The Chulli Effect!

What a night it is turning out to be! I haven’t slept. It’s already 5:15 a.m. in the morning. Good food, great friends and some awesome bulla (talks), what more does one need in life? 😉

It is quite amazing and entertaining at the same time, that we don’t get tired of talking about our college days and the events ensued in there again and again with similar passion that we possessed when we talked about the same for the first time.

And today, we happened to be talking about a phenomenon which I would like to call the chulli effect. When you enter college, you don’t tend to have a maturity level which would allow you to understand various aspects of life, which can be easily comprehended, say 2-3 years down the line, after having graduated from the same.

To my surprise, this phenomenon was not only known to everyone in college but was also used strategically at times. Now, let me first define the phenomenon for you. Only then you will be able to appreciate whatever I am talking.

Suppose, someone tells you a well kept secret of his/her life and requests you not to tell it to anyone else. You agree to the same, but there is this uneasiness and restlessness both inside you and the person who told you the secret, which forces you to tell it to anyone and everyone whom you possibly can and forces the person who told you the secret to tell it to you. Such kind of arousal inside a person is what I call the chulli effect.urge

There are two stakeholders to this contract. The one who tells a secret, who cannot help himself/herself from revealing the truth as it is too much for him/her to handle and keep it inside him/her. The second stakeholder is the person who promises that he/she won’t tell it to anyone.

Strange as it might sound, a secret remains a secret only when it is known to you. The moment you tell a second person about the same, rest assured that it will be known to every significant and insignificant person in your life. So, think twice before you tell a secret to anyone in the World.

How many times have we heard what I have just mentioned in the previous couple of lines? I guess, innumerous number of times and yet we are unable to prevent this urge from surfacing in our life.

Without going into the psychology as to why we are not successful at keeping this urge (chulli) in check, I would like to tell you about this effect which was used strategically by some in college in such a subtle manner that you would only realize it when it has happened to you twice or thrice.

There used to be some real smart guys and girls in our college. Before telling you about such guys, let me ask you this simple question. If you have to tell something to others and you want to make it a propaganda of sorts, then what would you normally do?

I guess, you would go to the persons you want them to know about this and tell them straightaway. But what these witty and smart guys used to do was that they would go to one person with the strongest urge on planet Earth and would reveal their well kept secret to this guy/girl. Before leaving they would request this guy/girl not to tell it to anyone.

The moment that information was received by the guy/girl with the most amount of chulli, it used to spread like a virus in the entire campus, thereby spreading the word around and ensuring that these witty guys achieved what they wanted at the end of the day, and which was to spread the word around about a well kept secret. (sometimes I wonder whether the term viral marketing has had its origins in this chulli effect concept)

As a result, these witty guys would use this chulli concept in order to create a buzz in the campus. What their intentions might be behind doing the same is a different issue altogether and can be talked about separately 😉 .

But the crux of the matter lies in utilization of this phenomenon to one’s advantage. I guess these witty guys are the ones, who have tasted success the most, particularly in the private sector.

Why they have been so successful is quite obvious, considering that they have been real street smart throughout their entire lives. They have understood the concept better than most of the others and have been able to put it into practice, thereby reaping the benefits of their sowed comprehension.

So, the question that comes to mind after reading all the above is, have these street smart and witty people been able to overcome their chulli in life? Well, if they had they wouldn’t be telling their well kept secret to anyone for that matter. But they do tell and ensure that they use this phenomenon to the best of their capability at the same time ensuring that it works in their favour.

These people have conquered the art of using this urge (chulli) so perfectly that it has become very much a part of their lives. No doubt, they have turned out to be successful, but what about the credibility of the same person, in case the others come to know about the strategy that he/she might have been using all through in his/her life in order to meet his/her ends.

On second thoughts, some might be tempted to suggest that the chulli effect can be used in a positive manner as well. It all depends on what your aim is and what you intend to achieve by using this phenomenon.repentance

Very true, indeed! There are always two aspects of the same thing. One aspect motivates and enables you to chose the so called right/moral path. The other one, which is often easier than the first, tells you about what all you can achieve by behaving in a notorious manner and in turn makes you lose control of yourself.

As a result, one ends up indulging in things which one might repent for, sometime later in life. So, before you try to use this phenomenon, think twice about the intentions and aim behind using the same and the consequences that might follow such an action.

At the end of the day, it is you, who will be sole decision maker when it comes to making the right choices in your life and you better be upto it, for you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with a lot of repentance.

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The Perception Game!

I have done it so many times. I am sure, you guys might have also done it. It is but a consequence of all of us being human beings. It is so deeply imbibed in our nature that we can’t help it.

