Society vis-a-vis Children!

The other day, I received a call from a very dear friend who gave me the most exciting and in all senses the breaking news of his life, “Dude, I got married.

Wow! Congrats yaar!” came back the reply from my end.

Yup, Thanks. But there is a problem. We have not informed her parents.” After a long long time, I was getting to hear this. On one hand where it sounded like a script from a Bollywood movie, on the other hand there was an apprehension as to what’s going to happen in the near future? How the girl’s parents would react to the feat that their child had accomplished? Would they give their approval or would they boycott their daughter from their family?society

The problem was compounded, thanks to the nature of the marriage that had ensued. The guy belongs to a North Indian family, which is not so rigid when it comes to marrying a girl from a different caste or culture. On the other hand, the girl belongs to a family which is a hard core South Indian Pundit family, who cannot but imagine marrying their daughter in another caste, leave alone marrying her to a North Indian.

The thought of how the girl’s parents would react is making the couple very nervous. Though they had the courage to take this very significant step in their lives, this thought is driving them nuts. The girl fears the worst and is expecting her to be thrown out of her family. The guy, on his part, though he feels happy, is concerned about his girl who is all set to go through what can surely be called an emotional turmoil in more ways than one.

Though we proudly cite living in the 21st century India, there are certain elements in our country and our culture (which is too varied to be classified as one), which makes me wonder whether we have been successful in evolving from that conservative mentality, which personally for me, represent the core when it comes to differentiating between modern and not so modern.

Somehow, in all this hooplah attached to the caste and culture, the 21st century kids and youngsters are caught confused, not knowing which way to tread. On one hand where they witness the intermixing of various dfferent cultures, thanks to the increased movement of people and increased globalization; on the other hand, they are expected to stick to their hard core values being imposed on them by their very own parents and grandparents who want them to keep their family and clan flag flying high.

For a girl, who wishes to see everyone happy around her, it becomes what can be termed as mission impossible. Atleast in this case, if she choses to go along with the love of her life, which she has, she is bound to lose upon the love and affection she received throughout her life from her parents (acting too rigid to understand what their child wants, just because of societal and family pressure) and if she would have decided to leave her boyfriend (at one time and now her husband), she would have to repent throughout her life for having done so (which thankfully has not been the case here).

At the end of it all, if we take a very pragmatic point of view, it is the couple who will be spending their lives together for most part of their life, if we ignore the few interactions that they are bound to be having with their family during those events and celebrations where each and every member of the extended family happens to gather at one place at the same point of time.

But on an emotional level, the couple would certainly want, at least the immediate family to be blessing the couple and welcoming them with open arms. After all, this is what will make them really happy.parent

For the parents who tend to involve their egos and self-respect with their child’s wishes, it is my earnest request to think beyond what the society tells them to think. For them, the point that they need to consider is whether they would want to place their children above in the priority list, over and above the society and the extended family members.

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Strategic Middle Path!

Yesterday, in the evening, I had this wonderful opportunity of visiting my paternal aunt’s place (bua) after a long time. Though, I happen to live in the same city as she, yet I would like to admit that I had been acting a little lazy of late and had not been able to find the time and motivation to visit her place in recent times. Though, some of this laziness can be attributed to the kind of work that I do and the kind of revoluntionary age that we all happen to be living in, which truly can be referred to as the age of internet.

On one hand where the internet tends to make our lives comfortable and easy, on the other hand, it tends to create a divide amongst the friends and relatives who all seemed to be caught up in this web that is woven by the technology around ourselves and we end up leading our lives in a virtual world.

Have you ever wondered whether living in this virtual world has made us all lose touch not only with our near and dear ones but also the nature and the environment and in a way has deprived us all of the pleasure and happiness that togertherness seems to shower upon us?

Yes, in a way, the internet has been instrumental in solving numerous problems and issues that might have haunted us in the years to come and it has indeed proven to be a boon on numerous occassions and situations where otherwise we might have found ourselves wanting.

But the manner in which, we have ended up using the services of this ubiquitous facility has to be called into question and needs to be reconsidered and deliberated upon. It is always a good idea to extract all the good things and to discard away all the bad ingredients. True to its core, we haven’t managed to do just the above and have ended up losing upon the fun and excitement that human contact tends to bring along with itself.celebration

Breaking away from this mode in which I had been caught since a couple of months, I decided to break away all the shackles and tried catching up with all the family members who could possibly turn up on this occassion where we all gathered to celebrate the birthday of one of my bhanjas.

