School Time!

I am sure you all have some very fond memories of your respective schools and the time that you spent with your school friends. Though, it is not very often when you get a chance to meet your friends from that era, yet whenever a get together of sorts happens, it is extremely enjoyable and it is one of the things that you really look forward to.

And yesterday was one such occassion when I met a very dear friend of mine. Somehow, with school comes back the old memories and we decided to revisit some of the same.

Residency, which is quite famous in Lucknow for the role that it played during the revolt of 1857, is known to us for entirely different reasons. It, in some way, became our bunk place, whenever we could manage to sneek out of the school premises.

To tell you a little more about the place, it has become really famous for a couple hideout. With not many places for love birds to visit in the city, this historical place seemed to have given them the hope of their life.

Couples can be found sitting underneath the trees and amongst the reminiscents of the war times. A real get away for some, the place is proving out to be a blessing in disguise for the love birds to come together and spend some quality time in a secure environment such as this.

We decided to revisit the days when few amongst us were brave enough to bunk the school and could manage to reach the destination of our times.

Nothing seemed to have changed and the magnificent structures seemed to remind us of the immortality of the same. Numerous couples could be seen inside the premises holding hands and walking together or sitting and talking underneath the beautiful trees and in the

On entering, my friend decided to find out whether the chimney, that we used to climb, is still there and in a similar condition or not. Every structure seemed familiar and a couple of places which were in all senses of the word, our adda, were still there and seemed to be welcoming us both with open arms.

After a long chat and a tour of the historical place, we decided to treat our stomachs with the delicacies of Lucknow, which are quite famous for some reason or the other all over India.

And one such destination that seems to be a must go whenever you are in Lucknow, is Tunde Kebabs. Deliciously prepared kebabs coupled with some paranthas along with Biriyani is what you long for whenever you are here.

It was indeed a treat to all senses that we can possibly think of ranging from the sight of the food to its smell. While we were munching uponthe same, we were joined by a couple of my college friends, who had no hesitation what so ever to help us in our efforts to finish the delicious cuisine.

Thereafter, it was but natural for us, to take a stroll in the all so famous streets of Hazratganj and the Parivartan Chowk, where we couldn’t but help eat the famous gajar ka halwa and rabri from one of the most famous shops in Lucknow by the name of Chanakya.

Sitting outside the same, we could see the traffic pass by, which reminded me of how many more cars have been added to the city’s kitty since the time when we all were kids and used to avail the service of public transport in the city.

Somehow, one of the favourite topics that seem to have become so common amongst all my friends and which becomes an instant hit whenever someone mentions about the same is life.

And there we were expressing our specialist views on the same. After a round of the all so important discussion, we decided to head back to our respective safe havens.

As I was driving back home after dropping my friend, the sweet memories seemed to resonate in my mind, reminiscing about the all so wonderful stress free days of our life, which one can only relive through his/her child’s eyes now.

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Anna Calling!

I couldn’t help but write something on what I just saw. No! it isn’t reading about the fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt; it isn’t even about Yuvi’s selection in the T-20 squad, it’s about a photograph that has been posted on Fb by one of my very dear friends from school, Anna.

It seems, he has taken a leap back into those lanes of memory where we would all always want to return to, and that is our childhood days. With a carefree attitude and nothing to bother our minds, we used to fly as if there was no tomorrow.

Nothing seemed to perturb us more than not being able to play during the sole PT period in our school. With the few amongst us, who indeed wore a watch in those days, all eyes used to be hooked at when the bell would ring and when we would rush out of our classes to fulfill the very reason of coming to the school on the very day.

Sometimes, when we think about our golden days, we all tend to become very nostalgic. At the end what stares us in our faces is the blunt reality of today’s competitive World which, in a way, forces us all to become a part of the rat race.

How often, we tend to move on with our lives, without really caring to give a thought about those whom we are leaving behind. We all tend to evolve as a person and as a professional.

But there are few amongst us who tend to hold on to our origins, and they are the ones who play that critical role in establishing that link which was lost because of the others who hadn’t cared about maintaining the same.

And one such person is Anna. A gem of a person from heart and a friend whom you can always look upto, he indeed represents the very essence that my school St. Francis’ College stands for.

On second thoughts, I haven’t spoken to him for a long time now. But who’s stopping me to? Fb, here I come :).

Source for Image: School pics (by the way, can someone tell where am I in this pic? 😀 )