The Trip!

The last time I was here telling you guys about my new trip, I was just about leaving that very moment and now having returned back to the cosy comforts of my habitation, here I am all set to share what I have just experienced.

When I left my place two days back, I had no clue where I would be heading to in the two days of my life which were about to follow that very day. Even though there wasn’t any destination in mind, yet, there was a sense of joy and excitement which was very much visible on my face.

With no one to talk to, I had an ipod and of course my own vehicle to accompany me on this trip. There were no time constraints and no deadlines that I was supposed to meet.

With lot of time in hand, the roads (if I can call them so because of the condition that they were in) didn’t seem to bother my state of consciousness and I drove in a carefree manner, at times taking a halt and having a cup of tea on the immensely famous dhabas in our country that happened to fall on the route.

A 74 km jounrey to Rudrapur which should normally take an hour, took me nearly 4 hours. A couple of factors were responsible for the same. First, I was in a really good mood and wasn’t in any kind of hurry what so ever and second, the condition of the roads didn’t allow me to drive at a speed higher than 40km/h or so.

On reaching Rudrapur, I was welcomed by a person whom I have admired throught the time period that I have known him. A very polite and sweet person you will ever come across and in true senses a gem of a person.

The time that I spent thereafter was in the company of this wonderful person. What’s amazing about this person is that the more I talk about him, the fonder I become

What followed was a treat that I would remember throughout my life. We literally went places ranging from Haldwani to Nainital. The mountains seemed to be welcoming us with open arms and the weather was ever so enticing and inviting.

When you are in such good company, you can’t help but discuss life. And that was exactly what we ended up doing, which led to one insight after another.

True to our nature, courtesy the same place we both used to inhabit once upon a time in our lives (our college), it was in true senses of the word a g-drive bulla session.

For those who are unable to discover the implicit meaning behind the explicit expression of a true emotion, it is very much my responsibility to tell you guys that g-drive bulla session is the most arbit of discussions you can ever have about things ranging from anything to everything.

What follows after that discussion is not any logical/rational inferences or judgements but a void which makes you want to discuss more and more about the same or different topics (for that matter what topic we are talking on doesn’t seem to matter).

After having had a wonderful night out on the streets of Nainitaal we decided to head back to the secure environment of our homes.

With lots to ponder over and lots to cherish, this trip was in more ways than one a very different trip. Without going into the details of why it was different, it was truly, what I would like to call a value-addition trip.

There was so much to learn, there was so much to experience, yet the trip, in no way, demeaned the very essence and significance of what a trip means to the many who love to travel.

All in all, it will always remain somehwere deep down in my memory lane as a trip which I had always craved for.

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Break Time!

Yesterday, thinking that it would indeed be a surprise for my dear friend Saty when he would listen to my latest revelation, I decided to call him up:

Hi buddy! Guess what! I am taking a week off.”–Me

“Ya, I knew it. In fact, I was wondering why you hadn’t given me the news earlier. A week has gone by and I was really worried whether you are alright for not having told me about your latest travel plans. Being a guy that you are, its always a break time for you. So What’s new in this? 😉 “–Saty

“Come on man! I don’t roam around so much. After all, everybody takes a break, right!”–Me

“Of course! Everyone do take a break but not so often and certainly not every week.”–Saty

“Well! I guess it’s a hereditary thing. I can’t help it. Its a generational thing and how I can disrespect my forefathers for breaking the tradition.”–Me

“Ya! Right! As far as I know and I certainly know this that no one in your family is as ghummakad as you are. So, stop blaming your genes for your ghummakad virus that has hit you since you left India.”–Saty

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! But haven’t you heard that life is a journey and is meant to be such.”–Me

“Ya, I have heard this before, of course from your Highness at least a hundred times before, for everytime you try to convince me as to why it is absolutely necessary for you to go for an outing, you use the same philosophical line from your very own dicitionary and throw at me as if it was a Cupid’s arrow.”–Saty

“And everytime it works, right! 😉 “–Me

“Well! Well! Well! “–Saty

I stopped Saty before he could carry on with his well’s for I didn’t want him to go on and on with blah blah blah anymore 😉 .

After having finished my conversation with Saty, I thought of pondering over my latest travel plans. But on second thoughts, who cares 😉 , for I am all set to take off for a week and would come back after a week’s time.

Till then keep rocking for there is and there will be no such thing as life. So believe in living it to the fullest 🙂 .

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The Journey

The last outing that I had described in my previous post was indeed a very inspiring one, the evidence for the same is very well reflected in the decision that Saty and me made last night.

Since the weather was getting more and more pleasant by the hour, the two vellas of Lucknownamely Saty and myself decided to go for a drive and have some delicacies for which my city is so famous for.

While we were very happily about to implement our culinary plan, the love for our karm bhoomi reignited once again instilling in us revolutionary thoughts of hitting the road once more in two consecutive days.

And there we were treading the path which would lead us to our destination. With a child like spirit, and with Saty jumping around in the car while the rain Gods showered us with their blessings, it was truly a rocking journey.

And guess what, to give us company from Unnao was my dear friend shikari, who by the way is all set to get married this very month 🙂 .

Soon after we were found on a dhaba located en route to Agra. The dhaba treat lasted for another couple of hours and at sharp 3 a.m. we started our journey towards restoration of normality in our lives and it was only around 5 a.m. the whole procedure of restoration could be completed.

I used to wonder that life is a journey but never did I think that it would turn into a collection of the trips and tours that I undertake every now and then. In any case, I love all my journeys and am sure that the best is yet to come 😉 .

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