It was a truly memorable experience having had long conversations with my cousins on topics ranging from anything to everything. To put a cherry on the cake was the delicious food and the desserts that were served immediately after the cake cutting ceremony.

As I bid goodnight to all the relatives present there and sat in my car to drive back home, I realized how much I might have missed in the past couple of months just because I happened to make myself hooked on to the virtual pleasures of life ignoring the reality altogether.

It is amazing how a balanced lifestyle can end up increasing the happiness quotient and in turn the well being of an individual. It plays a very significant role when it comes to getting rid of and overcoming our tensions in life. It acts as the best antidote to the increasingly materialistic rat race that we all seemed to have got so used to running and the associated stress that comes as a part and parcel of the failures and success that we end up facing having become a part of all the hooplah surrounding this race.

At the end of the day, the onus of finding peace of mind lies on the individual. Some amongst you might want to derive it by earning lot of money. Some might want to abandon all this and instead choose to live a life of seclusion. As suggested by Lord Buddha, and as propagated by numerous philosophers, the Middle Path seems to provide us with the best way, which if tread, tends to give us the most amount of happiness and satisfaction in life.

But what the hell is this middle path? And how can one go about treading the same? Does it mean that we should give away all our ambitions and instead lead a life which is dull to the core?

Well, these are some natural queries that tends to haunt our mind in order to achieve this eternal happiness that we all tend to crave for at some point or other in our lives. As far as I am concerned, I have been able to come out with this definition of Middle Path which might not find resonance with the original proponents of the theory but seems to do me good:

We all are social beings. All our motives, apart from the basic needs, are culturally and socially determined, which makes me think that if we are able to take care of our social needs, we will end up living a satisfied life.

In every society, there are norms, values and definitions of what is successful and what is not. We are culturally and socially conditioned to follow and accept most of these defintions. Breaking away from these is indeed an onerous task. So, instead of correcting or modifying such defintions, it is not such a bad idea to accept some of these which tend to fit in our own concept of life and to ignore those which don’t tend to go along well with this concept that we have developed over a period of time.

What we are left with is a set of customized concepts of what we might want to achieve in life. Having found the concepts, the next step is to develop a strategy for achieving the same and to implement it thereafter.

Even after knowing the strategy and the goal, one might not always emerge successful. By this I mean one might not always end up achieving what one might have thought of achieving after successful implementation of a strategy.

First of all, you must think that the success lies not in achieving the fruit but in implementing the strategy to the best of one’s ability. Of course, there will be sense of disappointment, but it will never be able to have an impact on your confidence.

What this will ensure is that it will give you the courage to re-evaluate your strategy and will help you in putting your best foot forward for a second time with increased determination and motivation.

Amongst all this, by maintaining a balance between your professional and social life, you will be able to find that synergy needed for rejuvenating one’s mind and persona and the support that no matter how much one denies, everyone seems to need it at some point of time in their lives.MP

So, if I have to conclude all the above in a single line, I would say: Middle Path is all about going after your customized goals keeping at all times a customized definition of success in your mind, at the same time maintaining that all important balance between personal/social and professional life.

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Era of Flats!

Few years back, when I was about to change my branch from Chemical to Civil Engineering, one of the professors of Civil Engineering from IIT Kanpur told me that this would prove to be one of the life changing decisions of my life, considering that India would soon be hit by a construction boon.

Though, I had altogether different reasons for changing my branch, and didn’t really care about the advice that the professor had to offer, yet when I look back at what he said taking into perspective today’s scenario, I wonder how correct he was with his prediction about the industry.

Yesterday, I was taking a tour of my very own city and realized how many societies and projects are coming up in the city with so many different builders ranging from Ansal to Omex taking share of the same pie.

What amazes me more is the holding capacity of the who’s who of my city, who tend to take part in the auctions conducted by the Development Authority. I also wonder how the who’s who of the city are able to get atleast a flat or atleast some piece of the land that is supposed to be auctioned.

