Characters of the P Company: Four Bandars

Gandhiji had 3,

Here there are 4,

Just below the who’s who, in the hierarchy of things,

Kartik, the first,

Comes across as a laid back cool dude,

Whose aim in life is to be able to make things happen,

Speaks fondly of his earlier stints in the sector,


Is trying to live up to the expectations of all stakeholders in his life.

Salil, the second,

Is probably the best looking professional in town,

Likes to play sports and is always dressed well,

With an athletic body in hand,

he seems to have taken up a bashing role in the space,

considering he is the whole soul of the operations at hand,

Tries to act cool at times,

Only to realise that he has miles to go before he can come across as such.

Sriraj, the third,

Comes across as a nerdy guy,

Who seemed to have drunk the know how potion of what’s it’s all about,

Always seem to have a glow on his face,

One can’t help but wonder, whether it’s love or dove,

Abhi, the fourth,

Comes across as that mysterious guy,

Who somehow happened to be working in this space,

No one seems to know his credentials,

Speaks little, but when he does, it makes sense,

With a Yash like beard in KGF,

he tends to hold his side of the fort to make things happen.

No matter how different they are in their personalities,

One thing they all agree with is,

the sector is such, so better get used to it!

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Ye Duniya!

You might have heard this beautiful song,

In these current times that we all live in,

this song seems to find a chord,

I see kids wearing masks while playing sports,

youngsters running around with their masks on,

Courtesy the virus,

We all have pulse meters in our houses,

As a fact,

The rate goes up once we wear the masks,

I wonder,

the kind of effect it might have while playing sports or simply running,

the kind of effect the strings of these masks might have on our ears,

the kind of effect it might have if we wear it for a longer period of time,

I wonder whether it’s worth it,

the lives we all seem to be living,

not discounting the fact that precautions need to be taken,

but doesn’t any form of extreme approach needs a rethink,

a think to ponder over?

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Waah Taj Waah!

Came across a social media post yesterday by thebetterindia,

Which spoke about how Taj group of hotels has been able to imbibe “atithi devo bhava” as one of its core value.

Must admit that I have had wonderful experiences while staying with Taj in different cities.

But my first impression was certainly a disaster.

Year 2003,

Us, a group of badminton team mates representing IIT Kanpur had gone to play inter IIT sports meet in IIT Bombay,

Most of us were visiting Mumbai for the first time in our lives,

And guess what, Gateway of India was on our list of places to visit,

Right opposite stood the Taj Mahal Palace, a beautiful architecture matching the grace that Gateway of India had to offer,

Afternoon, we all felt hungry and decided to have a rendezvous with The Taj.

Considering, it was a first for most of us who had been to a 5-star hotel,

We were really looking forward to it,

I still remember, it was 1:30 pm,

Having heard so much about the hotel from who’s who of society,

When the four of us decided to have a walk-in,

By the way, we were wearing casual sports t-shirts on the day,

Might have looked a bit shabby as well!

As we approached the entrance,

The big man, durbaan (doorman), a sardar ji,

Waved his hand,

As if ordering us to move aside and give way to a guy who had just stepped out of a beautiful BMW, to let him enter first,

In his same rude mannerism, he asked,

What’s the purpose of your visit?”

Oh, we are students and have heard so much about Taj that we thought we will give a visit”, one of my friends spoke in an excited tone.

You cannot enter like this”, he spoke back.

“How can we enter then if not like this?“, all of us wondered what kind of privilege would require us to enter the hotel.

Let me do my work, you cannot enter”, he seemed to have no reason for what so ever for not letting us enter.

We all thought there was no point arguing and we left.

They say, first impressions are the last impressions.

Well, not so, at least in my case,

Because every time I visited thereafter, I was impressed by the hospitality,

Though would certainly want to speak about few lessons that I learnt on the day,

Whether it’s a good thing or a bad one,

Limited in her ways, society perceives you by the way you dress on most occasions,

Some of us might say, that we don’t care,

It’s a choice, to each their own, how one wants to dress,


Society will have her own means of developing her perception.

At the same time, don’t judge a book by its cover!


A customer never forgets his/her first experience.


I know Taj is extremely proud of its core values,

Yet, a failure to be able to percolate these same values to each and every employee results in such bad customer experiences,

Which surely affects brand loyalty to begin with,


A bad word of mouth for the concerned.

Hence, extremely important, how and what each and everyone in a company communicates to her stakeholders,

Which in turn means having a fantastic mechanism of hiring and acculturation.


Nothing is so called perfect in this world,

As a startup founder or as CEO of a big company, if one gets entangled in the fame and adulation,

One tends to drift away from his/her core purpose,

As, there is always scope for improvement.

Considering Taj and the likes of Marriott, Leela etc. are the go to hotels for who’s who of our society in any case,

The General Managers and the senior leaders of their properties may want to take a cue,

When it comes to ensuring wonderful experiences for their clients and customers.

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It’s all about Playing Games!

