Let me treat the word “hospitality” as two:hospital and fatality.

Without getting into the definitions of each, what one tends to attribute to the former is the latter.

Though, a hospital apart from taking care of the cases of fatality, also has a very beautiful aspect to it, which is bringing new lives into this world.

On one hand, where one can observe blood spilling all over either due to the accidents or a calamity,

On the other hand, one can witness the same blood unfolding magic of life which can be seen happening right in front of one’s eyes.


This makes me wonder, what we call contradictions, are nothing but the 2 sides of the same coin.

For death is no different in space and time as the birth, happening every moment of our experiential lives,

Scientifically and at an individual level which might be represented in the dynamics of the trillions of cells which constitute our body.

What differs though is our perceptions in terms of which side of the coin we have a tendency to look at.

Why am I calling it a tendency is because most of us go by the same, though each and every aspect is under our control if we choose to take control.

Whatever it might be, whether you take control or not, this game of hospital-ity or the game of life & death happens day-in-day-out.

Better to take at least some control, though, if you want to enjoy this game,

For if the shuttle or the ball (depends on which sports you play), doesn’t go where you want it to,

Why the hell one is playing this game for? 😉

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P2P Competition!

You know what, my son Siddharth is doing great in his coaching classes for IIT Jee. Today, his teacher was telling me that he would surely make it to top 100″, says a parent P1 to another parent P2, who is the father of Shreya, who’s Siddharth classmate.

Oh, is it! That’s wonderful. Shreya is somewhat lagging behind in Chemistry. I just hope she is able to catch up, am a little concerned whether she will be able to qualify the exam”, responds P2.

You know what, you should start sending Shreya to this wonderful coaching institute in our neighbourhood, if you really want her to succeed”, P1, being a proud parent that he is, is always on look-out to offer free advise to other parents living in the same community.

I guess, you are right! Let me enrol her in the same program as Siddharth”, conforms P2.

If you are wondering whether P1 and P2 might just be an exception to the rule when it comes to parents demonstrating concerns for their kids, think again, for that’s what you tend to see in majority of parents these days.

What most kids’ routine would look like in today’s competitive world:

5:00 am Good morning

6:00 am Tutor at home, who takes care of kid’s Science and Math lessons

7:30 am Kid goes to school in an air-conditioned bus of the respective school which has curtains, and kids seem to be cut off from the world outside, few among who, spent most of the time in the bus, browsing on the internet, or watching some random video or chit chatting on Whatsapp

3:30 pm School gets over, kid sits in the same bus, comes back home, around 4:30 if he/she is lucky enough and his/her house comes first in the list of the drop-offs

5:00 pm After a quick snack of sorts, kid has some extra-curricular lesson with a relevant tutor coming to the house, be it a piano session or a tabla session, for kids need to excel in not only their studies but also other things, which gives a parent an opportunity to showcase their kid as a trophy of sorts to the who’s who of their society 

6:30 pm Kid goes to a coaching institute, where he/she is supposed to prepare for a competitive exam

8:00 pm Kid comes back to the house, totally drained out, but wait a minute, he/she needs to complete a set of assignments given either by the morning tutor or the school

9:30 pm Kid gets a chance to have his/her dinner and by the time, he/she is able to finish the same, there is no energy left whatsoever to remain awake, yet he/she, courtesy the mobile phone, spends sometime on the same, before falling asleep


And this continues for the entire year, which goes against the very fundamentals of how a kid should spent his/her wonderful childhood years.

Courtesy the quality of teachers we have in the system, the school system kills the inherent curiosity of a kid, ensuring that he/she is thrown into the rat race from the very moment, he/she is able to perceive the world in a certain manner.

Courtesy the eagerness of the parents to see their kids not lagging behind, the kid suffers tremendous stress, few of them succumbing at times to the same, few who might be lucky enough to not meet the same fate as above, end up spending the wonderful years of their life in a tizzy.

Courtesy the immediate society who are thriving on the vary act of comparison, ensures that the kid, who is so called not able to make it big, ends up going through a mental and emotional trauma, which surely leads to having repercussion in the latter half of their life.

What a waste, I would say!

Just because competing with someone has become the very basis of life, parents have a tendency to put their kid through enormous amount of stress.

Just because a parent considers it as their right to get their expectations fulfilled by their kids, they forget that the very life they have brought into this world is meant to experience and explore, rather than just meeting those man-made targets.