Either the God is very kind to them or some other forces have a role to play in the same. Having said that, you will of course find certain genuine cases who happen to get a flat etc., much to their relief, in the auction at a price which is much below the inflated market price of the same.flats

One other factor that plays a big role in the Real Estate business is the amount of black money floating around in our country. With so much black money waiting to be made white, real estate provides that golden opportunity which the hoarders might be waiting for years now.

Not only does their money becomes white, but also they are able to possess the all so precious property whose prices, at least in the current scenario, are bound to increase exponentially, in turn affecting and in fact determining the market price of the land, which is inflated, courtesy the presence of people who are ready to pay large amounts of money in order to get a chunk.

As you know, it is all contigent upon the demand-supply game. At loss are those who neither have black money, nor are rich enough to make the cut and are found wanting. For a common honest man, it is extremely difficult to even think about getting a nice house/flat in a decent locality, leave alone actually possessing it.

Don’t you think, if such a scenario persists for long, people will tend to become more corrupt and would want to earn more money? Do you think, in this case, people would really worry about the legitimacy of the same, considering that, at stake is one of the basic needs of human kind and that is the makaan or the housing?

What is needed is formulation of a policy which caters to the equitable growth in society and its effective implementation. The question, though is, who will do such a thing and will someone be able to find the grit and determination to overcome all odds in proposing the same and turning it into a reality?

What will happen, no one can tell. But one thing is for sure, time is running out from our hands and the need of the hour is to get going and implement effective and efficient policies on an urgent basis, so as to stop this society from getting more and more corrupt.

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The Power of Positivity!

Last ten days of my life are amongst those few days that I would always want to remember as one of the best. I can go on talking about the same but I would want to talk about what happened immediately after those ten days.

I was on my way back to my hometown in a flight that I happened to catch around 1 in the afternoon, exactly 3 hours after the scheduled departure time, courtesy the prevailing foggy weather in and around New Delhi.

If it wasn’t the previous ten days which I can term an awesome period, I would have got really upset about the delay and would have went on criticizing the management of the airlines and in turn the system that we all happen to be a part of.

It is strange how one good incident or a couple of good days spent prior to an incident, can change the manner in which you think along with your thought process and in turn the ability to handle a situation. How wonderful it would be if a person can maintain such a mindset for over a longer period of time!

This is, by no means, a justification for the wrongs happening in our society. It is just that the coping mechanism of an individual grows in leaps and bounds once he/she starts thinking in a positive manner, once he/she focuses on how to improve things rather than focusing on and bringing out the bad part.positivity

Every day of our life, we are met with various situations which can in all senses of the word, be called challenging to the core. And it is our ability to cope up with the tension that comes as a part and parcel of what’s going on, which, in the end decides whether we will emerge stronger or whether we will succumb to the situation.

I am sure that each one of us want to see themselves in a positive light, we want to be seen as people who could do what the others in the same situation couldn’t, we all want to be seen as successful people in the society. We feel great when someone gives our example to inspire others.

It is this quest of appreciation that makes us do things in the right manner. If it were not for this, why would one want to indulge in certain tasks which tend not to bring pleasure but lot of hardships.

It is this ability of a person to cope up with these hardships, that is well sought for in our society and is very well rewarded at the same time appreciated by the people. And a positive frame of mind goes a long way in enhancing these same abilities and in turn makes a person successful.learn_mark_brennan_cc-by-nc-sa2_flickr_heycoach-1197947341

It is true that many amongst us are not able to understand and recognize the immense power that comes along with a positive mindset. Having said that it is not so difficult as well, that one will not be able to comprehend the same.

What is needed though is to learn from one’s own experiences and use the learning in incidents and circumstances which follow thereafter.

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The Doomsday!

The day has gone and nothing has happened. For those who really believed in what the Mayans had to say were disappointed to the core and for those who feared that the calamity was about to happen breathed a sigh of relief.

For those who held the rational flag flying high, called these people silly for having had such a belief. Numerous messages could be seen of fb regarding the same. No matter what happened, the suggestion that the world was coming to an end certainly created much chaos and discussion amongst the mortals of this era.57825_doomsday-dashboard_ynv5sbd4ta5revcvdm5lwdbfglncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma_740x416

The doomsday never occured but the incident that followed and which has become the talking point of the nation (I am referring to the Delhi rape case) certainly is a warning to our society that, if such incidents keep taking place, the doomsday for our Indian society and for the value system that we all tend to be so proud of is not that far off.