Sports has had a very integral role in my growing up years. Has been instrumental in teaching me things which I will cherish all my life. What comes along with playing sports is you get into a habit of watching sports and when it be the biggest sporting event, one can hardly miss upon the wonderful performances.

Yes, Olympics did have its own set of controversies and accomplishments, which each one of us know and would not really want to get into the complexities of the same. What I would instead want to talk about is few things which I learnt from my sporting years, both playing and watching, and which I think are extremely relevant when it comes to leading our day-to-day lives.

I still remember, cable connection used to be a luxury at home only to be availed during our summer holidays because my mom was very particular about her kids not wasting time on the same and instead wanted us to focus on academics.

Those were the days, when on a Sunday, if there was supposed to be a cricket match being played between India and another nation, when I would get up around 5 or so in the morning to first play my favorite sports and then get ready to watch it at a friend’s place.

Probably, the ease with which one becomes disciplined with no one else telling you all the time to do so, was the biggest habit which I was drawn into, courtesy sports. Now I realize how his gets translated to any other aim or goal that you set for yourself and carve out a path to achieve the same, which comes pretty naturally to you and makes it a cake walk when it comes to adapting yourself to the grueling schedule.images

While, on the field, since it’s a team sports and your victory is determined by how everyone else is performing, a team sports, no matter how much you would want to, doesn’t give you the liberty to become selfish, instead teaches you to do your job selflessly, striving towards a larger goal at all times.

Such great mentoring, especially during the formative years of a child, instills in him/her an ability to think beyond one’s profit and loss and instead focus on the common good, leaving little scope for comparisons and the resulting jealousy, in turn enabling one to lead a much happier life.

The wonderful think about sports like any other other field is the adulation that one gets when one wins. Though it has its own confidence boosting effect, at the same time, it more often than not, leads to over-confidence and ego.

But as with every other thing, this two has its in-built neutralizing formula, where in you don’t always win, but lose as well. It’s incredible how the ego comes shattering down when you brag and lose, in turn teaching you a very important lesson in life, which is to remain balanced at every point of time in your life and take success and failures in the same stride.

Another extra-ordinary thing about sports is that it teaches you that there are no limits to what you can achieve. In every tournament new records are set, which inspires every individual to have faith in his/her ability to go beyond the usual, and more importantly to think that one can actually cross the line with better efforts, thereby motivating one to continue with the hard work.

And the most important of all that sports teaches you is, that nothing comes easy. You have to put in the hard work, you have to make each moment, each day count for the incremental improvements to take place, you have to be conscious of the fact that it needs to be worked upon.

Doesn’t it sound similar to working on any social relationship in the World that we tend to get into during the wonderful journey that we all call life, be it spouse or kids?

If it does hit your realization, then make sure you and your family get into a habit of playing sports, for it’s all about playing games and the more you play with the right spirit, the more satisfied and happy you would be in life.

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Why do Sports like Badminton/Football/Hockey not get enough coverage?

On being asked, a Dutch guy mentioned the national sports of India to be Cricket. It was strange to hear that but not strange to comprehend as to why he said so. What to talk of this guy who has never lived in India, there are many Indians who wouldn’t be knowing the same. Is it because of the sheer amount of media coverage that a Sports like Cricket gets in our country?

I guess this might be one of the reasons. In fact, there was a whole talk to make cricket as our national sport replacing Hockey. We all come to know whenever there is an IPL going on. But we never come to know when an PHL (Premier Hockey League) is going on, and for some who are fortunate or unfortunate enough to know this, don’t really bother as to what’s going on. Why is it so? Is it because of the enormous amounts of funds and sponsors that Cricket gets?

Yes, indeed Cricket gets a lot of sponsors and media coverage, but then one is forced to wonder as to why other Sports do not get sponsors and media coverage. Is it because the funds that are supposed to be used for their publicity are not being used for the same purpose and are being withered away, as a part of corruption? Is it because the heads of the sports organizations in our country, some of which have been holding on to the post since ages (more than 10 years in some cases), have been minting money out of the funds that were supposed to be used for promotion of the respective sports?

These questions need to be answered and dealt with in case India has to become a sporting Nation and in order to being able to perform well in International Sports Events such as the Olympics. The place where the reforming process can begin from is by replacing the Secretaries or the Presidents of the various organizations, mostly bureaucrats and politicians, who have been holding on to their posts for years now and have made it a source of their illegitimate earnings and replacing them with sportsmen in the respective field, who having faced the situation might be well aware on the improvements that need to be brought in the functioning of these organizations.

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Bell Controversy: Was Dhoni right in withdrawing the Appeal?

Where there is a Bell, there is a deep deep well. Well ! Well ! Well ! Can India live without controversies? Not really, and our Indian team is no stranger to the controversies. A huge debate has followed the controversial run out appeal and its withdrawal thereafter by our generous captain M S Dhoni.