It’s high time that we as a society and parents begin to realise, that what we define as success, is it really the case?

And if not, then why the hell we are bent upon putting our kids through such torture.

My advice:

Calm down parents, be sensible, for this competition among yourselves would end up in being a disaster for not only your kid, but also for the society as a whole.

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Data: Mera Cell Tera Cell!

On one hand where data is a fantastic thing to have for anything and everything in the world,

Be it looking at the gender diversity ratio in a company/parliament etc.,

Be it the percentage of people for whom a certain drug might have worked in terms of the cure it offered, and in turn the effectiveness of the very drug,

Be it evaluating the state of economy, and the possibilities of getting returns on prospective investments,

Be it deriving insights from the experiments, scientists perform day-in-day out, concerning matters which we tend to deal with; with or without the realization of the same,

On the other hand, data tends to divide people, putting them into different groups and attributing the same with certain characteristics, in turn resulting in the biases that we all have, and in turn questioning the very fundamentals of a being, the very cells that make us all who we call as oneself.


Many a times, I have had heard phrases like vasudhaiva kutumbakam, which means world is one family, unity in diversity etc. all suggesting that all are supposed to be treated equally,

No matter what our colour of the skin is,

No matter what religion we were bound to follow because we choose to be born in a particular family residing in a particular place in time,

No matter what gender we got associated to and were categorized in, based upon the reproductive credentials that we possess,

Yet, for the want of it, and at times for the need of it, the who’s who of the society, tends to divide and rule on the basis of the power of this very data, which surprisingly tends to find some kind of an acceptance, knowingly or unknowingly across all variety of people.

After all, if mera cell=tera cell (my cell=your cell), would there be a need to refer to people as being part of a group or a religion?

The reality is more often than not stranger than the fiction, and that’s why it’s easy to accept and adapt to the fictitious ways in which we have all got accustomed to living our lives.

The fact is that we are going to be bombarded with plethora of data along with its interpretation, day-in-day-out,

The question all need to ask themselves is whether they are prepared to make that all important choice of not succumbing to the fiction and rise above to realize reality.

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LOL Belief!

No one needs to tell the modern tech savvy folks as to what LOL means, a light word representing a reaction on something you find really funny.

Surely, belief is a much more serious word, indicating that all of us have a tendency to accept the existence of some aspect of our life, which doesn’t seem to come into our experience or we are not able to comprehend and we end up believing the same.

The most talked about since times immemorial is the creator or God himself/herself or any other name that you want to refer to as, either way whether you accept or don’t accept his/her existence, you end up believing the same.

On one hand, where not being able to provide an observable and repeatable proof of some kind through randomized control trial experiments (guess that’s what modern science is all about) leads people to believing that something doesn’t exist, not realizing the possibility of such a thing to be discovered in the near future.

On the other hand, those who strongly believe in something gives them a tool to say anything and everything on the basis of the same, which can lead to exploitation or all the senseless activities that might be nothing but a consequence of exploitation of such a belief.

After all, the very fundamentals of the society were built on some kind of an imagined reality, very different from let’s say the physical reality.


If you are wondering, what I might be referring to, take for example, a corporation (derived from the word corpus=body and referred to as a limited liability company in US), it’s very ironical that though not a physical entity, yet has an identity of it’s own, with ever lasting existence till it’s brought to a close by another concept of sorts, socio-economic-legal-political system that seems to exist since homo sapiens started dwelling together.

What is scary though, is that belief has led to wars and all kinds of destructive activities that our breed has taken all the credit for.

Being the so called educated and conditioned folks that we all claim to be and have become respectively, don’t you think, it’s after all not a bad idea to delve into skepticism, just a touch bit, to allow yourself that chance of being able to get out of the vicious circle of believing and not believing, rather seeing for yourself whether such a think exists or not, which seems to be the correct scientific approach.

The question though is, whether one can become flexible enough to different point of views and stop believing for the sake of life itself!

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One on One with God!

It’s not often that you come across a philosopher of sorts, and when you do, you tend to cherish the moments that you spend with the likes.

The conversation could range from anything to everything, but one thing that tends to remain constant is, that all discussions, even though, they might look weird, tend to have their origins in science.


And one such conversation, is what, I would want to share with you today:

Philosopher (P): Have you ever wondered, what if your destiny, if it exists at all, leads you to a place where you didn’t get that chance to go one on one with the creator?