An exemplary punishment is what our society is demanding in a unison. It might look creulty to some amongst us, but the fact is that in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE etc., because of the nature of the law and the kind of punishment that is brought upon a person committing crimes such as the above, the number of cases have gone down considerably.

The reason might be that a human being is most governed by the fear factor and the kind of psychological impact such laws tend to have on us all. No matter what the reason, it indeed is an effective practical strategy which tends to give immediate results.

The question is: should India emulate what is being done in the Middle-East or should India come out with its own set of rules which might have a deterrent effect on the incidents that are happening all over India and in some cases aren’t being reported as well.rape__by_little_pretty

The past tells us that all the efforts of the Indian law system to curb the very incidents have not been able to prevent such incidents from taking place. It might be due to the delay in such cases when and if they are reported to and taken into the court. It might also be due to the fear of social consequences that some prefer not to report such incidents. It might be due to the inept handling of the cases by our forces which are untrained to handle the same.

Whatever might be the reason behind such incidents happening, one thing that everyone would agree to is that our laws should be able to create enough deterrent effect, so that such incidents dont take place in the future.

Some of the steps that can be taken by our government is to establish community policing, wherein the citizens can supplement the efforts made by the police of our country. Coupled with the above, an effective patrol would go a long way in preventing such incidents from happening and would certainly have a deterrent effect on persons with such kind of predatory mentality.

If you have a look at the incidents that are taking place in and around our capital city, one aspect that is starkly visible is the fact that in many incidents, the persons who actually indulged in such an act happened to be from outside New Delhi (in the present case, from Bihar) who come to Delhi in search of work and end up commiting such a crime.

Thus, it becomes important for any employer who is bringing in labour class or any other person (including domestic worker) from outside the city for work, should have a police verification done before giving him/her a job.

Another aspect that has come forth is that girls should be made capable enough to defend themselves. This in turn brings out the point that, in schools, girls should be given some kind of martial arts training which will not only make them able enough but would also prove to be a personality and personal enhancement training regime.

The guys, on their part, should be made to respect women. An effective role needs to be played by the families and schools wherein moral teachings coupled with what is right and wrong should be told to the men of our society.

Coupled with the above, the need of the hour is to have a deterrent law regime along with an effective and sensitive police force which will go a long way in curbing such incidents.

If the above is not done, then the doomsday conspiracy might indeed turn out to be true for our society, but the good thing is that it is in our hands as citizens of this country to prevent the same from occuring and we must leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that such things don’t happen in the future.

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A Date with the Thinking Cap!

It seems there is no end to our desires. The more we get, the more we want to get. Everytime we end up accomplishing something, the confidence goes up leaps and bounds and gives birth to a new ambition and a new desire.

Some would say, after all there should be some aim in life. Without any aim, life would look so meaningless. True to the core, but have you ever realized that these ambitions and desires in turn lead to a rat race of sorts where everyone is busy catching up with the latest happenings in order to ensure that they don’t miss upon any opportunity what so ever of making money and thereby growing in stature and prestige.

I sometimes wonder, as to what was the aim with which God sent us all on this planet. Was it to get caught up in this illusion that the World is believed to be according to the Hindu mythology?

No one has been able to answer it with enough scientific evidence in order to establish any kind of substantial truth behind the same, though there have been various answers coming from every nook and corner of our country with various and different interpretations of the same.

Some of these interpretations are very much influenced by the whims and fancies of those who want to have some command and authority on the aspects related to religion and spirituality.

It is extremely fascinating to think about the manner in which a human mind goes about thinking and how we end up deciding the rights and wrongs of our society, which in turn leads to our words, actions, habits and in turn to our character and judgements about people thereafter.

But in all this thought process, have we forgotten the art of expressing content and appreciation for something that we have been able to accomplish over time or for something that someone does for us?

Have we become so materialistic and self-centred so as to forget the very meaning of humanity, where our only aim is to accumulate more and more, may be for the generations to follow?

Some time back, I had the fortune of interacting with a very learned professor of mine, who was very kind to have shared his perspective of life that he was leading at that point of time. I would take the liberty of quoting him here in order to bring out the essence of what life could mean to the majority out there:

Kush! During my childhood years, I was conditioned to get more and more in life. The only aim in life at that point of time was to get praise and respect from the people around you.

