Promise Philosophy

You might have heard,

I don’t know who it was,

that promises are meant to be broken,

what an idiotic statement it might seem to be,

why I say so is because,

this very statement has brought our society to this point in time where,

words are thrown very carelessly,

with a chalta hai attitude,

where people are always distrusting what the other is saying,

for, in their experience, a big gap exists between the words uttered and the intention behind the same,

Once bitten twice shy, they stick on to,


Rather than philosophizing about every thing and anything,

Guess, high time,

we start behaving in a sensible and responsible manner,

where we only utter what we really mean and intend to do!

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Much Much!

Too much!

is what you get to hear more often than not, from the employees or your colleagues,

when you ask them how much work they have in the day.

Most have a tendency of making sounds, “uff, fooh” and so on every now and then,

As if they are having the most torment times of their lives 😉

Either coming from the lack of work ethics that they have been conditioned to,


Simply because of the time pass mentality, that one has got into a habit of doing something for no other reason but to spend sometime somewhere,

Takes a no brainer to understand, that there is something not right,

May be as a company culture we are not hitting the right chords,

The next obvious is to ask,

what that might be,

from where are such tendencies evolving,


how can it be resolved?


First thing first, you go back to the drawing board from where it all started.

You soon realize that the very process of hiring has to have those in-built ingredients.

At a practical level, no matter how good the HR or psychological counselor you hire,

There would be certain aspects which will only evolve with time,

No matter how much a candidate convinces you that he/she is motivated enough,

It will soon get reflected in the work ethics on demo in due course of time,

Always a good thing to keep oneself open and flexible as a leader to accepting, realizing and acting upon new aspects of this dynamics,

The biggest and key challenge for a leader is to make sure that each one in his/her team is constantly excited about the vision,

Creating enough tasks to keep reinforcing the thought regarding the fruition of the vision,

Giving clear cut responsibilities to each and everyone,

Making sure that the most irresponsible in the team is given responsibility for them to mature and get mentored in the scheme of things,

It’s easy to let go and very tough to make something work,

Which requires constant endeavor, immense amount of patience and a grit and determination that goes beyond every other thing that matters to a leader,

To handle that much much that ensues in this beautiful journey of achieving one’s vision in life 🙂

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Power of an IAS vis-a-vis a Commoner!

It is no hidden truth as to how much importance a guy/girl from the civil services or the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) tends to get in our country. Whether it be a social gathering or whether it be a get-together of sorts, he/she tends to get the highest of treatments that can possibly be awarded to a mortal on this planet Earth.

Some tend to do so because of a need (kaam) that might arise in the near future where they might need a source or recommendation from a person of this stature and some just do it because they are all too bowled over by the kind of glamour and prestige that the services tend to bring along with itself.

No wonder, lakhs of students appear for the coveted exam every year with only a handful finally making it through. It is the very nature of immense competition that we Indians have got so used to, which makes this exam one of the or probably the toughest exam in this country. IAS-Logo

Every year, the IAS streets of Delhi are thronged by thousands of individuals who come there with a dream, a dream to be able to govern the country, a dream to be able to do good for himself/herself, a dream to be amongst the top few individuals in the country and a dream to be able to contribute in his/her own way towards the nation building activities. (although many amongst the lot tend to chose a totally different path which our bureaucracy is so infamous for, as they try to handle the fame, power and prestige that comes along with the job of serving people which in turn plays a second fiddle to the other seemingly important aspects).

A commoner’s life on the other hand is full of struggles and hardships which he/she tends to fight it out on every single day of his life. From being bullied on the road by the power-horns and the big SUVs of the politicians to being harassed at the government offices for want of services that he/she deserves, yet is deprived of the same because of the want of speed-money or bribes that he/she is expected to pay before he/she can put a claim on something that belongs to him/her in the first place.

I know, life is never equal in terms of providing opportunities to people when it comes to pursuing or being able to pursue a dream. Some might argue that the people who weren’t able to do good for themselves, didn’t have it in them to be able to do so. True to some extent, yet one cannot help but argue as to how would it have been possible for a guy or a girl born in a slum to be able to compete with a person who had all the luxuries in the world to be able to grow up into a productive and competent individual.

It is here where the concept of a public service becomes so important. As Spidy says: with great power comes great responsibility, we are living in a system and a society which needs to learn something from our very dear friend Spiderman.

It is not only the politicians or the bureaucrats who should be expected to take a cue from the super-hero, but also the commoners who tend to vote them in power in the first place. If we all were to become responsible for the acts that we tend to do on a daily basis, there won’t arise any need to criticize those in power, which seems to have become one of the most favourite of pass times of the commoners, who find it really convenient to put the blame on the so called powerful people in our society without realizing that the actual power lies with the commoners and not those sitting in the North

The elections will hit our country in the coming times. What is expected from all of us is to at least get out of the comforts of our homes and vote for the candidate whom we think would do justice to our country and her citizens. With the NOTA (none of the above) option being incorporated in the election process, one is now empowered to cite his/her concern over the kind of candidates that are being wielded by the political parties.

To all the commoners who are reading this, I would request you all to go and cast your vote in the coming elections because it is only us who have the real power to make a difference in the society that we all happen to be living together in.

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