Me: No

P: What if it didn’t allow you to question Him about the reason behind making you go through all the hardships that you happened to suffer throughout your life?

What if it didn’t allow you to go to Heaven or Hell, depending on your karma to meet your loved ones, in an environment where everything’s perfect?

What if the very science or non-science behind your existence is not what you might have believed in? 

What if it’s all an illusion and a combination of reactions to make you believe that what you are is what you are not?

Me: What if?

P: 🙂 . Would be not feel cheated?

Me: Probably yes!

P: Do you want to feel like that?

Me: No

P: Do you believe in Homeopathy?

Me: Yes

P: Do you think it cures?

Me: Yes

P: Have you seen this (

Me: No

P: Why do you think I am speaking to you about the same?

Me: May be (you have gone mad ;)) you want to tell me something?

P: Well, yes and no, yes because I want you and for that matter everyone to think on the basis of sound evidence, and no because, I don’t want you to follow me blindly. 

Me: How does it help?

P: That you need to figure out yourself. 

And that is where our conversation ended.

Though, with the kind of obvious resistance to the questioning of the beliefs that I had been conditioned to develop over a period of time, and with this philosopher suggesting to get rid of all beliefs and making scientific evidence as the basis of all thinking, didn’t really go along with the very essence of me, yet I decided to give it a shot.

Don’t know whether it would be the be all end all solution to every woes that our human race tend to experience, yet I believe it’s worth trying.

After all, if we weren’t exploring, were we actually living?

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The Other World!

A short story, titled “The Other World” that I had written sometime back, would love to share with all. Have fun reading ;)!

She willed herself to not check her phone to see if he had replied. It had been about three days now. She hated that she was constantly checking his ‘last seen at’ status and yes, he had logged in just five minutes ago. Yet she couldn’t stop herself. This sinking feeling to find absolutely no communication from him was becoming unbearable, almost torturous.

And then, just as she sat down in her chair, her phone vibrated. With her heart thudding in her ear, she unlocked her phone and stared at the screen. Finally! It was his message.

But when she opened it and read it, she nearly stopped breathing. She didn’t know if he was joking or not. What was this?

“Ishika, listen very carefully. This might be my last message to you. I am trapped. I can barely move from my bed. It’s hard to believe but there is some unseen force in my house, I have no idea how to describe. It’s not letting me go out of my house. I took her permission to go to the washroom and managed to bring this phone along. She is calling me now. I have to go. HELP ME!” Ishika could feel a wave of shiver run down her spine.

“Has Sameer lost his mind? What unseen force? Trapped? How is it possible? I don’t believe this crap?” Ishika tried calling Sameer as the thoughts flooded her mind.

There was no answer. She tried calling him again but to her utter despair the phone was switched off on this occasion.

“Is Sameer playing a prank, if he is then it’s not funny at all. I would kill him for this. What if he is not? What if he is telling me the truth? What if there was an unseen force?” Ishika, though had heard of paranormal before and had always been an avid non-believer, yet she didn’t know how to react.

On one hand, she wondered and internally hoped that Sameer was playing another of his pranks, on the other hand she felt too terrified to respond to the message.

Gathering her wits, Ishika decided to call Sameer’s best friend, Ankan, who lived not so far from his house and who could go and check up on Sameer if everything was fine.

“Hi Ankan. This is Ishika. I haven’t heard from Sameer since three days now. He told me that his parents are also not in town. I was a bit worried. Can you please go to his house and see if he is alright?”

“Ishika, everything is fine. He is busy working on one of his projects that he told me about. He even cancelled our plan of going to the football match. You know how these budding scientists are sometimes. He said that he needed few days off to focus on this project.” Ankan tried calming Ishika who sounded extremely worried and terrified on the phone.

“I know Ankan that he is working, but never have this kind of thing happened before. He always used to send me a text or call me at least once, whenever he used to work on his projects before. But this time around there hasn’t been any communication from his side for 3 days. Please Ankan, can you go and see, if he is alright! For me, please!”

Ishika didn’t want to share the details of the only message she had received from Sameer in three days, one because she didn’t want to scare the hell out of Ankan, for Ankan was a firm believer in the existence of another World out there and whom she knew was so scared of watching horror movies that if at all he would see them, it would be in broad daylight and two because if Sameer was playing a prank, she didn’t want to look like a fool in front of Ankan.