My mother always taught me that if you want to be respected and admired in the society then you need to be there on top. All my life, I took my mother’s word as a doctrine which was never to be violated.

I qualified JEE with a rank that most people would be proud of. I was a 9 point something CGPA in college which was considered to be amongst the best. I gave GRE and scored the highest of all who had appeared from my batch.

But the ambition of becoming more and more important never seem to take a halt. I then appeared for the Civil Services Examination and got a very good rank so as to ensure that I become an IAS officer.

I joined the service but I still couldn’t feel satisfied with what I had. Of all the things in the World, I wanted to become more and more important.

It was only after the first 5 years of my service, I began feeling suffocated and it was then that questions such as what is it that I really want to do with the 70+ years or so of life that are given to me by God.

I started becoming frustrated and wanted to run away from every important thing that I had ever accomplished. There was everything that I had: respect, money, prestige, power. But there was something that was missing.

And the thing was peace of mind and a satisfaction that I was doing what I really wanted to do. It was then that I decided to quit my job and started exploring the various things that I would be happy doing.

Today, when I look back at things, I feel that quitting what people would call one of the most lucrative of jobs in India was the best decision that I had ever taken for myself in my entire life. And trust me, I am really happy about it.

There are times when many youngsters like you would take up a job just because it is highly remunerative or because it might enable you to get all the materialistic things in life that you might have been coerced to wish for all your life.

But, what matters is not a Mercedez Benz or an Audi, but how happy you are traveling in that one Nano that you might happen to own. So before venturing out for anything, I would advice you to think about what you really want from your life and how you would want to use these years of life, so that when you reach my age and start reflecting the only thought that should come to your mind is: YES! I DID WELL.”

For all the people out there who are caught up in a similar situation and are feeling suffocated or dissatisfied with what they are doing, the only advice that my professor would have given them would be to take a break and think about what you really want to do with your life.

And trust me, this little break that you might take can do you hell lot of good. It can change your entire perspective about life. It can help you be what you want to be.

So, put your thinking caps on and start thinking!

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Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai…kya karoon yaar…hamesha tere ishq ka bukhaar aur pyaar ka ikaraar chayya rehta hai….

This is not a dialogue from the likes of kya cool hain hum or kya super cool hain hum, but comes to you straight from 92.7 big FM’s bakwaas shayari, which I happened to be listening to, today in the afternoon, courtesy my inability to step out of my house because of the curfew situation that has seemed to grip my city again.

Second time, in just a couple of days, certainly, it’s not reflecting very well on the administration here in the city. DM of Bareilly seems to be on the move to ensure that situation shouldn’t deteriorate any further and is leaving no stone unturned while pursuing the same.

The steel frame, as it used to be called once in the British era, is no more the same. With the kind of politicization that has hit the very cores of our bureaucracy, coupled with Marx’s view of bureaucracy being involved in amassing power and self-aggrandisation, administrative reforms coupled with a social reform movement is the need of the hour.

The likes of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev are on the streets once again to raise their voices against corruption that has seemed to percolate in every nook and corner of our establishement, which we all like to give the name, society.

On one hand where there are so many issues that need a thought from the who’s who of our society, on the other hand, the nation is welcoming with open arms our Olympic heros who have managed to bring glory to both their respective sports and the nation.

What is very visible, though, is a plethora of emotions and a huge diversity in the kind of behaviour that people demonstrate towards various facets of life.

Sometimes I wonder, if it was not for our ability of expressing things, how boring and dull our lives would have become. I guess, the very essence of life is very much demonstrated in our actions and behaviour.

So, can I say: LIFE=BEHAVIOUR + IT’S IMPLICATIONS (think about it!)

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Turning into a Cow?

Sometimes I wonder whether we all are turning into cows eyeing at all times the grass on the other side. Why is it that some people develop this habit of seeing the others doing very well in their lives and repenting the fact that they are being left behind in this rat race?

Why the hell do we have to define success everytime in relative terms? Why do we have to compare ourselves with others, at the same time why others end up comparing us to the other significant people around us?

When I was a kid, I never used to believe in the saying: the grass is always greener on the other side. But during this biological period of me becoming an adult, the saying seemed to become truer and truer.

