The Chemistry Boy!

Did you hear the recent news of this Chemistry boy who committed suicide?


Don’t tell me,

For there are hundreds and thousands waiting in the cue,

Oh, you didn’t know that?

Surprising enough,

For they exist in every nook and corner of our classrooms,


Who are made to sit in every possible class they don’t enjoy,

Who are ridiculed for every answer they are not able to provide to their teachers,

Who is made to feel humiliated just because a kid sitting next to them has read that encyclopedia and let’s say has better memory,


Why would we even be concerned about this?

Isn’t every kid suppose to top that academic exam?

No matter

Whether they like studying or not!

Whether they have other interests in life!

Whether they would be much better off doing something else rather than mugging up a friend’s notes!

Are we as a society open enough to understand this?

That kids are not rats after all,


Hence there is no rat race here,

Can we let them be just kids?

Who are meant to spread joy through their vibrant persona,

Who are meant to fill our lives with laughter and enthusiasm,

Who are meant to be supported at every point in their lives,

As a generation,

If we let that chemistry hating boy to commit suicide every now and then,

We are indeed a waste of life,

The only question being,

Do we want to be one?

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Happy New Year 2013! :)

Wishing everyone a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2013 🙂

With every new year comes a plethora of resolutions and then more often than not we end up following just a couple from the list that we might have been preparing for days and days, making sure that all the bad habits that we have, we should try to part ways with them and make sure that we don’t end up continuing with the same.

I would like to confess that I have had this habit of making resolutions every year and not being able to fulfill the same. What happens at the end of each resolution is that there is a huge list waiting to be dealt with. The list has kept growing and has gone bigger each year images

This very morning, I was talking to a very dear friend of mine, who asked me: “so boss! What’s the resolution for this year. 😛 “

Well! I know why you are asking me the same :). This year I have decided that I will not be so harsh on myself. I will take it easy and try to live life to the fullest as if there was no tomorrow ;).” —Me

Blah! Blah Blah! It’s a good way to escape from the very realities of life and you are being impractical. You know what life is all about, it’s about making it count for you get only one chance to have a shot at it. Then why not have some ambitions and make it big rather than settling in down with something which is not worthy of you.”—Friend

Ya, that’s a perspective that one can chose to have on life and is indeed a very lucrative and rewarding one. But somehow, I feel that there is no use running after the materialistic possessions and wasting time on the same.”—-Me

Then what would you do if you don’t want to emulate the stuff done by nearly every rational person on this planet Earth? Don’t you think that life would become so meaningless with no aim what so ever and with nothing to run for when you get up every morning? Don’t you think you will get really bored and fed-up of what’s going on? Won’t you have a tendency to compare yourself with every other batch-mate of yours who are bound to make it big one day?”—Friend

Hmm! You have been thinking a lot these past couple of days. I am impressed. You are right in what you have to say and it is but a natural consequence of our conditioned thinking that we end up doing whatever you have suggested. And to be frank, I do not have any answer to what you might be questionning me at this point of time in my life. I have long way to go before I am able to figure out the answers for the same. But one thing that I certainly know and would want to tell everyone that one should certainly try to have an aim in life but not run after the same. One should not become a part of the rat-race culture where one is ready to compromise with one’s values in order to achieve his/her ambition at any cost, no matter whether you end up being successful or not.”—Melife

And then we went on to discuss all the aspects of life which people normally do after getting drunk. What a way to start the first day of a new year ;).

The only thing that I would want to remember is: dont go too harsh on yourself, take it easy and live life to the fullest ….kyonki zindagi na milegi dobara aur fir kal ho na ho ;).

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