Some experts of the game argue that it was not the right thing to do on part of M S Dhoni’s. Everyone who has seen the replays knew that Bell should have been given out considering the rules of the game and considering that Bell initially ran for the run and then when Morgan stopped him from running, he simply refused to return to the crease and instead opted for moving along with Morgan towards the pavilion. After seeing the replays, my opinion was that Bell thought about going back to the crease but by then it was too late to go back, so he acted in a way which was the most convenient, just pretend as if the only thing that he knew was that Tea had been taken.

What to say about Dhoni? Such a gentleman of the game! I seriously don’t know why he would want to withdraw the appeal. Yes, one reason could be to gain the good will of the crowd and the English team, but is he there for gaining all this? One would be tempted to say that his first objective is to play the game and propel India to a victory and secondly if someone does not play within the rules of the game, then to act in a manner which will put forth the implementation of the rules.

But in this case, just because Bell did a misjudgement, Dhoni shouldn’t have acted in the manner he did, considering that senior players in the team like Dravid also looked upset during the post day news conference. The decision should not, but can have an impact on the morale of the players and in fact it did to some extent seeing the body language of the players in the third session.

I am not saying that the result would certainly have been different if Bell would have been given out then, but then cricket is a funny game and you never know what could have transpired in case he was given out. It was baffling to see some experts like our own Sourav Ganguly believing that what Dhoni did was in the spirit of the game, considering the fact that what Sourav Ganguly did by taking his shirt off was totally not in the spirit of the game.

My only question to these experts is when players do appeal frivolously knowing that a batsman is not out then does that count in the spirit of the game? And here there was no question about the spirit of the game, it was about implementing the rules of the game which were never implemented.

It is similar to saying that Sachin Tendulkar ran himself out because he thought the fielder wouldn’t throw the ball towards his end and therefore he continued running. But do you buy this argument? Having said that,the English batsmen played wonderfully well to achieve such a score.

Let us know below whether what Dhoni did was right in your opinion.

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The Battle for No. 1 Spot

The battle for the No. 1 spot in the arena of test cricket is currently on at Trent Bridge. What a start India got with Indian pacers tearing apart the front line English batting order. If the first session was a good one for India, the second definitely belonged to India on the first day of the test match. But with some great batting shown by Stuart Broad and Graeme Swan, they managed to restore some pride for England in the third session. In spite of the 73 run partnership between the two the England team were bowled out relatively cheaply.

India started on a bad note with Abhimanyu Mukund perishing on the first ball that he faced from James Anderson. What followed was a shear act of survival shown by the two greats Rahul Dravid and V V S Laxman. As I am writing this article, the two are still battling in the swinging conditions that Trent Bridge is offering to the bowlers. A good first session can do a lot of good to the prospects of Team India winning this test match and retaining their No. 1 spot.

Will they be able to do it? Only time will tell. But as an Indian, I would certainly like to think in the affirmative 🙂

What do you think?

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A Wake Up Call for Indian Cricket Team

The loss to England at Lords recently can be considered as a wake up call for our Indian cricket team. It was not that we played very poorly, but the application and determination on the part of the players seemed to be lacking.

The inclusion of Zaheer Khan and his injury in the very first session of the test match was a severe blow. With 3 blowers left to work with for Dhoni, it was always going to be hard. And it was further perpetuated by the dismal fielding performance by our side with Dravid missing a couple of chances in the slip cordon.

It was later known that Tendulkar was not match fit and the injury to Gambhir while fielding on the short leg didn’t help team India. As a result, the batting order in the second innings was in shatters. Laxman and Dravid succumbed under pressure in the 2nd innings to uncharacteristic shots with Dhoni once again continuing with his bad run with the bat. And when Harbhajan went in for that slog pull shot, the game for India was all over.

Few things that India could certainly improve upon is not to include players in the team who are not match fit. Secondly, apart from the top order, the lower order batsmen should show the grit and determination by trying to stay on the crease and provide support to a top order batsmen rather than going for a slog shot and throwing away their wicket. We saw how Broad and Prior batted superbly well for England in the 2nd innings.

All in all, not a good start for India. But India has had a history of coming back to form as the tour progresses. Hopefully, this time around Dhoni’s men would turn the table round from 2nd test onwards slated to begin from the 29th of July.

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Sachin Tendulkar

The name in itself says it all. The name is synonymous with excellence, committment, discipline, motivation, achievement, humbleness, honesty, team-spirit etc.etc.etc. I am running out of words here to describe the name and pardon me if I have forgotten few.

Though nothing needs to be said on the great man, for articles on him cannot even come close to what this great man has accomplished in his life, I am writing this article to motivate those 0.0001% guys in our country who are still upset with him for something or the other.

For those who believe that Sachin Tendulkar is a selfish player should not forget that even in his selfishness lies the good of our team. After all, if we look at the records, everytime he scores a 100, the probability of the team winning the game increases. It is quite evident from the stats about the no. of matches won by India when he was rewarded with a Man of the Match award. If this selfishness can do such great things for India, I would want him to be utterly selfish in his conduct.

So, it’s an earnest request to all those 0.0001% to atleast give some credit to the great man for what he has achieved over time and for what he has been able to do for Team India during this period.

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