Respect the Moments!

There are a couple of days in your life which you will never be able to forget, not that you want to forget. The scenes and imagery associated with these days never seem to decay from your memory and you cherish living those moments again and again.

Whether it be becoming a parent for the first time, or getting married for the first and hopefully the last time 😉 , whether it be emerging successful in an examination or be it your first successful proposal and acceptance of the same.

These are the moments that make our lives so beautiful indeed. These are the very moments which will remain with you forever and ever. These are the moments which you will cherish throughout your life. These are the moments which you would want to relive again. These are the moments which you won’t want to exchange for anything in this world.

There are times when you would just close your eyes and reminisce about the very same moments. A smile seems to appear on your face the instant these moments start to move like a feature film right in front of your closed eyes.

You are able to witness each and every scene and feel each and every emotion that you went through when you had the fortune of making those moments yours. You are truly in a state of trans where the world no longer seems to be a harsh place to live in, where all the problems look really small, where nothing else seems to matter but those moments and the happiness associated with the

It is said that when there will be no one around you to take care of you and provide you with comfort and happiness, then there will be these moments which will remain with you and give you company till the day you perish and so will the moments along with you.

Considering that these moments play such an important role in all our lives, do we end up giving them their due when the occassion beckons or do we end up ignoring the significance of the very same moments?

How ironical it is that the things which seem to have immense significance in our lives, we tend to take the very same things for granted. Be it wishing your parents or close ones on their birthdays or your wife on the anniversary day, we, men, more often than not mess up things with silly reasons such as, “Sorry, I forgot”.

By forgetting such important moments, you indeed tend to feel sorry about the fact that you neglected the same when it mattered the most.

When you are young and happening you don’t seem to give importance to such events in life. It is only when you enter the last part of our journey, you will end up repenting on the things which you could have done better and certainly didn’t require too much of efforts on your part.

My only advice to all those who think that they are acting macho by adopting a cool-dude style of “it doesn’t matter”, think again, for this machoism wouldn’t remain with you forever. What will do remain are these moments.

The Conversation!

A couple of days back, I happened to meet a very dear friend of mine from my school days. We coincidently not only went to the same school but also the same college. Here is an extract of the conversation that ensued amongst us thereafter:conversation

Yaar, it is good to be meeting you after such a long time.” —Friend

Same here buddy. So, how is it going?” —Me

Yaar, I have got this job of Assistant Executive to the CEO of a company. I am glad that I have been able to get this one, for I had been waiting for so long to get this one opportunity, which I wanted to make it count.” —Friend

Wow! That’s really nice. Congratulations.”–Me

Thanks man. You know I always used to look at our batch mates, who have been able to do so well in their life. Some have gone on to become VPs in their own company. Some, on the other hand, have been able to excel in their own start ups. Some have gone on to become bureaucrats. It is amazing, how the same guys who used to study with us, once upon a time, have been able to achieve totally different lifestyles.”—Friend

That’s so very true. When we were in college, we never used to think about what the future will be and even if we did we never imagined that the future will be so different for each one of us. We never thought that the status and the opportunties that we would get would be so different from one another.”—-Me

I remember when Deutsche Bank was supposed to come to our college for placement. How naive we were not to understand the fact that the life of those who would start with companies like Deutsche or Schlumberger would be so different than those who would start with small companies. How fast the people joining the big shot companies would rise in their career leaving behind those who wouldn’t be able to make it through those companies.”—Friend

Not only did we not realize the significance of what we would be missing, but also we would end up passing comments and making fun of those, who would put in their hard work and prepare themselves for these companies. We used to refer to them as Maggus. It is today that these Maggus have been able to leave a mark on this society.”—Me

Indeed, they have been. Today when I got this job, I felt like I belong to the same league. I had been going through this complex seeing the others excel.”—Friend

It happens, yaar. Once you start to compare yourself with others, you tend to develop this kind of feeling. On one hand, where you get to see a person from the same batch moving around in a Mercedes, on the other hand, you see people struggling to buy even a car. The contrast that you see, make you think, whether the decisions you had taken in your life were really worth it and you start questionning the logic behind taking such decisions, at the same time reminiscing about what could have been, in case you had taken different decisions in your life, at a time, when it really mattered.”—Me

