Chalo Foreign!

There was a time, I remember, when most of the guys from my batch during graduation wanted to go to some foreign land, be it Europe, US etc. in search of a better life.

Don’t know whether it exists today as well, among the age group,

Though one thing that has continued to occupy the conversations among friends is to decide whether one wants to live in India or go abroad and settle down.

Somehow, the opinion seems to be divided, with those in favour suggesting:

Better infrastructure,

Better service standards,

Better governance,

Good money, as the pros of living abroad.

Those against suggest:

2nd grade citizen label,

Lack of emotional connect,

Difficult for parents to adjust, as cons among many others.

When in Rome, be a Roman, suggested some man, who found the wisdom in the saying, which doesn’t seem to work always.


As belonging to a nation or region, there is an ever pervading hangover associated with the interaction that one might have had with the person of the respective origin.

So strong at times are our biases, that it becomes very difficult to go beyond the generalisation and focus on the very person with whom we find ourselves interacting with.

It’s either religion or caste,

Either nationality or regionalism,

Either Asian or African looks, which tend to restrict our sensibilities.

In such an atmosphere, though preaching spirituality and the concept of vasudhaiva kutumbakam makes sense at a certain level, but might not be the immediate solution to the pervading issue.

In such a situation, does one really want to venture abroad and at what cost?

Leaving your loved ones behind, even if you take them with you, somehow becomes a pseudo life of sorts for them.

After all, what you need in life is probably:

Social companionship, in terms of your family and friends,

Few pieces of bread that one needs to earn for your loved ones,

A roof, for which one needs to pay rent or EMI for,

May be a good car, if you are too ambitious and are extremely passionate about driving in traffic, considering that there are enough Uber and Ola cabs on the roads.

Am sure, most of us, would be able to afford this.

It’s another discussion altogether if you or your wife are bent upon buying 2 dresses of Zara or such each every month :).

The only question that one needs to ponder over,

How much and why?

On a funny note, not a bad idea to conquer the entire world with your population and this might make the world one ;).

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Is Crisis over for US?

The decision to hike the debt ceiling came as a relief to the financial markets which were really concerned about the August 2 deadline. It could have led to a default by one of the most powerful economies in the World today, and the credit rating for the country would have rocketed down. What this would have meant for US was that the investors would no more have vouched for the destination, instead would have opted to invest in relatively lucrative and safer places around the World. This could have been disastrous for the dollar and the interests rates would have gone up if such a measure for not undertaken by US.

The immediate crisis seemed to have been dealt with, but the repercussions of the decision are bound to have a long term impact on the economy. There are certain things which US should really worry about. First and foremost is the ever rising debt for the country, which created a near default scenario for the country. Second, US should worry about more than trillion $ worth of its bonds that are with China. It is not very hard to imagine as to what will happen if the Chinese decide to sell these bonds in the market, which gives China such a huge bargaining power over US.

The US must get her act right if she wants to maintain a dominant position on the World stage. A developing country which is not much affected by US and her aid is sure going to feel good about the decreasing dominance of the super power. Default or no default, the incident has certainly decreased the credibility of US market. This might also force the US government to rethink about her policies in Middle-East, for now the demand of the situation would be cuts in the spending and the people will be quick to point out the extravagant defense expenditure being incurred in Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

What lies ahead is a very interesting scenario and the trouble for US is not yet over.

What do you think?

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