This fantastic habit, which we all refer to as listening, goes well beyond what I have spoken above and is a mool mantra of sorts when it comes to our day-to-day life.

Be it professional, or personal, though everything is personal (another thought for another time ;)), yet for clarity and for discussion purposes, lets keep it separate.

Professionally, an organization is one big family, where in the father/mother or the so called CEO tries to make sure that each kid performs to the best of his/her ability, reaping proportionate awards for the same, at the same time, making this family a prosperous unit.


Personally, father and mother, try to do everything possible for their kids, trying to make sure that every need is met with a suitable material/emotional support for the child to grow and become a productive and healthy individual.

But if the above forget to listen to what their kid has to offer in terms of advice, in terms of feedback, in terms of sharing his/her concern, in terms of discussing his/her problems, then no matter how good the HR policy is


The home conduct rules and values are, the kid will end up suffering, because of the chaotic environment around him/her which doesn’t seem to offer that much needed ear, leading to multitude of problems, both physical and psychological, that our society needs to be caught in big time, at this very moment in our lives.

So, if you want to become a good father, a good mother, a good CEO, a good leader or whatever category of good, you need to imbibe this art of listening.

I wonder, how many are indeed listening ;)!

Source for the Image: http://www.clipartpanda.com/categories/free-clip-art-children-listening


Seek the Right Person

There was a time when, one would have to wait for a week or even a month before some news could be delivered via the medium of letters. One used to wait to hear that tring tring emanating from the bicycle of the very man in uniform whom we used to call postman.

Times have changed. One, no longer, needs to wait for a piece of news. Instead, it can be delivered instantaneously using the various mediums that are available to us.

Indeed, it has led to a revolution when it comes to exchanging information and has in turn enhanced the ability of a person to respond quickly to a situation or to take an ad-hoc decision.

Where there have been so many pros, some elders in our society have a totally different take on the same and this pertains more to a sociological point of view.

According to them, the revolution in IT and Communications has led to increase in fights and dissent amongst the members of a family.

In older times, since the information could not be transmitted so easily, one tended not to take advice or be guided from others and in turn was forced to developing their own thinking and their own perceptions about a thing or a situation.

Now a days, according to the elders, everytime there is a fight in a family or amongst its members, what one does is to resort to making a phone call to the nearest person at hand.

What it does is, that the family matters tend to sneek out of the enclosures provided by the walls of a house. In case the person from whom the advice is being seeked is a well-wisher, things tend to normalize as he/she tends to give theappropriateadvice.

But, if the person is not a well-wisher then he/she might tend to create all kinds of issues in the family, thereby creating a divide amongst its members, at the same time ensuring that the family is exposed to public gaze, which can have deadly societal consequences.

Thus, what the elders would like to suggest is that family matters should be resolved within the chaar-diwari.

On one hand, where talking to the right person might lead to release of stress and frustration emerging from a situation, on the other hand it can end up real bad if the person from whom the advice is seeked turns out to be a crook.

With the kind of society that we are living in and with the kind of taboo attached to seeking professional help, one needs to bring a change in the perception associated with the act of going to a psychiatrist or the act of seeking professional help e.g. going to a counsellor.

This will not only help reduce the various problems emanating because of stress and tension but would also help in maintaining stability in our society.

Source for Image: http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-royalty-free-stock-image-finding-right-person-image15849016

Why cant Humans just remain Humans?

Yesterday, while returning home, I noticed quite a few vehicles with titles such as “Press“, “High Court“, mentioned alongside the number plate. I am used to seeing lot of unauthorized “neeli-battis” and “lal-battis“around, but this was a feat par uniqueness.

Somehow, I feel that in today’s World, everyone out there is trying to gain importance in some form or the other, so if they can’t get it via their humanly acts, they try to derive it through their positions or statuses.

A few days back, seeing the multiplication of the neeli-battis around, the government set itself a task of getting rid of the unauthorized battis. Seeing what I saw yesterday, I wonder whether the tags and the battis are here to stay.

Source for Image: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2005/20050707/j&k.htm