What about you? Don’t you ever feel frustrated? Don’t you ever feel left behind in this rat race? Don’t you feel that you should wear the best of clothes? Don’t you feel that you haven’t gone on to achieve what you could have?”—Friend

These are indeed very tough questions to be answered. I, of course, feel that at times, if I start comparing myself with anyone who has been more successful than me, for instance if I compare myself with you 😉 . But, on second thoughts, I feel that life is a trade-off. Everyone needs to set priorities in their life and should do accordingly, because when they will be, say 60 years old, they would want to reflect on what had just gone by and would want to believe that overall they did well.”—Me

So what is your priority in life? What do you want to be thinking when you reach that age? Why I am asking this is because I feel that you never seem to get too affected by lots of things in life.”—Friend

My priority has been and will always be my family. No materialistic thing in the World can take away this priority from my life. All my decisions would always be contigent on the same. I guess that’s the reason why I don’t get so upset about things, so easily.”—Me

Hmm! Wish I clould think like you. I get really affected by things around me and the ambition in me motivates me to go after luxuries in life, at times ignoring even my family.” —Friend

Dude, life seems always greener on the other side. There is this concept of opportunity cost which I always used to find extremely funny. It all depends on how one would want to interpret an opportunity. For me, the thing we ended up doing was the only opportunity that we had, for those we didn’t avail can be well interpreted as one which wasn’t meant to be availed and if it wasn’t meant to be availed then where does the concept of opportunity arise in this case.”—Me

Hmm! You should start a new subject, the philosophy of Management ;).”—Friend

I wish I could 🙂 .”—Me

And that was it. Life is certainly what you make of it. Though, some believe that the parameters or the range which has been provided to you might have already been decided by somewhere sitting up there. It is up to you to believe in this or not.satisfied_600

But what you should certainly try to do is to derive satisfaction from whatever you end up doing. For if you dont, then no matter how high you rise in your career or profession, you will always feel a void in and around you, which will never let you enjoy the possessions and luxuries, which you achieved via your hard work and efforts.

So, stay positive and stay satisfied :).

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Happy New Year 2013! :)

Wishing everyone a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2013 🙂

With every new year comes a plethora of resolutions and then more often than not we end up following just a couple from the list that we might have been preparing for days and days, making sure that all the bad habits that we have, we should try to part ways with them and make sure that we don’t end up continuing with the same.

I would like to confess that I have had this habit of making resolutions every year and not being able to fulfill the same. What happens at the end of each resolution is that there is a huge list waiting to be dealt with. The list has kept growing and has gone bigger each year images

This very morning, I was talking to a very dear friend of mine, who asked me: “so boss! What’s the resolution for this year. 😛 “

Well! I know why you are asking me the same :). This year I have decided that I will not be so harsh on myself. I will take it easy and try to live life to the fullest as if there was no tomorrow ;).” —Me

Blah! Blah Blah! It’s a good way to escape from the very realities of life and you are being impractical. You know what life is all about, it’s about making it count for you get only one chance to have a shot at it. Then why not have some ambitions and make it big rather than settling in down with something which is not worthy of you.”—Friend

Ya, that’s a perspective that one can chose to have on life and is indeed a very lucrative and rewarding one. But somehow, I feel that there is no use running after the materialistic possessions and wasting time on the same.”—-Me

Then what would you do if you don’t want to emulate the stuff done by nearly every rational person on this planet Earth? Don’t you think that life would become so meaningless with no aim what so ever and with nothing to run for when you get up every morning? Don’t you think you will get really bored and fed-up of what’s going on? Won’t you have a tendency to compare yourself with every other batch-mate of yours who are bound to make it big one day?”—Friend

Hmm! You have been thinking a lot these past couple of days. I am impressed. You are right in what you have to say and it is but a natural consequence of our conditioned thinking that we end up doing whatever you have suggested. And to be frank, I do not have any answer to what you might be questionning me at this point of time in my life. I have long way to go before I am able to figure out the answers for the same. But one thing that I certainly know and would want to tell everyone that one should certainly try to have an aim in life but not run after the same. One should not become a part of the rat-race culture where one is ready to compromise with one’s values in order to achieve his/her ambition at any cost, no matter whether you end up being successful or not.”—Melife

And then we went on to discuss all the aspects of life which people normally do after getting drunk. What a way to start the first day of a new year ;).