We got to have opinions and perceptions about things in life. And on many occasions, the very same perceptions are based on our visual interpretation of things that unfold in front of our eyes.

We tend to form opinions from the appearance of a person. No matter, whether it is the first time that we are meeting that person, the opinions that tend to capture our mind are formed instantaneously.

No benefit of doubt is given to the person on whom the opinion is being formed. It is much like a knee-jerk reaction and can prove to be totally irrational, if one ends up analysing the same in a logical manner.

More often than not, we tend to relate these same perceptions to the personality of the person in focus. As a result, we tend to develop positive or negative feelings towards the person, depending on whether the perceptions are positive or negative.

Our attitude, which is in a way, based on our perceptions of things, tends to become positve or negative towards the same person, which might get reflected in our actions. The cognitive part of our self tends to get reflected in the connative or the emotional part of self and in turn can lead to unwanted consequences for not only us, but also the individual on whom the opinions are being formed.perception

Thus, it is extremely essential for each one of us not to form an opinion on something so fast. One must always give him/her time to evaluate the thing at hand in an unbiased and rational manner, so as to be able to come out with an opinion which is correct and is not influenced by personal biases.

This will not only enable one to form an unbiased opinion, but would also ensure that one doesnt end up ruining one’s relationship with a person, sheerly because of some irrational thought that might have just happened to hit one’s mind.

This, in turn, ensures that one wouldn’t have to go through unwanted complexities in life and would maintian the peace of mind which is so essential for the well being of a person.

So, the next time, whenever you are about to form opinions on persons, places or things, think twice before you do so, for at the end of the day, you might be the biggest loser or winner, depending on how you look at a thing in life.

And I am sure that no one wants to be a loser, right?

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Pretending to be Me!

The prententious in me always seem to take over and I end up doing things which I would have otherwise not even dreamt of doing.”

This was an answer given by one of the most famous actors of his time on being asked how he is able to give incredible performances day-in-day-out.

To some extent, we all end up behaving a bit differently when significant others are around us. We try to put up our best display of courteousness and smartness in order to impress others with our persona and presence of mind.

For youngsters, especially guys, this is one of the ways in which they try to catch the much seeked attention from the pretty girls who happen to be present there at that very moment.

For girls, it is of course about seeking attention from the most handsome of guys and making sure that they beat their contemporaries on this front.

For aunties, it is a way of restoring their lost glory, when they used to be themselves very pretty. It is also a way of demonstrating to the entire World that they are still in the race.

For uncles, it is nothing but a way of ensuring their dominance over their colleagues and showing that they have what it takes to be right up there.

Somehow, with the increased socialization, we all tend to devote very little time to what we truly are and end up living a totally different kind of a life.

But there are times, when no one is there and we end up spending some time with our origins, the nature who has, since times immemorial, continued to remind us all of the absolute truth.

Deep down, we know what is the eventuality. Inspite of that, we try to mask the reality with the lifestyle that we so love to lead. Someone has wisely said: “jeena isi ka naam hai.

Sometimes, I too think, that it is not worth thinking. It is not worth pondering over where we will be after we are no more here.

The countdown had already begun when we first made our presence felt in this World. And the nature of this clock is such that it never gives you a second chance.

That is the sole reason why I always beleive in living life to the fullest. After all it is worth pretending to be me rather than being me.

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How many times have you got up remembering a dream? Well, scientifically speaking, if you happen to get up during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage, which by the way constitutes one of the four stages that occur during our sleep, then there is a high probability that you might remember the incidents occuring during your dream.

If you are thinking why suddenly I am talking about a thing that seems to be in no sync with the title of the post, then I am sure you will soon realize the mystery behind the same as soon as you finish reading this article.

I too had a dream this very morning. Strange, as it might sound, I have enough evidence and logic going behind me calling it a destined dream. So far so good.

But whenever I try defining the term destiny, I get perplexed by the very nature of the philosophical interpretation of the word. As I was about to get caught up in my unrelenting curious nature’s desire to search for a meaning of the word, I was thankfully saved by a simple assertion that was thrown at me by, I am sure, someone sitting up there.

In all senses of the meaning that the following lines are trying to depict, I have never read such a simple and practical description of the ever baffling concept of destiny. Read it, understand it, believe in it and then salute the great man, who took great pains in simplifying the concept for all of us:

You are what your deep driving desire is; As your desire is, so is your will; As your will is, so is your deed; As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

And if you are still wondering as to why I named it DWDD,

D=Desire–>W=Will–> D=Deed–>D=Destiny

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