“Ok Ishika. I will go to his house right away. Let me call you back once I am there.” Though Ankan was pretty sure of what Sameer was up to, yet for Ishika’s sake, he decided to break the promise that he had given to Sameer three days back of not visiting him until Sameer asked him to.

Sameer, or Genius, as his friends used to refer to him as, was an outright scholar from his childhood days, a prodigy hard to be ignored and an intellect which his friends believed could even give Einstein a run for his money.

He had gone on to graduate from one of the most prestigious institutes in India by the name of IIT or Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and following up on his love for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, had done a Masters and a PhD in Cognitive Sciences.

It was in IIT Kanpur that he had met the love of his life, Ishika, who had gone on to pursue her ambitions of having a successful career in the world of advertising while Sameer was doing his PhD and now resided in the city that never slept, Mumbai.

Sameer, after having completed his studies, had decided to become a visiting professor in his Alma Mater at the same time pursue research in his favourite discipline. For this, he had set up a lab in his father’s house in the beautiful hill town of Nainitaal, where his father, after having served in the coveted Indian Administrative Service (IAS) for over a period of three decades, had decided to settle down amidst the lush green woods.


Sameer’s parents were aware and approved of the budding scientist’s relationship with the beautiful Advertiser. Ishika used to visit their house whenever she got a break from her grueling schedule and when Sameer could escape his duties of a visiting faculty member.

Everyone around Sameer knew that he had lately become interested in the World of Paranormal activities and had started working on a project, which he said would change the way people perceived the “other world”. He had even named his project, “The Other World”.

As Ankan walked towards Sameer’s house, he remembered having that last discussion with Genius:

“Ankan, I would have to cancel our plan of going for the match.”

“But why? Don’t you know we had been planning this for quite some time now? You can work on your project later. It’s just a matter of a couple of hours.” Ankan tried convincing Sameer.

“Ankan, I cannot even if I want to. I have reached a stage in my project where I am not allowed to leave my house anymore.” Ankan looked bemused.

“What do you mean, you are not allowed to? Is this some kind of a joke, Sameer?”

“I didn’t tell you Ankan, but I have done something which the other world didn’t want me to. I have broken their laws and now they want to punish me for what I have done.”

“Who are they? And what are you talking about? Sameer, now you are scaring me to death.”

“I was just kidding, Ankan. Just that I am too caught up with the thing.” Seeing Ankan worried, Sameer thought of chucking it off.

And that was it. Ankan hadn’t heard from Sameer for three days, similar to what Ishika had experienced.

As Ankan approached his house, he could feel a sense of unusualness about the surroundings. Yes, Sameer’s house was located on a hill top with only 2 other houses in the vicinity, but this time around he could feel a cold breeze which seemed to be cooler than the normal, which was an aberration considering that it was the month of April.

By the time Ankan could manage to reach the door and ring the bell, it was already 5’oclock in the evening.

“Where is everyone? His servants, gardener?” Ankan felt nervous seeing no one respond to the bell.

On most occasions when Ankan had visited Sameer’s house, there would be a person working outside, and the door would generally be open, but this time around, it was closed and no one could be heard. He could even hear the sound of the cold breeze blowing in his face and hair.

He rang the bell for the second time. There was no response on this occasion as well.

“Sameer might have gone for a cup of tea to his favourite tea-stall just half a kilometre walk down the hill, where he goes whenever he wants a break from his project. The servants might have gone for the ration” Ankan sat on a chair lying in the garden and decided to call Ishika in the meantime, waiting for the Genius to come back from his tea session.

“Ishika, this is Ankan. I have reached Sameer’s house. No one is here. He might have gone for his tea break.”

“How is it possible, Ankan?” Ishika decided to tell Ankan the truth behind the message that she had got from Sameer’s phone.

“Why didn’t you tell me before? Let me get some help….” Ankan could barely speak when the phone got disconnected.

“Hello Ankan! Ankan…” Ishika tried calling Ankan only to hear that the phone had been switched off.

In Mumbai, Ishika paced around in the living room waiting for Ankan to call her back.

It was already midnight and Ishika hadn’t received any communication neither from Ankan nor from Sameer. She didn’t know anyone other than Ankan and Sameer’s parents in Nainitaal, whom she could call. Two options lay in front of her.