During this journey, I encountered more and more people who would sit for hours repenting on the fact that if they would have done some things differently then their lives would have been something else.

At the same time, they would feel jealous and envy those who ended up doing things differently and thereby becoming more successful.

Somehow, we have got used to giving excuses, at the same time making sure that its not only us who pity us but also the people around us who join us in this tirade.

The question that needs to be asked is whether we are all turning out into cows vying for the grass from other’s garden?

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Pretending to be Me!

The prententious in me always seem to take over and I end up doing things which I would have otherwise not even dreamt of doing.”

This was an answer given by one of the most famous actors of his time on being asked how he is able to give incredible performances day-in-day-out.

To some extent, we all end up behaving a bit differently when significant others are around us. We try to put up our best display of courteousness and smartness in order to impress others with our persona and presence of mind.

For youngsters, especially guys, this is one of the ways in which they try to catch the much seeked attention from the pretty girls who happen to be present there at that very moment.

For girls, it is of course about seeking attention from the most handsome of guys and making sure that they beat their contemporaries on this front.

For aunties, it is a way of restoring their lost glory, when they used to be themselves very pretty. It is also a way of demonstrating to the entire World that they are still in the race.

For uncles, it is nothing but a way of ensuring their dominance over their colleagues and showing that they have what it takes to be right up there.

Somehow, with the increased socialization, we all tend to devote very little time to what we truly are and end up living a totally different kind of a life.

But there are times, when no one is there and we end up spending some time with our origins, the nature who has, since times immemorial, continued to remind us all of the absolute truth.

Deep down, we know what is the eventuality. Inspite of that, we try to mask the reality with the lifestyle that we so love to lead. Someone has wisely said: “jeena isi ka naam hai.

Sometimes, I too think, that it is not worth thinking. It is not worth pondering over where we will be after we are no more here.

The countdown had already begun when we first made our presence felt in this World. And the nature of this clock is such that it never gives you a second chance.

That is the sole reason why I always beleive in living life to the fullest. After all it is worth pretending to be me rather than being me.

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Papa Kehte Hain!

I am sure, you all must have heard this song from the movie Qayamat se Qayamat tak which became a rage the moment it hit the screen and made Aamir Khan a rising star, the chocolate boy who would soon conquer the Indian cinema in times to come.

What a journey it has been for the person hailing from a filmy family! As one would tend to imagine that the journey would have been a cake walk for the man, who of course had his godfathers in the industry.

But it was not to be. With the kind of defiant nature and a zeal to do things what was right according to him, the man treaded not so glorious a path. It was only after performances in movies like Dil hai ki maanta nahi and Sarfarosh that he was given his due recognition.

Even then, it was an era dominated by the likes of kuch kuch hota hai and DDLJ, and the Badshah was all set to charm the girls who would do anything after taking a vow over the kind of love that was depicted in his movies.

Things started to take a turn in a big way in favour of Aamir afterLagaan.Mr. Perfectionist, as he was being popularly called, started to assert his claim to thatnumero unoposition in Bollywood that had been previously held by the likes of Amitabh Bacchan and Shahrukh Khan.

All doubts regarding the box-office fate of his movies were soon dissipated and he was being considered a very safe and lucrative bet when it came to making money from movies.

With everything going in his favour, he surprisingly decided to restrict himself to a movie a year formula, going by his perfectionist nature, which was so contradictory to what most actors in the industry would have done at that time.

Critics warned him of his decision which according to them would prove to be a doomsday in the actor’s career. But God had surely scripted something very different for the man. Every movie that he did after became a super-duper hit.

Today, I am sure, if he looks back at what he has done, he will surely be proud of the collection of movies that he can proudly claim to be his.

And when we were all wondering as to what’s next, he conceptualized a show which was about to hit the very foundations of our society, at the same time, bringing out into the open, things that would otherwise be left not talked about sheerly because of the taboo associated with the same.

Some people amongst us criticize the man for what he has done to his personal life by getting divorced and for the amount that he might be charging for a episode of Satyamev Jayate.

No matter what be the criticisms, this man has done something which is surely quite different from what others in his position would have done. After all, why would one want to face the wrath of the orthodox section in our society, considering that one would otherwise be living a very peaceful and luxurious life?

He indeed is a man, who is truly inspirational to the so many in our society and deserve all the praise and respect in the World for being the man he is.

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