The only thing that I would want to remember is: dont go too harsh on yourself, take it easy and live life to the fullest ….kyonki zindagi na milegi dobara aur fir kal ho na ho ;).

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A Date with the Thinking Cap!

It seems there is no end to our desires. The more we get, the more we want to get. Everytime we end up accomplishing something, the confidence goes up leaps and bounds and gives birth to a new ambition and a new desire.

Some would say, after all there should be some aim in life. Without any aim, life would look so meaningless. True to the core, but have you ever realized that these ambitions and desires in turn lead to a rat race of sorts where everyone is busy catching up with the latest happenings in order to ensure that they don’t miss upon any opportunity what so ever of making money and thereby growing in stature and prestige.

I sometimes wonder, as to what was the aim with which God sent us all on this planet. Was it to get caught up in this illusion that the World is believed to be according to the Hindu mythology?

No one has been able to answer it with enough scientific evidence in order to establish any kind of substantial truth behind the same, though there have been various answers coming from every nook and corner of our country with various and different interpretations of the same.

Some of these interpretations are very much influenced by the whims and fancies of those who want to have some command and authority on the aspects related to religion and spirituality.

It is extremely fascinating to think about the manner in which a human mind goes about thinking and how we end up deciding the rights and wrongs of our society, which in turn leads to our words, actions, habits and in turn to our character and judgements about people thereafter.

But in all this thought process, have we forgotten the art of expressing content and appreciation for something that we have been able to accomplish over time or for something that someone does for us?

Have we become so materialistic and self-centred so as to forget the very meaning of humanity, where our only aim is to accumulate more and more, may be for the generations to follow?

Some time back, I had the fortune of interacting with a very learned professor of mine, who was very kind to have shared his perspective of life that he was leading at that point of time. I would take the liberty of quoting him here in order to bring out the essence of what life could mean to the majority out there:

Kush! During my childhood years, I was conditioned to get more and more in life. The only aim in life at that point of time was to get praise and respect from the people around you.

My mother always taught me that if you want to be respected and admired in the society then you need to be there on top. All my life, I took my mother’s word as a doctrine which was never to be violated.

I qualified JEE with a rank that most people would be proud of. I was a 9 point something CGPA in college which was considered to be amongst the best. I gave GRE and scored the highest of all who had appeared from my batch.

But the ambition of becoming more and more important never seem to take a halt. I then appeared for the Civil Services Examination and got a very good rank so as to ensure that I become an IAS officer.

I joined the service but I still couldn’t feel satisfied with what I had. Of all the things in the World, I wanted to become more and more important.

It was only after the first 5 years of my service, I began feeling suffocated and it was then that questions such as what is it that I really want to do with the 70+ years or so of life that are given to me by God.

I started becoming frustrated and wanted to run away from every important thing that I had ever accomplished. There was everything that I had: respect, money, prestige, power. But there was something that was missing.

And the thing was peace of mind and a satisfaction that I was doing what I really wanted to do. It was then that I decided to quit my job and started exploring the various things that I would be happy doing.

Today, when I look back at things, I feel that quitting what people would call one of the most lucrative of jobs in India was the best decision that I had ever taken for myself in my entire life. And trust me, I am really happy about it.

There are times when many youngsters like you would take up a job just because it is highly remunerative or because it might enable you to get all the materialistic things in life that you might have been coerced to wish for all your life.

But, what matters is not a Mercedez Benz or an Audi, but how happy you are traveling in that one Nano that you might happen to own. So before venturing out for anything, I would advice you to think about what you really want from your life and how you would want to use these years of life, so that when you reach my age and start reflecting the only thought that should come to your mind is: YES! I DID WELL.”

For all the people out there who are caught up in a similar situation and are feeling suffocated or dissatisfied with what they are doing, the only advice that my professor would have given them would be to take a break and think about what you really want to do with your life.

And trust me, this little break that you might take can do you hell lot of good. It can change your entire perspective about life. It can help you be what you want to be.

So, put your thinking caps on and start thinking!

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