Either she could wait for Ankan to call her back or opt for a 12 hour long journey from Mumbai to Nainitaal, which incorporated a 2 hour flight from Mumbai to Lucknow and a 10 hour drive from Lucknow to Nainitaal.

Ishika decided to take the flight 6 a.m. next morning, hoping that Ankan would call her in any case. She couldn’t sleep the entire night waiting for Ankan to call her back. As she sat in the Indigo flight and closed her eyes, she wished that her fears should never come true.

Having not had even an hour of sleep the previous night, Ishika immediately fell asleep. Two hours passed in a flash and when she opened her eyes, the flight had landed in Lucknow.

As Ishika came out of the airport, she could see her all-time college friend Shreya, whom Ishika had told everything the previous night and who had offered to drive Ishika to Nainitaal.

As they both drove towards Nainitaal, Ishika couldn’t help but think and worry at the same time about the scheme of events that had ensued previous night. On one hand, where she prayed for Sameer’s safety, on the other hand she felt nervous and terrified remembering the message that Sameer had sent her last night.

By the time Shreya and Ishika could reach Sameer’s house, it was already 7 p.m. They could barely see any signs of life in the vicinity. The only sign of hope was a street light located right outside Sameer’s house.

“Why is there no light here, Ishika? We should call for help. I am really scared.” Shreya looked terrified witnessing the silence and seeing no one around.

“Let’s go and ring the bell. I am sure the servants would be around. If not, we will go down the hill and report in the police station.” Ishika stood there shivering right outside Sameer’s house trying to assure herself more than Shreya that everything was alright.

As Ishika moved towards the door and was about to ring the bell, the silence was broken by a deafening sound of crackers and she could witness flood lights on her with Sameer having opened the door and kneeling down on his knees with a ring in his hand.

“Ishika, will you marry me?” Ishika stood there terrified

She could hardly believe what was happening. It felt like a dream. It took her sometime to regain her composure. She could now see her relatives including her parents, her college friends, Sameer’s parents, Ankan and his friends, who by then had come out of the house and stood there next to the couple.

“No. I won’t. What is all this, Sameer? How could you do this? Did you know how scared I was? How could you even think of such a prank?” Tears flew down Ishika’s cheeks.

“Ishika, I wanted to give you a surprise. I wanted to make it special for you.” Sameer held Ishika in her arms as a smile started appearing on her face.

“What is this other world project? Ankan, I didn’t expect this from you.” Ishika looked at Sameer’s perceived partner in crime.

“Ankan is not to be blamed, Ishika. It was all my idea He didn’t have a clue of what was going on. This other world is the world after marriage, Ishika. It’s the world that we will be starting together. It’s the world that we will be creating and living all our lives. Ishika, will you be mine forever and ever?” Sameer stood there extending his hand towards Ishika.

“Yes. Do you even have the slightest of doubts?” Ishika smiled back and put her hand on Sameer’s.

As Sameer put the ring on Ishika’s finger and as she could hear everyone clapping, she took a moment to close her eyes thanking the Almighty for fulfilling her dream of getting married to the love of her life.

The deal was done, signed and both Sameer and Ishika were all set to step into the Other World which welcomed them both with open arms.

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NTRO on Radar: Another Corruption in Sight?

Well ! Well ! Well ! Here we go again. This UPA government is on the hot seat again for an alleged irregularity brought out by two whistle blowers: Mr. Mittal and Mr. Sharma. And this time around, NTRO (National Technical Research Organization), a premier apex scientific organization under the NSA (National Security Advisor) is on the radar.

It has been alleged that UAVs that were bought from Israel have technical flaws. Along with this, it has been brought to the notice that the organization has been buying substandard VSAT systems and  following an improper recruitment mechanism.

Instead of looking into the matter, which was expected from our government, what it did was to question the credibility of the two whistle blowers. This amazes me. On one hand where the government is mulling over bringing into vogue Whistle Blower Protection Act, on the other hand, where they are themselves at the receiving end, they instead do just the opposite by pointing fingers at the whistle blowers.

This forces me to think as to how many more scams will come out during the tenure of this government and will the government be never able to respond in an appropriate manner? Has all morality gone into the drain? Has corruption and abuse of power become so rampant that it will be openly used to cover up the scams?

These questions need to be answered and hopefully not in the affirmative, for if it does then we all are in for a very hard time in the future. Hoping that at least this time around, the government would act rationally and appropriately, I would like to ask you all as to what do you think our UPA government would do?

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